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Dental Project in Haiti - AMDA Rehabilitation Project for Haiti for recovery from the Earthquake of January 2010

On January 12th 2013, AMDA Haiti Chapter conducted dental clinic activity at the Bethel clinic of Salvation Army Hospital "Fonds-des-N¸«²gres". The activity was led by Dr. Mac Keven Frederic, the president of AMDA Haiti Chapter and his team consisted of 11 other members including 2 dentists. Thanks to the kind cooperation of The Salvation Army, the activity was held in a safe and clean place equipped with appropriate facility for dental services.

AMDA Haiti team consulted 67 patients and some of them came all the way from the countryside of Aquin, Vieux Bourg D' Aquin, Lacolline, Miragaone and Fonds des-Negres. At the dental clinic, the team was able to respond to the specific needs of the patients, and carried out services including oral examinations, dental check-up, dental clean up and tooth extraction.

The activity was designed as a part of "AMDA Rehabilitation Project for the Earthquake of January 2010". Dr. Mac Keven Frederic explained the background and the purpose of this activity in relation to the longer term rehabilitation project. He was also able to talk about how past project of AMDA in Haiti such as cholera patients care, prosthesis projects and sports and cultural exchange project have been carried out through the joint efforts of international chapters of AMDA.

Alongside the dental activity of this day, the patients were given a lecture on "how to protect teeth" by Dr. Mac Keven Frederic.

The patients commented that this dental activity is beneficial. Some of them attended the previous activity in February 2012. In the voice of the participants, we learnt that the activity matches the interests and needs of the people. The opportunity to learn about dental hygiene is very limited in the countryside and they tend not to go to the dentists who are often miles away from their communities.

Ms. Surin Nadia, a woman of 25 years old told us "I am very satisfied. I plan to stay in Fond-Des-Negres for 2 more days so that I can share my knowledge with others."

Another patient Mr. Joseph Daniel, 34 years old man told us that this was not the first time for him to attend the dental activity of AMDA. He said that with the help of AMDA Haiti Chapter, he now understands the importance of the dental health. He also told AMDA Haiti team that he wishes to attend this activity 3 times a year.

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