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AMDA Emergency Bulletin III: Civil Strife in Kyrgyzstan


Since its arrival in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, on June 30th, AMDA’s relief team has been engaged in relief work for the victims of the recent ethnic unrest.


On July 2nd, accompanied by an official from Kygyzstan’s Ministry of Health, AMDA team visited two hospitals, namely, National Center of Maternity And Childhood Welfare and Bishkek National Trauma Hospital. The team received requests from their doctors and patients to supply medicaments which the patients could not afford.

At Bishkek National Trauma Hospital, AMDA doctor treated a number of patients with its resident doctors in the hospital.  Injuries such as general fractures, shattered bones, amputation cases and burn injuries were commonly seen.

As requested, AMDA team donated medicine and other daily goods such as soaps and toothpastes to the hospitals on the following day.   At the same time, the team obtained relief goods for the affected people in the southern province of Osh for their further relief work in the region.



In the morning of July 4th, AMDA team flew to the city of Osh in the south where the riot took place.  According to AMDA coordinator, the tension was still perceivable as the buildings were burned and most of the shops were broken into.   The locals said gunshots could still be heard at night.   Joining the members of "Interbilim" International Centre, Kyrgyzstan's respected relief organization active in the area, AMDA team visited two communities comprised of displaced people.

At first, the team visited a camp in the village of Adyr.  There were about 650 people, all of whom were Uzbeks of Kyrgyz-national.   People, mostly women, were terrified by the ordeal and some of them lost their husbands in the unrest.  The psychological trauma was clearly shown in their faces which revealed the need of proper psychiatric care. While donating the medicine and hygiene goods, AMDA doctor saw about 20 -30 patients that were suffering from hypertension and feminine ailments.  

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Secondly, the team visited a small community inland where about 260 people were evacuated in shelters. Most of the people were from a Kyrgyz village in Uzbekistan that fled the area and crossed the border into Kyrgyzstan.  AMDA doctor saw some women who needed medical attention similar to the previous camp and also treated the injuries of children and adults.   This community pleaded for help to get resettled in Kyrgyzstan and not to be sent back to Uzbekistan again.

According to AMDA’s coordinator, it was clear that much help was needed in Osh.  Still now, some of the camps and areas are difficult to enter as they are too dangerous.   

(To be continued in the upcoming report.)

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