Rukia Kuchiki assiste impotente alla scena e subito dopo viene raggiunta da una ragazza, che le dice che tutti si dimenticheranno della sua esistenza. Bending down and hugging Homura and Shizuku, Rukia asks if they are alright. Elsewhere, Rukia wakes up and clutches her head. Sul punto di morte, Rukia in lacrime rivela loro i nomi: Shizuku e Homura. As Ichigo clutches his head from hitting the wall too hard, Kon lies on the ground nearby and tells Hanatarō to not get their hopes up. As the bands restraining Rukia begin to shatter, Renji notes her Reiatsu is turning into a Hollow's and asserts that she cannot be saved, to Ichigo's disbelief. As Mayuri stumbles, the vial drops from his hand and falls to the ground, losing its glow. Recalling the event, Ichigo states that this is the type of person she has always been. L'operazione riesce: Rukia si salva, ma i due fratelli ormai sono spacciati. When Rukia suddenly vanishes, Ichigo expresses surprise. When Homura claims that Rukia promised to give them names, Rukia expresses confusion and asks her if she is really the one who made them this promise, which Homura confirms. Kurotsuchi, invece, è ancora ricordato da tutti in quanto ha realizzato in laboratorio una copia artificiale della sua memoria, accessibile a tutti gli Shinigami. The tentacles roar as one of the monster's eyes looks toward the Shinigami. Gekijô ban Bleach: Fade to Black - Kimi no na o yobu ( 2008) Gekijô ban Bleach: Fade to Black - Kimi no na o yobu. In the present, Byakuya notes she was searching everywhere but he does not remember what she was searching for. Seeing an unharmed Ichigo standing with Zangetsu in his hands, Hitsugaya grabs his own Zanpakutō and tells Ikkaku to back off before asserting that he will take care of this. Asking if Ichigo can believe that she does not know them, Kon asserts that it breaks his heart, but when Ichigo does not respond, a surprised Kon and tells him to say something. Getting up alongside Rukia, Ichigo tells her to go help them. Homura speaks through Rukia and says she must shear away all of his memories no one will remember Rukia once this is done. Rukia sees a hill in the distance and remembers standing with Renji beside the graves of her deceased friends on top of it. While wind blows around them, Ichigo states that this will be true for Rukia, Shizuku, and Homura as well. As Rukia leaps towards him and slashes at him, Ichigo moves away with Shunpo. 1920x1200 Pics Photos - Red Fade. As Ichigo asks Byakuya if he has noticed something strange is going on, Byakuya's attendant sees him from afar and moves away. lett. Dozens of Shinigami gather around the building as the voice requests emergency assistance from all of the available Shinigami of each division. Suddenly, Homura and Shizuku appear as Homura tackles and hugs Rukia, who demands to know what her problem is as she tries to push Homura away. Realizing what they are going to use the machine for, she says they must not do this and asks Homura and Shizuku if they know how much destruction this machine can cause before asserting that they can destroy the entire Seireitei if they are not careful. Ichigo knocks Kon away as he prepares to go to sleep. Hanatarō reveals they are in an underground sewer passage and he was cleaning down here when Ichigo fell from above. Mayuri demands to know who is there and looks around, Shizuku appears behind him and slashes through him with a large scythe. Thanking Hanatarō, Ichigo states that his healing powers are as effective as ever, leading Hanatarō to express confusion as he asks Ichigo how he knows about him. Slashing at Ichigo, who dodges, Rukia attacks him again. Unsheathing his Zanpakutō, Ikkaku slashes at Ichigo in midair. When Byakuya asks Ichigo what is talking about, Ichigo tells him to not play ignorant and affirms that Rukia is Hisana's sister, which Byakuya should know very well. Manderlay. As Ikkaku and Yumichika run up, Ukitake wonders what the monster is while Shunsui states that he doubts it is here to sign a peace treaty. Ichigo Kurosaki, nel mondo terreno, sente che Rukia è nei guai. Mayuri turns around and tells Nemu to stay away while Shizuku smiles with the mysterious vial glowing in his hand. The Hollow puts its sickle in Rukia's mouth, only for Homura to suddenly stab the Shinigami in the leg with Rukia's Zanpakutō as she tells him to leave Rukia alone. Revealing that they have begun investigating, Chōjirō details how each of the Gotei 13 has begun deploying inside of the grounds. Slashing them away, Kenpachi is dragged down by the encased Konjiki Ashisogi Jizō. Byakuya si stupisce del fatto che Ichigo conosca il nome di sua moglie e gli chiede come fa a saperlo. Ichigo dodges the blade of Kokujō Tengen Myō'ō. When Hitsugaya tells him to not do this, Renji turns around and apologizes as he asks Hitsugaya to let them go through. Moving around a corner, Ichigo and Kon see a mountain of solidified ooze in the distance. Rukia is immobilized by Bakudō #61. Urahara reveals that a portion of their memories has been erased and recounts how he was conducting the study of a certain Hollow shortly after establishing the SRDI that he notes was a very unusual creature because it lived parasitically in the souls of others. Dodging Zabimaru, Ichigo declares that he will have to force Renji to listen to him and jumps off of Renji's back before landing behind him and activating his Bankai, Tensa Zangetsu, prompting the surrounding Shinigami to shield themselves from the resulting energy storm and Renji to curse. Convince tutti dicendo che ciò che sostiene Ichigo non è inverosimile, poiché quando era ancora capitano della 12ª Divisione aveva analizzato un Hollow capace di rimuovere i ricordi, e teme che si sia impossessato dei rapitori di Rukia. Urahara cuts the rest of the tentacle into segments, which fall on the ground next to him, as Suì-Fēng apologizes to Yoruichi. Qui Ichigo si rende conto che a essere stata dimenticata non è solo Rukia, ma anche lui non sembra più essere ricordato da nessuno Shinigami. As Rukia remembers more of her past with Ichigo and begins to cry out, Homura asks what is wrong. Apologizing, Hisana states she feels she has to do this before suddenly breaking into a coughing fit. Confirming this, Komamura reveals that the intruder was wearing a Hollow's mask and his Reiatsu was equivalent to a captain's. Urahara reveals Ichigo and Renji are already inside. As he wonders if Ichigo has forgotten about him, Kon asserts that Rukia did it and now he has as well. Ichigo decide quindi di fare come fece Rukia con lui, ovvero di infilzarla e trasmetterle i suoi poteri per farla tornare come prima. Electricity crackles up the ropes in Mayuri's laboratory. As Ikkaku asks Ichigo what this means, Yumichika tells him it is just nonsense. Fade to Black – un videogioco del 1995. When Ichigo asks him if he is referring to the two people with the large scythe, Urahara notes that Ichigo has seen them and that they had better hurry. The Reiatsu fades as Rukia stands with new clothes, lavender hair and eyes, and Shizuku's scythe in hand. When Shunsui asks him if this could happen should a separate power join up with it to provide this strength, Urahara confirms this and states their memories are connected to each other, but those bonds can be broken if someone shears away a person's memory completely, which he reveals would cause every past event related to this person to disappear from the collective memories of the people around them. The official film website gives the tagline of "Sayonara, Rukia". Neanche lui si ricorda più né di Rukia né di Ichigo, ma dà al ragazzo un importante indizio: afferma che Hisana è cresciuta nel quartiere 78 del Rukongai, "Inuzuri". Pointing out how the Hollow could only attach itself to souls with weak Reiryoku and erase a portion of its host's memory, Urahara notes that it is not strong enough to shear away an individual's existence. However, as one of the Shinigami tells them to look, several eyes open on the ooze as an enormous, tentacled monster rises. However, Homura merely claims that this is good and asks Rukia why she is standing up for the Shinigami because they want to take Rukia away from them again. Cursing, Shizuku vanishes and reappears in front of Ichigo, who tells him to wait before dodging as Shizuku slashes at him. Asking Ichigo if he hit his head, Kon reminds Ichigo that he knew Rukia was in danger even when he was in the Human World and he was the only one who remembered her, even when everyone else had forgotten about her. The ooze extends into the sky, and smoke covers it while lightning crackles in the clouds around it. Meanwhile, Ichigo reads Rukia's letter and recalls his past with her. In the Seireitei, 1st Division Lieutenant Chōjirō Sasakibe approaches Yamamoto and reports that the unusual leakage of Reishi has finally settled. When Ichigo asks him to open the Senkaimon, Urahara agrees to do so. As a trembling Rukia puts her hand to her head, Homura tells Ichigo and Renji to go away. As the dust clears, Ichigo coughs as a screaming Kon lands next to him and is propelled away, where he spins several times in midair before slamming into a pillar of the solidified ooze that he proceeds to slide down. Seeing the debris falling towards them, Ichigo prepares to activate his Bankai before Renji stops him. The captains and lieutenants regroup with Urahara. As soon as they get a hold of it, Dattebayo will sub it. In the past, Renji and his friends hold pots of water while running from a man, who says he will kill them before being tripped by Rukia, who tells them where to go. Gekijō-ban Bleach: Fade to Black - Kimi no na o yobu,ō-ban_Bleach:_Fade_to_Black_-_Kimi_no_na_o_yobu&oldid=117728932, licenza Creative Commons Attribuzione-Condividi allo stesso modo, 06 Nothing Can Explained_Instrumental 2008, 09 Suite "Never Meant to Belong" 1st Mouvement:Violin, 10 Suite "Never Meant to Belong" 2nd Mouvement:Cello&Orchestra, 11 Suite "Never Meant to Belong" 3rd Mouvement:Piano, 14 Suite "Will of the Heart" 1st Mouvement:Cello&Orchestra, 15 Suite "Will of the Heart" 2nd Mouvement:Violin, 25 Pray That You Always Understand Me_Piano, 26 Suite "Going Home" 1st Mouvement:Cello&Orchestra, 27 Suite "Going Home" 2nd Mouvement:Piano Solo, 29 Pray That You Always Understand Me_Tony's Cello. In the present, Urahara notes that their overwhelming desire to see Rukia sustained them and brought them back to her. Revealing Rukia will disappear if this happens, Shizuku asks Homura if she wants this, and as she continues to glare at Ichigo and Renji, he agrees as dark Reiatsu swirls around him as well. When Ichigo asks him why, Renji grabs him by the collar and lifts him up as he tells Ichigo to not play innocent because this act will not work. When Hitsugaya asks him once more who he is and why he is here, Ichigo repeats his name, but Hitsugaya claims that it does not ring a bell and pushes Ichigo's sword aside as he kicks him into a tombstone, which is destroyed. As she wonders who Ichigo was, Homura runs over to Rukia and asks her if she is alright. Ichigo activates his Bankai, Tensa Zangetsu. Ichigo reminds Renji that he trained to develop one in order to save Rukia, but Renji declares that he has no idea what he is talking about and sends Zabimaru at Ichigo, who deflects it once more. While Urahara observes that Mayuri probably has a difficult time remembering this in his current state, the bars of the cell recede as Mayuri looks at Urahara, who affirms that he thought so before stating that they will begin the process of regaining what they have all lost. While the Shinigami around the Seireitei watch, ooze drips from the clouds above. Download. Getting up, he pulls back a panel to reveal a bookshelf, where he pulls one of the books out and reads through it before expressing surprise at something. Elsewhere, at a park, Byakuya sits and recalls his past with Hisana. As Hisagi and Rangiku leap into the air, Hisagi releases his Shikai, Kazeshini, and cuts off the heads of the streams before catching his kusarigama and landing beside Rangiku as the headless tentacles fall to the ground. As Rukia screams, the remaining three bands shatter, and dark Reiatsu surges from her. As a manta ray pushes him away, Urahara uses Kirisaki, Benihime, which fires a barrage of energy bullets from the shield, destroying the manta ray. While Renji recalls his fight with Ichigo, the spirit of Zabimaru materializes beside him and notes that Renji did not use Bankai before asking Renji why he hesitated. When Rukia asks him if he is going back, Ichigo confirms this. In the present, as Rukia continues to scream, Ichigo approaches Byakuya and tells him that Rukia sacrificed herself to save his life and the lives of his family. As Ōmaeda frantically states it is coming, the other Shinigami run away in fear, and he tells them to come back here before fleeing as well as the snakes crash into the gate, blowing it off of its hinges. Compra Bleach The Movie: Fade To Black [Edizione: Stati Uniti]. Expressing confusion at Ichigo predicting this move, Ikkaku continues to slash at Ichigo with his sword and sheath, forcing him back, until Ichigo jumps over him and lands on the porch. Hitsugaya asks Ichigo who he is and what his business is. Affirming that they came back to see Rukia, Homura reveals that it took them one hundred years. With Kokujō Tengen Myō'ō pushed back by this attack, Ichigo continues to fire Getsuga Tenshō at the giant, only for Kokujō Tengen Myō'ō to suddenly slash at Ichigo, who is sent flying away, before collapsing, forcing the Shinigami on the ground to run away. Con l'arrivo del comandante Yamamoto, tutto sembra perduto, ma l'inaspettato aiuto di Urahara con Yoruichi Shihoin permette a Ichigo di scappare assieme a Renji, che ha ricordato il suo scontro con Ichigo e capisce che non è lui il vero nemico. Homura puts her head on Rukia's shoulder as Rukia notes that they waited for her and the names she promised to give them for many years. Rukia notes that she grew up with her friends here. Elsewhere, as a hole opens in the sky, Ichigo and Kon fall out and scream as they plummet towards the ruined section of the Seireitei, creating a small dust cloud on impact. When Homura asks her if it alright, Rukia says it is great, pleasing Homura. Later, Rukia holds the letter Homura wrote her and recalls Homura pointing out how she mimicked the drawings Rukia made for her and Shizuku. Directed by Noriyuki Abe. Telling Rukia to think, Ichigo says she cannot give up being a Shinigami because it is a part of her. Most fabrics will fade with prolonged exposure to the sun. Revealing their names are Homura and Shizuku, Rukia says it means "the two of you shine brightly" as Homura and Shizuku repeat their names. Homura tackles and hugs Rukia after she wakes up. Homura and Shizuku emerge in Hueco Mundo. Due figure misteriose si infiltrano nei laboratori della Twelfth Squad con propositi nefasti. Hanatarō apologizes and states that he probably just imagined it, prompting Ichigo to lean back in exasperation. Rukia admits that she is confused about what she has been doing, and As Homura begins to explain, Shizuku claims that Rukia was sleeping and has been doing so for a long time. Removing his Hollow mask, Ichigo asks Hisagi what the problem is and identifies himself, but Hisagi immediately orders the Shinigami to seize him. A grinning Kenpachi sees Konjiki Ashisogi Jizō become enveloped by the ooze and wonders what happened before seeing the snakes coming at him. Then Urahara tries to seek the background of the events. Shizuku observes that Rukia might never remember their names because they took so much of her memory and that this would be horrible, but Homura tells him that they must make sure that Rukia never remembers what occurred on "that day". Bleach – Fade to Black altadefinizione HD Bleach – Fade to Black film completo sub ita *Guarda un film online o guarda i migliori video HD 1080p gratuiti su desktop, laptop, laptop, tablet, iPhone, iPad, Mac Pro e altro. Asserting that Rukia will remember as well, Ichigo proclaims that they will never be able to destroy the memories which bind them all together. Urahara observes that Mayuri has always been a very odd person, which led him to wonder if Mayuri had done something to protect himself against this possibility. It´s an AMV to Bleach - Fade to Black, the third movie. As Ichigo calls out Rukia's name and runs ahead, Renji tells him to wait and curses. Ichigo asserts that he is trying to not cause a commotion here and notes that this is a picture of Hisana before observing that she looks a lot like Rukia. As Rukia affirms that she is okay, Shizuku pulls her up. Dopo essersi recato da Kisuke Urahara, che sembra non ricordare Rukia, si dirige alla Soul Society assieme a Kon. While Byakuya says Rukia's name, Ichigo details how she is his younger sister-in-law whom he tried to protect even if it meant breaking the rules. Hyapporankan, which embeds itself in the snake. Rukia drinks the soup that Homura gave her. When Ichigo deflects the scythe, Rukia stabs at him with the handle of the scythe several times before uppercutting him with it. As Ichigo expresses shock, Kon asks if she remembers him, only to faint in shock when Rukia tells him to shut up and insults him. Suddenly, the vial glows, causing electricity to crackle up the ropes connected to the machine as Homura expresses happiness at having done it. Suddenly, Kon calls out to her as Ichigo runs along a path toward her. Ichigo turns the light on and tells Kon to wake up, and as Kon tells him to leave him alone and asks what he wants, Ichigo takes the crumpled note from him and looks at it. As a blushing Ururu takes the plate and leaves the room, closing the door behind her, while Jinta Hanakari watches, Kisuke Urahara notes Ichigo wants to know about someone whose name he does not recognize. As Renji is overwhelmed by the ooze, the top of the mountain explodes as the ooze surges upward. Elsewhere, Homura and Shizuku return to their house. Begging her to not listen to them, Homura claims she and Shizuku need Rukia here with them. When a shocked Ukitake claims that this is not possible, Urahara agrees with him. Homura confirms this and claims that they took everything away from them, including the happy things, the fun things, and Rukia. Yamamoto asserts that treason will not go unpunished and proclaims that Ichigo must be taken into custody. Explaining how it is normally impossible to visualize Reiraku when everything in Soul Society is made of Reishi, Renji reveals Ichigo might be able to trace Rukia in spite of this because their spiritual compositions are similar. In Mayuri's lab, Shizuku appears next to Rukia and calls out to her. Renji surrounds himself with blade segments for protection. Yoruichi stops Suì-Fēng from pursuing Ichigo and Renji. 1280x1024 1280x1024 Stripped black desktop PC and Mac wallpaper. As Hisana falls to her knees, Byakuya expresses concern, prompting her to say she is alright. Later, Kon calls out and asks if anyone is there. While Ukitake and Shunsui slash through several manta rays, Yoruichi and Suì-Fēng beat down two other tentacles. Coiling around him, the parasitic Hollow declares that this body is useless to it. lett. Homura rises up from the ledge in front of Rukia and floats in front of her while claiming that they came to erase her existence. As Ichigo realizes that she is serious, Homura tells them to go away or she and Shizuku will become one with Rukia. When Shizuku vanishes, Ichigo tells him to stay and fight as Homura disappears with Rukia. Tutte le musiche sono state composte da Shirō Sagisu: La sigla di chiusura del film è Koyoi Tsuki ga Miezu tomo dei Porno Graffitti. Calling out to him, 12th Division Lieutenant Nemu Kurotsuchi runs up to him and asks if everything is alright, only for a shocked Mayuri to demand to know who she is. Rukia reveals that she remembers what happened. Rukia attacks Ichigo with great intensity as he blocks. When a giggling 11th Division Lieutenant Yachiru Kusajishi lands on his back and greets him, Kenpachi tells her to not fall off and destroys several more tentacles before one bites down on him. Download. As Rukia moves away, Shizuku appears and slashes through her when she turns around. Confused by this, Nemu begins to approach Mayuri, who tells her to stay back. Confirming this, Suì-Fēng discards her haori as they move towards a large tentacle, and when the tentacle's mouth opens, Suì-Fēng activates Shunkō and punches a large hole through the tentacle before running along it alongside Yoruichi toward the creature. Dark Reiatsu emanates from an angered Homura. To promote the film, the opening and closing credits of the Bleach anime from Episodes 197-201 use footage from the film. Meanwhile, Rukia slashes at Ichigo, who leaps away. As Kon points out how Ichigo forgot about Rukia when this all started, Ichigo sees Hitsugaya, 11th Division 3rd Seat Ikkaku Madarame, and 11th Division 5th Seat Yumichika Ayasegawa standing atop three rocks nearby. Ichigo wonders what is going on, leading Kon to remind Ichigo that he also forgot who Rukia was for a period of time. Sajō Sabaku binding Ichigo. In the present, Renji recalls his entire past with Rukia but cannot remember what her face looks like. Renji slashes at Ichigo, forcing him to jump back as Zabimaru cuts into the ground before demanding that Renji listen to him because Rukia is in trouble. Rukia clutches her head in pain as she begins to remember. When Kon calls out to Rukia, Ichigo turns around to see him encased in ooze. When Rukia wonders why they did not write their names, Homura reveals they do not have any, shocking Rukia. As Shizuku notices this, the surging Reiatsu knocks Rukia away and begins to expand from the top of the mountain. Ichigo blocks another attack from Hisagi and asserts that he does not want to fight him before pushing Hisagi's blade to the side and leaping away. Bleach fade to black is aviablable on anivide raw. The mysterious vial glows in Shizuku's hand. As Mayuri pants, 11th Division Captain Kenpachi Zaraki greets him from behind. As the tentacles fire more streams of ooze, Rangiku notes that the monster will completely swallow the Seireitei at this rate. Noting that he should get serious as well, Urahara uses Chikasumi no Tate, forming a hexagonal barrier in front of him. Urahara cuts the snake in two with Nake, Benihime. Rukia's attack envelops her and Ichigo in a torrent of dark Reiatsu. Suddenly, Shizuku disappears, prompting Ichigo to wonder where he went. As she begins to recognize him, Rukia clutches her head in pain, prompting Homura to rush to her side and hold her while declaring that it is Ichigo's fault. Meanwhile, in the infirmary, Renji feels his wounded shoulder and puts a hand to his head as he wonders what is wrong with him. Realizing that she knows Ichigo, Rukia asserts that she can feel it somewhere in her memory and grabs Homura's arm while demanding that she tell her the truth. Shizuku tells Homura that Rukia will not recognize her if she cannot see her face, which Homura acknowledges as she sits up and tells Rukia to look at her. Yamamoto releases his Shikai, Ryūjin Jakka. Meanwhile, Urahara cuts another tentacle in half and faces the monster. As Renji promises to help despite not being good at Kidō and points out how there is no harm in trying, Ichigo agrees and promises that he will put all of his effort into making this work. As the dust settles, Ichigo tells Rukia to stop this, but she continues to attack him before leaping into the air and slashes at him, leading Ichigo to block as he begs her to snap out of it. Ichigo blocks Hisagi's attack as he fends off the Shinigami. Renji destroys the Bakudō #63. 'Fade to Black' è il terzo film di 'Bleach' e, personalmente, è quello che più ho apprezzato finora. In the past, Byakuya and Hisana walk over a bridge. Upon seeing Homura surrounded by dark Reiatsu, Rukia asks her what is wrong. Shizuku slashes Rukia Kuchiki with his scythe. Ichigo, infine, dice a Rukia che forse un giorno potrà rivederli. Ichigo theorizes that something may have happened to Rukia. Meanwhile, Homura ladles soup into a bowl, which she gives to Rukia while telling her to drink it because it will make her feel better, which Rukia does. Suddenly, Urahara uses Nake, Benihime and cuts the snake in two, causing Suì-Fēng to fall out of the snake as Yoruichi moves to her with Shunpo and catches her. Kon tells Ichigo to watch out, prompting him to move away in order to dodge the giant's hand. Hitsugaya appears behind Ichigo and attacks him. While Ichigo wonders what they are going to do, Renji states that he has an idea and brings up how Ichigo said he received his Shinigami powers from Rukia before theorizing that their spiritual composition might be similar. è un film anime diretto da Noriyuki Abe e scritto da Masashi Sogo, basato sull'anime e manga di Bleach.Il film è uscito nella sale in Giappone il 16 dicembre 2006, il DVD è uscito il 5 settembre 2007.. When Homura asks Rukia if she remembers her now, Rukia expresses surprise. As he tells Ichigo to wait a minute, Kon asserts that he is not done here and that Ichigo cannot just ignore this, but Ichigo knocks him off of the bed, sending him flying into the corner. Tutti gli Shinigami così si dimenticano della sua esistenza. 3840x2160 Dark Rukia Kuchiki Bleach Fade To Black #aBwN. When Yoruichi asks Yamamoto to tell her she is wrong, he does not respond. Yachiru Kusajishi greets Kenpachi as she joins him. Asking Ichigo if he is sure about this because the name is not familiar to him, Urahara pulls out his customer list and notes that there is such a name on the list. As the Shinigami flee from the spreading ooze, several SRDI members surround Mayuri as one of them begs him to put down his sword. A confused Rukia wonders what this place is. As she reads the paper, Rukia states that it says they will be waiting at the castle ruins and asks Homura and Shizuku if they wrote her this. Ichigo lets go of Rukia, who recognizes him, prompting him to smile and greet her. Ichigo calls out to Rukia and Kon tells them to stop as Rukia is ensnared by tentacles of Reiatsu and dragged down. Ichigo readies himself as Rukia declares that she will shear and kill him, and Ichigo asserts that he is sharing his powers with Rukia this time while blue Reiatsu surges around him. Asserting that they are the only wild cards, Kon theorizes that they took Rukia away and are probably responsible for her loss of memory. While Urahara states that he is counting on him, Byakuya leaps through the tunnel. When Homura asks Shizuku why he is worried because they are invincible, Shizuku admits that he believes they may have gone too far, prompting Homura to express surprise. Hihiō Zabimaru moves towards the mountain as a large building appears in front of it, prompting Ichigo to activate his Bankai and destroy it. In questo luogo Rukia si risveglia, senza più ricordarsi niente del suo passato da Shinigami. Declaring that there is a crisis at hand, Yamamoto tells the captains to consider this the most serious threat in the history of the Seireitei and proclaims that all divisions are to coordinate their efforts to find the intruder. While Ichigo leaps away with Renji following him, Hisagi tells the Shinigami they will follow Ichigo. Landing alongside Homura, Shizuku sets Rukia on the ground and runs into the room with the large machine, where he shakes his scythe as Homura asks him if the vial works. Meanwhile, Yamamoto asks Urahara how he got here, leading Urahara to note that it is not like he did not have the means to do so prior to now before admitting that he just never chose to come here. While the Reiatsu continues to swirl, Ichigo calls out to Rukia once more. It was published by Shueisha and released on December 15, 2008 in Japan. Videogiochi. As Ichigo expresses surprise, Rukia admits that she is not sure if it is even possible, but confirms that they will both die if it is not. Sayonara, Rukia (Goodbye, Rukia). Dopo essere stato colpito, il capitano perde la memoria e tutta la Soul Society viene attaccata da una strana sostanza liquida. Hitsugaya attacks Ichigo when the latter matches Ikkaku. As Homura thanks her, Rukia says she has some names if they are ready, prompting Homura and Shizuku to hug her. Suddenly, Homura and Shizuku appear in front of Rukia, and as Shizuku asks Ichigo what he came here for, Ichigo demands to know who they are.

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