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New Mother and Child Care Center in Bodhgaya

AMDA Peace Clinic (APC) in Bodhgaya has been operating an Ayurveda (Indian traditional medicine) Clinic since 2009. After almost 5 years of successful contribution to the field of Ayurveda in Bodhgaya region AMDA decided to focus on a new and much needed field of Mother and Child Care in the region. During it's presence in Bodhgaya AMDA realized how important it is to improve the care that is given to the pregnant women and the new born babies. Especially in the Bodhgaya and the surrounding area had a high rate of child mortality rate.


Since October 2014 APC reopened it's doors to a new field of Mother and Child Care. The main purpose of the center is to provide necessary and life saving information and support to the local pregnant women and their infants in order to reduce the child mortality rate and increase the nutrition level of the mother and the child.

Currently the center is operating with a qualified nurse and an office assistant who has started collecting local information in the form of survey and home visit. Collecting local information through home visits will give the insight of local living conditions and nutrition intake. APC team has so far visited around 40 households and collected information on their lifestyle and also about 13 pregnant women registered with our center. APC nurse make frequent visits to the house of the mother-to-be and give valuable advice and support for the wellbeing of the mother and the soon to be born child.

AMDA will continue its commitments to the community by providing good and valuable advice and service with minimal cost to the families by using the locally and readily available resources. AMDA will also try to incorporate various other projects to expand and increase its services to the community.