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Activity Report from AMDA Cambodia

(1)IEC (Information, Education, and Communication) Development -STIs/HIV/AIDS Prevention Project-

AMDA Cambodia has been committed to the prevention of STIs/HIV/AIDS. AMDA Cambodia prepared STIs education materials for Campaign against STIs on the upcoming World AIDS DAY on December 1st. The details are as follows.

(2)Malaria Prevention Project in Kampong Speu Province

Since 2010, AMDA Cambodia has conducted various activities of Malaria Prevention Project in Kampong Speu Province towards its goal of the eradication of malaria through the suppression of parasites.

The activities of this term (July 2011 - September 2012) are listed below. Out of 27 suspected cases of malaria in the project areas, 26 cases turned out to be positive and the patients received successful treatment. Whilst one case turned out to be negative, AMDA Cambodia remains concerned and continues the close observation of the patient. AMDA Cambodia is planning to assess the output of those activities through examination of the collected data and information.

Specific Activities and Participants(July 2011-September 2012)

HIV/AIDS Campaign T-Shirts 150 pcs
STIs Leaflets 1000 pcs
HIV/AIDS Leaflets 500 pcs
Name of Activity & Activity Contents Participants
Training for Village Health Volunteers
*Basic knowledge of Malaria
*Instruction on mosquito nets use
*Risk of counterfeit drug
*Demonstrating the right place for seeking treatment
50 people
Malaria BCC (Behavior Change Communication)
Community Media Campaign(11 sessions) *Reduction of Drug-Resistant Malaria
*Improving behaviors for reduction of risk
*Continuous monitoring of malaria treatment and village surveillance in communities
958 people
BCC (Behavior Change Communication)
Community Campaign (2 Sessions)
6 villages
201 people
Malaria Education Program
*Focus group discussion
*One on One malaria education
452 sessions
5801 people in 122 villages
1365 people in 100 villages (305 houses)
Staff Meeting(more than 30 times)
*Discussion on management
*Field supervision and monitoring on most of Village Health Volunteers activities
*Development of monitoring checklist and data collection form
Provincial malaria public health department Officer
Representative of malaria project from operational district
Health Center Staff
Malaria Project Meeting¢Ā¢Ā(2 Sessions)
*Sharing updated information
*On the job training of Village Health Volunteers
*Report on outputs and feedback
*Problems/issues and its solution
*Plan for the next quarter
Village Health Volunteers
Health Center Staff

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