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AMDA Soul and Medicine Program (ASMP)
ASMP is a unique approach that AMDA has adopted as its healing program for the victims of war and other types of disasters.  ASMP was born out of AMDA’s years of experiences in coping with the sufferings of disaster victims.  Healing of human souls is as important as healing of physical bodies in the process of recovery.  Under ASMP, annual multi-religious gatherings are held to offer prayers for the lost victims and to console the souls of those who have been deeply traumatized by disasters.


ASMP Chronicles

Year Locations
2012 Mongolia
2011 Philippines
2010 Philippines, Mongolia
2009 Nepal, Indonesia, Mongolia
2008 Mongolia, India
2007 Philippines, Indonesia
2006 Philippines, Indonesia, India, Cambodia
2005 India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka
2004 Philippines, Myanmar, Indonesia, Cambodia, Taiwan
2003 Myanmar, Indonesia, Saipan, Philippines
2002 Philippines, Cambodia
2001 Sakha Republic, Papua New Guinea, Myanmar, Indonesia, Philippines
2000 Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia

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