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AMDA Emergency Bulletin #2: Floods in Pakistan

In collaboration with the National Rural Support Programme (NRSP), AMDA's local counterpart in Pakistan, AMDA's first team from its Afghan chapter (four doctors and two nurses) held a range of relief activities in Azakhel camp, Nowshera near Peshawar in the northwest. As the team comprised of doctors from AMDA Afghanistan, they were requested to work at the site as there are a number of Afghani refugees residing in the region.

Medical goods were delivered from Islamabad and the overall relief operation went smooth and successful. AMDA Afghanistan's medical team worked through Sept. 6th-7th at the camp before its doctors took a temporal leave due to Eid-al Fitr (a Muslim holiday that marks the end of Ramadan.)

Besides the disaster assessment, the team saw approximately 130 to 150 patients each day with a number of malaria patients reported due to the outbreak of mosquitoes. From Sept. 15th the team is back in business and is now relocated to Khanshir Galai in Nowshera.

Meanwhile, on Sept. 16th the second team (one doctor, one nurse and two coordinators) arrived from Japan and headed to Thatta in the southern province of Sindh. The team will make a start on mobile clinic around the afflicted villages and evacuation camps in Gharabari on Sept. 17th, the following day.

As of now, AMDA is planning to dispatch a medical team from AMDA Bangladesh at the end of this month. Moreover, additional personnel may be dispatched depending on the local needs.

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