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Year Title
2009/02 Healthy Society Award
2007/11 Gandhi Award for Service to Humanity from Gandhi Ashram Reconstruction Trust in recognition of Dr. Suganami’s life-long service to mankind through medicine
2007/11 Gusi Peace Prize 2007 from Gusi Peace Prize Foundation in recognition of  Dr. Suganami’s service to mankind through medicine
2005/09 Ministerial Award on Disaster Prevention, Japan
2004/10 Okinawa Peace Award in acknowledgement of AMDA`s humanitarian aid to the underprivileged people of the world
2003/04 Eiji Yoshikawa Cultural Award in acknowledgement of volunteer activities in dveloping countries
2001/09 Miki Memorial Award in acknowledgement of contribution to local communities
1996/10 Special Award from the Softka EconomicFoundation, Japan
1996/08 Award from the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare in acknowledgement of contribution during the Great Hanshin (Kobe) Earthquake
1996/01 The 54th Sanyo Newspaper Award
1995/10 The 7th Mainichi Newspaper International Culture Exchange Award
1995/10 The 2nd Yomiuri Newspaper Prize for International Co-operation
1995/10 The 25th Mainichi Newspaper Social Welfare Prize
1995/09 The 2nd United Nations Boutros Ghali Award
1995/08 The 28th Okayama Prefecture Miki Memorial Award
1994/06 Award from the Dai-ichi Life Insurance Corporation
1994/05 Award from the Oyama Health Foundation

Award from the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs in acknowledgement of contribution to international understanding

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