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Activities report of AMDA Cambodia for2012

In the fiscal year 2012, AMDA Cambodia operated 2 main projects; "HIV/AIDS Project" and "Malaria Prevention Project".

I,HIV/AIDS Project The main theme of HIV/AIDS Campaign for 2012 was "Getting to Zero: Zero New HIV Infections. Zero Discrimination. Zero AIDS-related Deaths". In this project, AMDA Cambodia produced T-shirts for HIV/AIDS Campaign, leaflets to raise awareness for sexual transmitted diseases (STD) and HIV/AIDS for the edification of the right knowledge. The volunteers trained by AMDA Cambodia distributed the leaflets in Kampong Speu and Phnom Penh to high school and university students as well as the people in surrounding communities. Additionally, AMDA Cambodia organized some events on 'World AIDS Day' in which participants gained the right knowledge and information on HIV/AIDS through various method such as a traditional puppet show "Chhay Yam", a quiz show and distribution of the leaflets.

II,Malaria Prevention Project In 2012, AMDA Cambodia conducted 5 malaria prevention activities, 1.Malaria Staff Capacity Building, 2. Behavior Change Communication (BCC), 3. Malaria Prevention Education, 4. Other activities led by AMDA Cambodia, 5. Community Meetings. The project was successful in mobilizing and involving the local people for malaria interventions thereby enabling the community empowerment at the same time. In response to below activities, many positive outcomes have been seen; many people gained access to the right knowledge, and the capacity of public health workers have improved. In general, there are more people who participated in the edification activities. On the whole, AMDA Cambodia achieved a set goal that would result in increasing survival rate.

1. Capacity Building / 3. Malaria Prevention Education
AMDA Cambodia supervised local capacity building project and developed the sustainable system as well as the cooperation between the provincial health officers and the people in the community. People could enhance their understandings about Malaria in the communities at the malaria prevention workshop offered by village health volunteers.

2. BCC (Behavior Change Communication:BCC)
AMDA Cambodia conducted three main activities (Community Campaign, Focus Group Discussion, and Community Mobile Media) for BCC. Through these activities, AMDA Cambodia stimulated behavioral change which is necessary to lessen malaria risks in the communities.

4. Other Activities led by AMDA Cambodia
In collaboration with local partners, AMDA Cambodia monitored and supervised overall malaria project. Particularly, AMDA Cambodia developed and revised a monitoring checklist and data collection form to obtain valid, reliable, and accurate data and which leads to the strengthening of the monitoring system.

5. Community Meetings
In the communities where Malaria Prevention Project has been implemented, community meetings were held in order to continuously share information among concerned parties such as village mayor, health center staffs and village health volunteers.

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