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AMDA's Three-Year Program of Supporting Tohoku's Recovery The Latest from Tohoku Disaster Region

It was at 2:46 pm on March 11, 2011, when the Tohoku region in Japan was struck by a 9.0-magnitude earthquake triggering a triple disaster of historic proportions. The next day AMDA' s emergency medical relief efforts began in Sendai, the capital city of Miyagi Prefecture. In May, AMDA shifted its activities from emergency relief stage to recovery efforts aiming toward rebuilding communities in the affected region. Currently the following projects are being carried out under the name of "AMDA's Three-Year Program of Supporting Tohoku's Recovery".

1.Dispatching Medical Volunteers: AMDA supports hospitals in the affected areas by sending volunteer medical specialists. Many of these local hospitals suffer from chronic manpower shortage thus their staff are often overworked and stressed out. Volunteer doctors and nurses dispatched by AMDA are contributing to alleviate their burden in the peak seasons.

2."AMDA Otsuchi Health Support Center": The purposes of the center are health enhancement and community rebuilding. This place is expected to serve as a center of community rebuilding efforts not only for the people of Otsuchi but for the whole affected region of Tohoku. The local members of AMDA Otsuchi Health Support Center are reaching out to other similarly affected communities within Tohoku uniting their resources and spirits toward common recovery. Presently the following activities are underway:

a.Acupuncture treatment
b.Local events in the "Salon"
c.Community rebuilding activities in and out of Otsuchi

3.Supporting the Young in Tohoku: The young people are the hopes and future of theses disaster-affected region. AMDA provides them with financial assistance to support their education. AMDA encourages them to communicate with other communities in Japan and foreign countries so that they would learn about the value of human networks and mutual assistance. The program will help the young people to overcome the very trying time they are facing with.

a.AMDA International Scholarship for High School Students in Tohoku
b.Supporting AMDA High School Club in Otsuchi
c.Sports and cultural exchange programs
d.Sending school supplies and uniforms

4.Ad Hoc Projects: Included in this category are support program for the homeless in Sendai and sending beds and other supplies to a hospital in Kesen' numa. We invite you to visit our website for a full report on the above activities. Let us remind ourselves that the people of Tohoku region are fighting every day to rebuild their life. Let us do our part to boost up recovery in the disaster region. We hope you will join us so that we may provide support in a sustained manner.

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