The name derives from the Olde English pre 7th Century "ford", ford, a shallow place in a river of water where men and animals could wade across. It is of Old English origin, and the meaning of Ford is "river crossing". by Matthew Skwarczek on October 15, 2019. They signify heritage and history; they mean something. Ford Logo Meaning and History Ford Motor Company is proud to have one of the most recognizable corporate logos in the world, the one that has been used for most of the company’s history. Mention is also made of the ford of the Jabbok ( Genesis 32:22), and of the fords of Arnon ( Isaiah 16:2) and of the Euphrates ( Jeremiah 51:32). Transferred use of the surname, originally a local name for someone who lived near a river. 20 Car Names Which Have Hilarious Meanings In Other Languages. Meaning & History From a surname that was derived from a place name meaning "ford" in Old English . The term was used as a topographical name for someone who lived near a ford. This ancient name is of Anglo-Saxon origin, and is one of the earliest topographical surnames still in existence. It is of Old English origin, and the meaning of Ford is "river crossing". These boy names were at the height of their popularity 108 years ago (ADOPTION OF 0.5%) and have become significantly less conventional since, with names like Milford going out of style. Ford as a boy's name is pronounced ford. Famous real-life people named Ford. What does Ford mean? Meanings and history of the name Ford. F ord ending baby names and what they mean, with 62 results. Find out what is the full meaning of FORD on! The car in front is a Ford Pinto which just received a slight tap on the back from that military vehicle behind it. Deluxe Armorial Framed - Pine $79.95$67.95. They’ve been the best-selling vehicle in the US for over 30 years. Sale. Looking for the definition of FORD? How to use ford in a sentence. A ford may occur naturally or be constructed. F ord as a boys' name is pronounced ford. A low water crossing is a low bridge that allows crossing over a river or stream when water is low but may be covered by deep water when the river is high. There are few names as iconic as Ford’s F-Series, especially the F-150. A famous bearer of the surname was the American industrialist Henry Ford (1863-1947). The name is assumed to have been given to someone who was a keeper of the ford or river crossing. Ford definition is - a shallow part of a body of water that may be crossed by wading. The Meaning Behind the Ford F-Series Name. Mention is frequently made of the fords of the Jordan ( Joshua 2:7; Judges 3:28; Judges 12:5 Judges 12:6), which must have been very numerous; about fifty perhaps.The most notable was that of Bethabara. A ford is a shallow place with good footing where a river or stream may be crossed by wading, or inside a vehicle getting its wheels wet. Many familiar surnames (Crawford, Stanford) come from place names of specific fords. Wishlist To Cart Details. From Old Saxon, means a shallow place in a river where it may be passed on foot. Fords may be impassable during high water. The name Ford has been recorded in British history since the time when the Anglo-Saxons ruled over the region. Linked by most people to the car. Author Ford Madox Ford; automotive pioneer Henry Ford. Whether in fantasy or automotive reality, names have power. Also form of Buford. -ford names are used more often as masculine names. 'Fix Or Repair Daily' is one option -- get in to view more @ The Web's largest and most authoritative acronyms and abbreviations resource. Ford Madox Brown, Pre-Raphaelite painter Ford.

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