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Training on ophthalmologic examination in Mongolia

Since year of 2010, AMDA has been carrying out medical activities in Mongolia to provide technical support to ophthalmic treatment for children. Children under 18 years old account for 30% of the population in Mongolia.


During 8-12 September 2014, AMDA in cooperation with Mongolian Ophthalmologists' Society (MOS) and Okayama Prefecture organized a training seminar on ophthalmologic examination for children in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Technical experts from two countries such as a Japanese professor of Kawasaki University of Medical Welfare, an eye specialist from Japanese Association of Certified Orthoptists, and a distinguished optometrist in Ulaanbaatar were involved in the preparation and implementation of this training program. During the training 75 Mongolian trainees including 35 ophthalmologists and 40 school physicians were participated in the on-site training on ophthalmologic examination for school children at Japan Mongolia Friendship Hospital. They examined 28 children complaining of eye problem, and 345 students in the first grade of Elementary School Number 58.


Among all 373 students, 9 severe cases of eye diseases were found including one child with a risk of blindness due to high myopia. They were told to receive medical treatment at a hospital. The result of eye examination for 345 students of School No. 58 shows 277 students (80%) had more than 0.7 visions in both eyes, however the rest of children (20%) were asked to take a re-examination. It was found out that 35 students had eye conditions that required to wear glasses while only one of them wore glasses at a time of examination.

Parents, whose children received the examination, expressed their appreciation toward these Japanese professionals for their clear advice and guidance of useful therapy for each. All these data and results were shared with Ministry of Health, and Health department of Ulaanbaatar city. Furthermore the chairperson of MOS and AMDA called on the society the importance of eye examination for 6 years old children through Mongolian TV program.

As a follow-up activity, MOS conducted a re-examination for 46 children in late September after the Japanese experts left Mongolia. In the result, bland new glasses were given to 38 children with the financial and technical support from Okayama Koraku Lions Club and a local glasses shop in Mongolia. Children and their parents prepared message cards with pictures and messages to show their appreciation to all the supporters concerned to this project.

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