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Emergency Relief Activities
AMDA dispatches emergency relief teams to disaster areas around the world.  AMDA’s priority is providing coherent and timely assistance zeroing in on the local needs of each disaster site.

AMDA Multi-National Medical Mission (AMMM)

AMMM is an international network of AMDA chapters and related organizations in facilitating emergency assistance on a global scale.  Multi-national group of medical professionals and coordinators help victims of disasters by responding to the immediate needs of  local communities.

The extensive network of AMMM enables AMDA to dispatch relief teams rapidly and efficiently as they are sent out from places close to devastated sites.


Chronicle of AMDA's ER activities








  ■ 2013~2011
2012/12 Mindanao Flood in Philippines < 1 > < 2 > < 3 >
2012/11 Earthquake in Guatemala
2012/09 Flood in Erdenet, Mongolia
2012/08 Flood in Manila, Philippines
2012/08 Flood in Ambon, Indonesia
2012/07 Flood in Bangladesh
2011/12 Typhoon Flood in Mindanao, Philippines
2011/10 Flood in Myanmar
2011/10 Earthquake in Turkey
2011/10 Flood in Thailand
2011/10 Typhoon flood in Philippines
2011/03 Great East Japan Earthquake
2011/02 Earthquake in New Zealand
2011/01 Flood and Landslide in Brazil
  ■ 2010~2006
2010/12 Cholera Outbreak in Haiti
2010/11 Mt. Merapi Volcano Eruption, Central Java in Indo
2010/10 Earthquake and Tsunami in Sumatra, Indonesia
2010/09 Flood in Pakistan
2010/07 Civil Strife in Kyrgyzstan
2010/04 Qinghai Earthquake in China
2010/03 Chile Earthquake
2010/01 Earthquake in Haiti
2009/10 Tsunami in Samoa
2009/10 Flood in South India
2009/10 Sumatra Earthquake in Indonesia
2009/09 Typhoon Ketsana (Ondoy) in Philippines
2009/09 Earthquake in Western Java, Indonesia
2009/07 Diarrhea Outbreak in Nepal
2009/05 Cyclone Aila in Bangladesh
2009/04 Earthquake in Italy
2009/03-04 Dam Burst in Indonesia
2009/03 Earthquake in Manokwari, West Papua province, Indonesia
2008/12 Cyclone Disaster in North Sri Lanka
2008/11 Earthquake in Western Pakistan
  Flood/Landslide in Kailali, Nepal
2008/10 Flood in Honduras
2008/09 Flood in Bihar, India
2008/08 Flood in Sunsari, Nepal
2008/05 Myanmar Cyclone Disaster

Sichuan Earthquake, China


Fire damage at the Bhutanese Refugee Camps in Nepal

2008/02 ER Activities for Bolivian Flood


ER Initiatives for Bangladeshi Flood

2007/10 ER activities for Pakistan Flood Desaster


ER activity for the Pacific Tsunami in the Solomon Islands

2006/12 ER Activity for Landslide in Legaspi, Philippines


ER Mission for West Java Earthquake and Tsunami in Indonesia

2006/05 AMMM for Java Indonesia Earthquake
2006/04 ER Mission for Civil Disorder in Nepal


ER Mission for Mudslide in Southern Leyte

  ■ 2005~2001

ER Initiatives for Earthquake in Pakistan

  ER Mission for Flood in Guatemala
2005/09 ER Activities for Hurricane Katerina, U.S.A.
2005/05 ER Activities for Earthquake at Nias Island, Indonesia
2004/12 AMMM for Indian Ocean Tsunami/India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia


ER Initiatives for Aroll Island Earthquake


Niigata Earthquake ER Initiatives for Vulnerable Groups/Japan

2004/09 ER for Haitian Flood
2004/07 ER Initiatives for Bangladeshi Flood
2004/05 ER for Haitian Flood
2003/12 ER Initiatives for Earthquake in South East Iran
2003/07 ER Initiatives for Bangladeshi Flood
2003/05 ER for Flood in Western Kenya
ER Project for Algerian Earthquake
ER Project for Sri Lankan Flood
2003/03 Initiated Emergency Assistance in Iraq
2003/02 ER for Earthquake in Western China
2002/07 ER in Afghanistan


ER medical Mission for Flood Refugees/Indonesia


ER Assistance for Volcanic Eruption in Congo 


Launched Emergency Medical Activities for Afghani Refugees in Pakistan

2001/09 ER Activities for 9.11 Terrorist Attack in NY/U.S.
2001/06 ER Initiatives for Flood Disaster in Mektila, Central Myanmar
2001/02 ER Activities for Earthquake in West India


ER Initiatives for Great Earthquake/El Salvador
  ■ 2000~1996


Mekong River Flood Disaster ER Initiatives/Cambodia

2000/03 ER Project for Great Flood in Mozambique
1999/12 Venezuelan Great Flood ER Initiatives


ER for Indian Cyclone

ER Initiatives for Great Flood in Vietnam
  Turkish Earthquake(Douzje) ER Initiatives


ER Activities for Refugees in East Timor

  ER Project for Earthquake in Taiwan
1999/08 ER Project for Earthquake in Western Turkey
1999/04 ER Assistance for Refugees from Kosovo
ER Initiatives for Epidemics/Malaysia
1999/01 ER for Earthquake in Columbia
1998/11 ER Activities for Hurricane in Central America
1998/09 ER Initiative for Flood in Bangladesh

ER Activities for Tsunami in Papua New Guinea

1998/06 Commodity Assistance for Indian Cyclone


Commodity Assistance for Flood Refugees in Republic of Sakha


ER Initiatives for Earthquake in Bolivia 
1998/04 Commodity Assistance for North Korea
1998/02 Initiated ER Projec in Afghanistan
1998/01 ER for Earthquake in Hebei/China
1997/12 ER Project for Fire Disaster in Phnom Penn/Cambodia
Southern Somalian Flood ER
1997/11 INNED ER Project/Peru


ER Project for Typhoon/Vietnam


Indonesian Earthquake ER Initiatives


ER Mission for Earthquake in Eastern Iran

1997/01 ER Activities for Flood in Sava State/Malaysia


ER Project for Oil Tanker Wreck, Mikunicho, Fukui


ER Initiatives for Dysentery in Kenya 


ER Initiatives for Indian Cyclone


Mekong Flood ER Project/Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos


ER Project for Guizhou Great Flood, China


ER Initiatives for Bangladeshi Tornado

1996/02 ER Activities for Yunnan Earthquake/China
  ER Activities for Szechuan Snow Disaster/China
  Biak Island Earthquake ER Mission/Indonesia
ER Mission for the Earthquake in Hsinchiang Uighur Autonomous Region/China


ER Project for Lebanese Refugees

1996/01 INNED ER Initiatives in Celebes Island, Indonesia

INNED ER Initiatives in Boiliva, South America

  ■ 1995 ~1991
1995/10 ER Initiatives for Sumatran Earthquake/Indonesia
  ER Project for Mexican Earthquake

ER Initiatives for Typhoon/Philippines

1995/09 AMMM in Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea)
1995/07 ER Project for Repatriated Refugees in Angola


ER Activities for Earthquake in Sakhalin, Russia


ER Initiatives in Chechnya, Russia


AMMM for the Great Hanshin Earthquake/Japan

1994/04 Emergency Relief Project for Rwandan Refugees
1994/02 AMMM for the Southern Sumatran Earthquake/Indonesia

ER Project for Repatriated Refugees in Gaza State/Mozambique


ER/Rehabilitation Project for Refugees of the Great Earthquake in West Japan


ER Initiatives for Flood Refugess/Bangladesh, Nepal

1993/02 ER Initiatives for Somalian Refugees


ER Project for Tsunami Refugees at Florres Island, Indonesia

1992/07 Medical Relief Project for Cambodian Repatriated Refugees


Medical Relief for Bhutanese Refugees in Nepal

1992/03 Emergency Relief for Tribal Refugees in Myanmar


ER Project for Pinatubo Eruption Refugees in the Philippines

1991/06 Emergency Relief for Kurdish Refugees at the Gulf War

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