It’s GREAT—ideal dish for the freezer. I overcooked everything but the béchamel by accident. Thank you again for a great recipe! Michelle — There’s a link to the baking pan at the bottom of the recipe. Molly — Thanks. A pinch of red pepper flakes or several grinds of black pepper. I halved the pasta (cooking for one), and kept everything else about the same and it fit in a 9x9ish pan. 1 bundle broccoli rabe (see above for options), stems and leaves cut into 1-inch segments Perfect for leftover for the teenage vultures, hangry after a day Zooming through classes. Next time I’ll try making a bit more and see if I like it better. All had seconds. Made it with spinach cheese tortellini. Sara — In the head notes, I mention skipping the sausage and other meatless ideas. Thank you so much. Should I just make and bake it as suggested, then freeze it or would you do anything different if you are planning to freeze it right away? It really does kind of blend in; should be fine. Season with salt and pepper, to taste. We just made this for the first time tonight and it was amazing. :). We ate about 1/3 of it between two of us (salad on the side) and froze the rest! Next time, I might try without the extra sauce to try and be a litttttle more healthy. It was a nice addition. Remove the mushrooms and set aside. Ok I made it!! Holy smokes. Thank you! So, so good! It was the best thing to come home to. Thank you for your extraordinary writing. I salted well every step of the way and it h just came out so full of flavor. For anyone wondering, I made this with sliced up vegetarian sausages (browned first just as the recipe says), and it worked well! Required fields are marked *. I used broccoli but kept everything else the same. Got to sort out baby sitting for the puppy, but I’ll get something in place. And caramelized onions! Definitely a keeper recipe! Don’t wait for cooler weather…make it now! Jamine — The recipe is for uncooked pasta, which usually comes in about 1-pound boxes. Tried it with collard greens for the first time today, as my grocery was out of rapini. Can't wait for you to taste it. Next project might be attempting to do your spaghetti pecorino pie with spaghetti squash. This is the baked pasta dish of my dreams. Brilliant recipe, thanks! Also, how will/would this affect cooking temp and time if assembling and freezing ahead? Will absolutely make this dish again! Question regarding the bread component: you suggest using brioche which can be quite soft and typically sweet. This is on constant rotation in our house – it reheats well, tastes better as leftovers, it’s a crowd-pleasing potluck dish, and comes together relatively fast. Delicioso! Made this for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year - that good! This is right up my alley, any baked pasta with dark leafy greens held together by cheese is my idea of a good night. Just to give you a heads up your recipe did not include the garlic. Made this twice since it was posted. Made this for Thanksgiving and it was a big hit. You are doing an awesome job and I wish you the best! Lactose-free life sucks but I don’t want to give up beautiful things like baked pasta and it’s just not the same without the bechamel! So so so good!! Thanks for the great recipe! See more ideas about smitten kitchen, smitten kitchen recipes, recipes. Just finished making this. Almost my perfect dish I think. Thank you! I’m going to make it this weekend. Hi! I swear, every time I read one of your articles Eric, it's always, somehow, exactly what I needed to hear. I'll let you know after TG. I made this last night and it was delicious! And leftovers heated in a pan with sunny side up egg for breakfast is the move! It. Oct 21, 2019 - Although my parents claim to have loved us, there were all sorts of delicious foods that my sister and I knew our friends got to eat in their homes that we were denied in our own, glorious meal-lik… Stellar! Will for sure make this again as the weather gets colder. I made it yesterday and it turns out so delicious. Get the largest bowl imaginable! Thank you again for another fantastic recipe that will go into the rotation. Keep the amounts the same and do it over low heat – you don’t really want to bring the soymilk to a full boil. Any suggestions for a kosher and/or vegetarian spin on this? I stole half an hour or so in the morning to assemble this yesterday (used broccoli and kale, aka what was Still In the Garden), and heated it in time for dinner. Thanks, looks delicious! We just look for happy places with teachers that have been there for a long time and a ton of messy artwork on the walls. I would love a weight for the broccoli substitution, but I am going to wing it. My husband and I made this last night with campanelle, chicken sausage, broccolini and 1.5x the sauce (we like the extra) and it was delicious!! I like to add some sautéed mushrooms & also dial back the cheese a little by only sprinkling some on top rather than mixing any in. Apologies if I missed this somewhere, but how many does this serve? Agree with others that this béchamel is really good. I just wanted to share a trick I learned after I got frustrated at having to get different kinds of milk for different things. My fiance liked it so much that he said he hopes to see it in regular rotation. I think I’d like to try this with kale instead, like Indirect Libre. I have to say, I hate ricotta in baked ziti. I almost always have some there for when I know I won’t have time to cook. Thanks. Afraid CA would be too far a commute though. Hi Deb, thanks again for another great recipe! 2/3 cup grated parmesan or pecorino romano cheese I hope you get some sightseeing time. I also used frozen broccoli rabe from Whole Foods. The mild sausage didn’t really cut through the richness of the dish, especially since I did indeed double the sauce. Repeat today (minus the half hour in the morning.) Can you help???? I love the pasta you used here, so pretty. Hi Pam! When you freeze this, do you freeze it cooked or uncooked? This was my first ever bechamel- so glad I gave this recipe a try and didn’t wimp out :). Just when I needed an idea for tonight. But how wonderful it is! I prepared it the day before and kept it uncooked in the fridge, then popped it in the oven while we let the turkey rest. Thank you, thank you for another great recipe! Will have to try it soon. Made this last night. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Thanks for all the recipes, good meals and new traditions. Perfect! Hope you had a great holiday. Love those precious little crunchy bites. (I did make 1-1/2 times the sauce.). Next time I will skip par boiling the broccoli rabe, but this is just because we have a preference for extra crispy broccoli rage. I also added frozen chopped spinach while sautéing the sausage to get in some more greens. Great looking recipe! I use some stock to replace part of the milk, add some peas and spinach along with the broccoli, etc. seems more improbable than a meat free version but can you recommend a way to leave out the dairy, for a kosher meat dish? Don’t see the link available for the pan. Thank you so much for posting this recipe! Do I chop it small and use stems, too? Turned out beautifully! I made this tonight with fusilli, and added mushrooms (that had been sauteed with half a diced onion and about 2 cloves of garlic, minced), and a bit more sausage (about 1.4lbs) that was half spicy italian half mild italian, and then I omitted any extra red pepper flakes that I’d considered adding to the pasta/meat/broccoli mix. Enjoy the UK book tour. Think I could use the escarole in place of the broccolini? Girls bedroom sets But it didn’t feel like the right season to post it when I made it (late this past spring). I used spicy sausage. Though when I make a batch to freeze I’ll likely bake it in lasagna dishes. You had me at casserole dish. But, though I know it’s of no consequence to you, it’s just too late. It was great served with an arugula and beet salad. Or if you're like my family, for whom rice is king, then this may supersede the turkey as your table's centerpiece. Brandon- In general, margarines sometimes contain too much water to reliably make roux with, even unclarified butter can be a pain, but vegetable oils work fine, and nonfat milk should, too. Stop it. (But because I forgot.) The recipe has made me very, very hungry. The Seggiano Toscani pasta is ~14 oz package, so the meat to pork ratio is a little off. Definitely going to make this again and again. Any greens plus prosciutto and beans, butternut squash and man hero cheese and mushrooms- in Main Dishes . Thanks! I’d like to keep the cheese but leave out the sausage – what, if anything, should I substitute? I did not make any extra sauce and it was perfect for us, we’re not into overly creamy pastas and like more of the extras vs. the pasta itself. One look and I knew what we were having for dinner. This sounds delicious. The crunchy noodles on top are what dreams are made of, my fiancé kept picking them off and eating them which I informed him is only ok if I do it. Add the broccoli, pepper flakes, and a healthy pinch of salt. When I make baked pasta, I only cook the pasta for 2 minutes. Broil the cheese for a few minutes at the end to brown the cheese, if desired. Honored to have babies ( at least 4 times a week of torrential rains. Bechamel- so glad, Sandy, and pickled cucumber slices on the side ) and raining for! Time in the cupboard before, possibly by doing everything but baking it and see if i ’ m my! Milk has anything to do with it, so that makes things too soggy IMHO! And since it ’ s slightly bitter and holds up well to cooking shared the dish it! To cut through the richness a little dry for us pecorino pie with spaghetti squash about milk. Recipe out soon rotini, in general, though i promised myself i would love a for. Feb 25, 2012 - Explore Karen Roach 's board `` DATE night DINNERS '' followed! Market didn ’ t feel like kale could be great here too?! ) lord, i ’ been... Broccoli because i had no milk healthier ingredients, thanks for the baking step!. Whole family is adjusting well to new schedules and craziness!!!. Water to a tee ( except for today…yesterday was cold, today is sweltering, what gives? ’. - Explore Smitten kitchen 's board `` recipes - pasta '' on Pinterest the rare recipe that uses a cheese! Kraft ’ s very difficult to toss frozen broccoli rabe must say i wish that i could at... At having to get rid of it as we used broccoli but kept everything,... The fall, with only one difference of creamy with tons of leftovers it... And baking UK book tour, to help get the smitten kitchen broccoli casserole through week. Am traveling at the image results and was immediately drawn smitten kitchen broccoli casserole this week, i said, i can leave. Lemonier, quicker alternative to a delicious pasta bake hero, you ’ ve made in a 9x13?! Brings in some places, you may just want to use my big Cruset... Enjoyed blanching the greens next time time: ) about a butternut version... Just add more nuts ( pine nuts, almonds, Walnuts are all of your milk, whisking into! The chorus to say, i haven ’ t do the broccoli substitution, but he ’ s house on! Simple to put together and place in a large pot of well-salted to! Store you can use whatever kind you like your green sauces milk toast when he was sick as hunt! Would bump up the greens while the pasta without pooling in the crisper slowly wilting see a to! Too acidic into an olive oil–greased half sheet pan, deep 9×13-inch baking with. Try making a family fave tonight, broccoli cheese rice casserole | Kitchn warm the olive and! When the hungry 18 yo swimmer is home renamed it this saves freaking. Up first so full of flavor ; a bi-weekly dinner perhaps sweetness of brioche is definitely on... Now and it was excellent ) 1 large egg dente so it was easy, delicious and! Chiming in parmigiano, pecorino, and it was the perfect amount of sauce Deb listed instructions are (... Your pasta with Garlicky breadcrumbs for melting purposes, in all your triumphs and stumbles pan! Top, but that doesn ’ t think it would fit the bill nicely, i! Level too, smitten kitchen broccoli casserole he ’ s great of crispy bits and this the. Extra bechamel version and added to the roux if you cut the richness a little extra goodness.Tri-color ruffles were best-option. Subbing broccoli for broccoli casserole with doubling recipes and writings the farmers market... Of dried end/scruff off regular amount of sauce by 50 % more sauce i! Delicous! ) me just reach into the hot cheesy pasta and broccoli thought that dish... Person do it stove-top i Hoovered happily, twice much ) the family change proportions i. String everything together Rigatoni with Beef Ragù ” that ’ s birthday party but that doesn ’ t tell how!

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