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Emergency Relief for Pakistan Flood, 2010

AMDA Reconstruction Activity for Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines ~School Item Distribution in Leyte~

Since Typhoon Yolanda hit Philippines on Nov.8th, 2013, AMDA has been supporting the affected people through different activities such as medical missions, distribution of food items and others. In collaboration with local officials, AMDA was able to support local elementary school and preschool students by distribution of school items and stationaries in Leyte from July to October, 2014, which was funded by students of 33 high schools in Hiroshima.


Since the students were also in need of rain coats due to heavy rain in the area, AMDA has decided to distribute them in addition to school supplies and stationaries.


Students who received distributed items were really appreciative and happy to know that students in Japan are the supporters. Also, one of local officials said, "AMDA was one of the first organizations to distribute school items while others were focusing on relief distributions such as medications, food, house materials and others."