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AMDA Emergency Bulletin #4: Floods in Pakistan

AMDA's latest emergency relief activities in flood stricken Pakistan:

Thatta, Sindh Province:

As of Oct. 1st, relief personnel from AMDA Headquarters (Japan), AMDA Indonesia and AMDA Bangladesh are actively engaged in mobile clinic in Thatta, Sindh Province in the south.

From Sept. 21st to 27th, the team saw 582 patients in total. The common maladies were chronic diseases (headache, joint pain and muscle ache), upper respiratory infections, upper gastrointestinal diseases and skin diseases. The over quality of water is worsened by the floods and even the water from water trucks requires some level of purification.

AMDA's mobile clinic locations were as follows:

Darya Khan Bhatti (09/21), Saahib Duno Gaho (09/22), Arif Khas Kheli (09/23), Gujjo (09/24), Garho (09/25), Pump House Dabeji (09/27)

All of the above sites were in the suburb of Thatta-an hour and a half distance at the farthest, and sometimes the mobile clinic was held in the premises of a local school or in a restaurant.

Saahib Duno Gaho was the most deserted where aid assistance remained scarcely reached. According to the residents, food supply was made only twice in the past two months.

In Pump House Dabeji, the team had relatively less number of patients as several humanitarian organizations were already active in the area. The town was located near Karachi Road that made it more accessible.

The team saw the largest number of patients (107) in Garho. At Niazi Hotel where the mobile clinic took place, the team was allocated a space in the restaurant.


As reported in the previous bulletins, the team from AMDA Afghanistan conducted mobile clinic in various locations around Nowshera, near Peshawar.

AMDA's mobile clinic locations were as follows:

Azakhel Camp (09/06-07), Khanshir Gialai (09/15), Nowshera (09/16-18), Mohib Banda (09/20-23), Ismail Banda (09/24-25,27), Mula Khan Banda (09/28-29), Taqwa Banda (09/30)

The total number of patients was 2,344 (diarrhea (22%), acute respiratory infections and ENT cases (21%), skin diseases (15%), eye diseases (12%), malaria (6%), others (24%).) The team completed its mission and withdrew on Sept. 30th.

AMDA's joint relief team in Thatta will carry on with its ongoing relief work. AMDA will continue to assess and seek for locations where assistance has not yet reached still now.

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