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Part I - Flood Disaster in Uttarakhand Province of North India (June 27th, 2013)

Since the middle of June in 2013, a torrential monsoon led to the severe flood in Uttarakhand Province of North India. The water even reached Delhi, the capital city of the country. This flood destroyed the social infrastructure such as roads and bridges thereby making the rescue efforts of the military forces very difficult. Since the occurrence of floods, the number of evacuees reached approximately 70,000 and 50,000 of them are Hindu pilgrims who were deep in the mountains and got isolated by this disaster (CNN-IBN).

In response to the situation, one of the staffs of AMDA headquarters on his business trip in Delhi, started the communication with AMDA India Chapter and local counterparts since right after the news. According to the staff, there are many temples in Uttarakhand Province where Hindu make a pilgrimage. Pilgrimages normally visit the area before the arrival of rainy season however this year, the monsoon arrived earlier than usual and the rain fall hit the most in last 80 years in India. More evacuation camps are now in place however the damage caused by heavy rain are still expanding, and it is difficult for non-army groups to access the flood stricken area.

One week has passed however, the situation remains chaotic and it is hard to know the accurate information on the actual damage. Since there is high possibility that the medical needs arise soon after the rescue activity, AMDA staff in India, accompanied by a local doctor will conduct the survey as a prep-activity on 26th June, 2013 for the future emergency relief activity. While heavy rain still affects the operation of transportation system, the staff is on his way to the Dehradun, the near-by area of the affected area soon.

AMDA's Past Activities in India
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-Management of India Peace Clinic (since 2008 up till present)
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*AMDA Nepal dispatched a medical team to the flood affected area on the border (Bihar Province of India, Sunsari and Saptari Province of Nepal).

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