As it broke in the surface has more grip and I dropped the nose a bit. It has been over 110 years now since it came on the market - the B17 Standard saddle belongs to the classics from Brooks. They now come in a variety of colours if you need to style. Image not available. My first ride was 4 miles of pure comfort, and each subsequent one has gotten longer and are equally comfortable. I suspect they are all good. Your configuration is not saved. Wallbike return policy (you have a six month trial period during which you can return the saddle if you don't like it). Heavy if you care about that. It's more expensive. After about 30 years, bit the bullet and went back to a Brooks. Brooks B17 Standard review Brooks' legendary traditional leather saddles, like the B17, are still potentially the most comfortable around. 99 Brooks England Swift Bicycle Saddle 4.6 out of 5 … Still needs some care, but is a great way to start a saddle. Read More. © Copyright 2021 VerticalScope Inc. All rights reserved. 280mm Length x 170mm Width. plus €20.45 for delivery to United States of America. Code : 24622. Mentioned durability above, being a tough single layer of leather you aren't going to easily to to scrape or damage the saddle in a meaningful way without also majorly damaging something else. The Brooks B17 saddle is a perfect companion for long distance riding on your single speed and will surely put you in … Must be broken in, needs to be maintained and coverered in the rain. 100 miles is about the break in period for me. C $94.63 1 bid + shipping . Add to cart. Very comfortable, no numbness or irritation on long rides. ;-). Extremely long life saddle if properly cared for by following the manufactures care recommendations and not some bicycle guru's thoughts. Most of the Brooks leather line is quite heavy in comparison to the rest. As far as the weight, Brooks has lighter models if I need to go lighter and will for my carbon bike. So far the saddle has been very comfortable and still looks great. Comfort, looks, longevity, saddle bag loops, Heavy (if that is an issue), needs maintenance, limited fore/aft positioning requiring a longer stem. $121.17. And Wallingford in New others have noted...will give you six months to try one out. Brooks B17 Standard Steel Saddle I have always heard these saddles were the most comfortable so I took the risk and IT WAS THE GREATEST CHOICE OF MY LIFE! Have one to sell? Also, do not overlook that this is a pretty comfortable saddle right out of the box. Please click on image above to get a large image with views from both sides of the saddle LS1E BROOKS B17 STANDARD Black 1970s Missing badge Good some light surface cracks £33 . We found the Brooks as comfortable as any of the many saddles we'd tried in prior years on the first day we put them on...and we found the comfortable all after day...on our Ride the Rockies trip. To those trying a new saddle, try this old racer's trick. Repeat. But even with those prices they will still outlast at least 6 other saddles, thus in the long run be cheaper. 530 grams weights may vary due to leather thickness. Loops for traditional English-style touring bag. Brooks Saddles Imperial B17 Standard Bicycle Saddle with Hole and Laces (Men's) 4.5 out of 5 stars 201. Product description. Maybe I'm just used to a firmer saddle on my bikes but, for me, this B17 was perfect right out of the box. sign up. Very durable. Price incl. And yes, anyone who has done Ride the Rockies, I'm Shark Boy! Now I welcome any "razzing" from my riding buddies for my hi-tech bike with 100 year old saddle, because I know what they don't. On that topic, the edges are really hard, no padding at all. This saddle is very sensitive to tilt angle and for this reason I recommend a two bolt microadjustable seatpost. These saddles break into your rear, not the other way around like other saddles. Needs covering in rain, requires some care & upkeep to prevent damage to the leather. Brooks fan for life now! Note: We recommend using the Brooks Maintenance Kit (product code: 2257586) or the Brooks Proofide Single saddle grease (product code 531267) for regular care. If you want to buy a customized bike, click here. Break in is taking some time as my first 100 miles have been rather painful. It has been on the market for over 100 years, being featured in as early as the 1898 catalogue. But what price comfort? It has been over 110 years now since it came on the market - the B17 Standard saddle belongs to the classics from Brooks. Repeat. After reading many reviews, I bought the Brooks B17 Champion Standard to replace basically a new seat on a recent mountain bike purchase. Overall quality. Helps with break in period and with waterproofing. Brooks England B17 Bike Saddle - Handmade Leather Bike Seat (Steel, Titanium, Copper) 4.8 out of 5 stars 2,644 $115.90 $ 115 . Details: The price is kind of exploitative and and still not cheap even when you get it on sale like I did. I have often had to increase a stem by a centimetre or two to accommodate a 17. The stock seat was just too soft with too much flex for my taste so even though the Brooks line is somewhat expensive, I decided it was time to try one. Brooks B17 Saddle - Black: Condition: Used. Free shipping . It can't be slid back too far in the seatpost so you may want to use one with a little offset. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Brooks B17 Champion Standard Brown Leather Saddle at the best online prices at eBay! Comfortable out of the box. The Brooks seemed out of place on it so I've demo'd a lot of saddles since then (my son works at bike shop) and can't find anything even close to the comfort of my Brooks. Brooks B17 Standard Saddle quantity. Made in England. Fred decided on the cheaper model after listening to me glow all spring, and he’s now breaking it in on his Rivendell Rambouillet. Description; Additional information; Description “The reality is, the saddle is the part of the bike with which we share our most intimate contact, and it’s worth getting right. The B17 and C17 are two of Brooks’s outstandingly designed and elite bike saddles. Did ding my wife's car though. Loops on rear of saddle are handy for attaching saddlebags. Das Mehrgewicht nehme ich gern in Kauf, für einen schmerzfreien Po auch nach sechs Stunden im Sattel. Was quite slick initially requiring me to raise the nose of the saddle above level to prevent sliding forward. Brooks B17 Standard Saddle. You get funny looks from disbelievers. So far the saddle has been very comfortable and still looks great. It's craftsmanship and comfort outweigh the negatives of being pricey and adjustment issues some experience. Share this product. All of the standard B17 saddles I have owned have required some time to break them in with lashings of proofide being applied. The B17 Standard leather saddle is the flagship model in the Brooks range and has been a best seller for decades! Swift is too narrow, but the B17 fits well. I've had my standard B-17 for two seasons now. The “deluxe” B17 has slightly thicker leather than the standard steel-rail version ($60) and it’s finished nicer with beveled edges. Sell it yourself. I bought this saddle (actually a B17 Titanium) to go on my touring bike with the sole purpose of long miles. I had no option but to ride the wet saddle, which cause some sores over time. Still above level but quite comfortable w/ no numbness or irritation. My first ride was 4 miles of pure comfort, and each subsequent one has gotten longer and are equally comfortable. BROOKS B17 S Standard HONEY. For €200 minimum purchase value without return. Once you get past all of that you'll be in love with the saddle. C $94.63 1 bid + shipping . A certain amount of easily washed out staining left on my clothes when I put the dressing on the saddle. High-quality leather and decorative steel rivets top off the classic design. Brooks offers B17 in various versions such as … well looked after and treated with oil as needed. Your bike falling over in the garage or driveway isn't going to phase it at all. The first centruy is a little uncomfortable and then your will have 1,000’s of great miles. After that trip, the saddle had stretched but I was able to get it right back to shape with a few turns of the front bolt. Lots of saddles, most recently ISM Peloton (which I really liked also). B17 Standard and B27 . Brooks B17 Standard Leather Bike Saddle. Cyclist of any ilk can appreciate a comfortable saddle as its one of few actual contact points when riding a bicycle. I only use it when it's raining. High-quality leather and decorative steel rivets top off the classic design. The keystone of Brooks' saddle line. None of Brooks saddles are light, if you want light get a different saddle, if you want comfort in a saddle that can easily last 20 years then get a Brooks. The 3 vent holes occasionally caused post ride irritation for first few months. I am a honey or black kind of guy although I do own a titanium coloured one with titanium rails: very sharp. Yes, they take care and maintenance. Comfort, Comfort Comfort. The elementary design of a Brooks saddle includes a comfortable and well-designed leather-made cover outstretched between metal chunk plates at the nose and aft sections of the saddle. I did follow the recommendation from Brooks and applied the Proofide before attaching to my bike then rode about 15 miles to my 3 mile trail ride and rode home. There don't seem to be any credible knock-offs around, and believe me, I looked. Best saddle I have ever owned. Similar to the horse saddles Brooks once made, B17 saddles use stretched leather “hammock construction” that requires a … • Real leather adapts to your body Dieser englische Ledersessel ist einfach eine Wohltat und ich fahre ihn auf all meinen Rädern. The finish itself suffered no affects. Initially, the B17 was not the top racing model in Brooks lineup. it’s a saddle that looks just right on that long-haul bike. Repeat. Description. Add to basket. ... Brooks B17 (Honey Man) /Saddle B17 S Imperial Seat (Women's Black) 4.6 out of 5 stars 53. Brooks England Flyer Leather Men's Bicycle Saddle Classic, Black. View Basket. Do not mess with the nose tensioning bolt: there is a reason the bolt is 3.5 cm so as to discourage the uninitiated. Classic looks. The B17 combines durability comfort and style with an affordable price. Yes, they're heavy. I have basic 17s, narrow 17s, titanium 17s, special 17s (with the wide, flush rivets) and they all work for me. Turn the oven on it's absolutely lowest setting (about 150*). Take a look at any long distance touring bike, more than likely you will see a Brooks saddle on it. If you are one of those spandex guys you probably want a lighter saddle. Black steel rails ensure high stability of the post and support the saddle's elegant look. Free shipping. Brooks B17 Standard Classic Vintage Leather Bicycle Saddle Black Rails. Black or Honey leather cover with black steel rails. Bisher bin ich immer Gelsattel gefahren. Nicht nur der Preis ist super, auch der Sattel ist absolute Klasse wird jetzt eingefahren, in der Hoffnung, dass er genauso gut ist, wie der auf meinem alten Rad. I use proof hide a few times a season, on top and bottom. Let them laugh at the old fogie on the old saddle. Switched from Terry Fly after a century where I chafed badly. Brooks B17 Standard Saddle - Black. Get the latest road bike reviews, news, race results, and much more by signing up for the Roadbikereview Newsletter, Get the latest roadbike reviews, news, race results, and much more by signing up for the Roadbikereview Newsletter. I did carry my tool set and made a few minor adjustments along the way but it wasn't for comfort, just getting it dialed in. I don't generally ride in the rain, but was on a week long tour last summer, and got caught in torrential rain for an extended period of time. Handmade in England from 100% vegetable tanned leather that will mould and shape individually to each rider. • Classic Brooks leather saddle for touring Sehr gute Ware! This saddle is designed for longer, fast-paced tours. Details about Brooks B17 Standard Black Leather Saddle See original listing. Can potentially wear out via stretching (seems unlikely within a reasonable time period). Optisch ein echter Hingucker mit einer ausordentlich guten Verarbeitung. Aren't you got the large tin of Proofhide? By 200 miles it seemed to have basically settled into a stable place. Had a Selle Italia leather saddle MANY years ago, and gave it away with the bike (my mistake!) Competitive price. Details: brooks, standard, saddle, honey, touring, commute, vintage, slight, scuffing, flipping Heavy, (I'm not racing anyone but myself so...). The Brooks B17 set the standard in what a saddle should be, this beauty looks slick and premium right out the box and only looks better with age. Heavy, rails have limited adjustment compared to modern saddles, don't get it wet. Comfort, comfort, and more comfort. The B17 is Brooks' flagship model, ideal for long distance sports touring, trekking and ATB use. shipping: + $15.54 shipping . Being Brooks flagship model for over 100 years the B17 has been the goto leather saddle for long distance touring trekking and allterrain use. Brooks Cambium C13 Carved Bicycle Saddle - Carbon, Black, 158mm, $220 MSRP. There are some drawbacks to these saddles; some complain of long break in, mine took about 800 miles; some complain of weight, mine's 410 gram. Description . Free shipping for many products! I went through several different types of saddles but never found true comfort until I rode my B17 Brooks. I have the honey leather with copper rivets. Brooks B17 Narrow Imperial Saddle The B17 Narrow Imperial is another variation of Brook's time-honoured B17 design, featuring a distinctive cut-out section in the top of the leather, first conceived and registered by Brooks over a century ago. As others have stated, the Brooks line is pricey and, though I didn't have any problems, the seat rails are a little shorter than some. Der Sattel ist echt hart- ich hoffe es dauert nicht 2000km bis das Brett weich wird, Bin Sehr zufrieden, ist zwar noch nicht ganz eingefahren, Super Teil, €20.45 for delivery to United States of America. None of Brooks saddles are light, if you want light get a different saddle, if you want comfort in a saddle that can easily last 20 years then get a Brooks. VAT Now have 3 years on three different Brooks (three bikes), everybody gives me heck about the "Old Style" seat with no padding and can't understand how it can be comfortable. • Visual upgrade through shiny steel rivets The break in process is improving but is far from complete. £97.99. All in all very happy with the saddle, was quite comfortable right out of the box. Like a fine wine – but unlike an early episode of Top Gear (Dave, weekday mornings, for the homeworkers and self-isolators out there) – the Brooks B17 Classic saddle improves with age. Could see break-in taking longer in cooler weather. We bought Brooks for our tandem this year 3 weeks before the 450 mile Ride the Rockies over a bunch of 12,000 passes in Colorado...which meant on the tandem we were on the bike 8-12 hours a day. Stock Selle San Marco (horrible a$$ hatchet), Koobi Enduro, Selle Italia Flite. The other con about Brooks is that in the last 4 years they have raised their prices of their lower end ti saddles by about 100% and even more on their lighter racing saddles like the Swift. Check Store Stock. Brooks Swift TI; Advocet 02 Air 40; Selle Italia Flite; Fizik Antares; Terry Butterfly TI; Selle San Marco Concor; and others I can't recall off the top of my head. I treated it with Proofhide and it quickly molded to my sitbones shape. Looks great on my monarch orange custom Waterford! $115.39. Super Sattel zu bestem Preis. I won't be replacing this thing any time soon, if ever. So kept trying to find something to match the comfort without luck. I have a 17 purchased in 1980 for my touring bike that still works perfectly. Ended: Nov 17, 2020. I can't complain, really. Hand-hammered rivets and special finishes characterise the B17 Special Saddle. I'll laugh while dancing in the park at the end of the day. You are about to buy the standard model. Brooks B17 Imperial Saddle - Steel Black Men's. This is the one saddle that fits me right out of the box and that says a bit for a leather saddle. With no special efforts it was mostly molded to my rear after ~50 miles - in 90+ FL weather. Hintern tut gar nicht mehr weg auf langen Strecken! Performs pretty well. One down side is the limited rearward positioning due to the short rails. 5 replies on “Breaking In A Brooks B17 Standard Leather Bicycle Saddle” Steve Sexton says: May 7, 2017 at 10:09 pm. As stated earlier, after this first purchase of a fine leather saddle, I'm a Brooks convert! Incredible. Popular . I got an Aarvark cover for about $10 and it fits better then the Brooks model. My bike came with a setback seatpost so the rail length that others have had some problems with wasn't an issue for me. Word of advice; only follow the manufactures care recommendations, DO NOT follow someone else's advice and apply anything to the leather other then what the manufacture recommends IF you want the manufacture warranty to be valid and IF you want the saddle to last a long long time. The B17 is our flagship model, ideal for long distance sports touring, trekking and atb use. 520 g At £90, the B17 Standard comes with a steel frame and in a gent’s model and a ladies’ model called the B17 S. Like many of its saddles, Brooks offers the B17 in black, brown or honey variants. COMFORT!! The B9, B10 and B11 were the top racing saddles. Super comfy, extremely durable and sleek it will provide many hours of rider comfort. • Rail: Chromium steel B17 Standard Saddle is one of the classic models to exist in Brooks’ production for over a century. It is comfortable for short and very long after day. I average 2000-5000 miles a year for the last 40 years, and won't go back to anything else. I think that's going to be an issue on any leather saddle. Got my Brooks B17 Standard saddle quickly. • Weight: approx. Jetzt habe ich meine Fahrstrecke erhöht und festgestellt, das mir auf langen Touren der Gelsattel nicht mehr gefällt (auch SQlab machte da keine Ausnahme), bzw. The Brooks B17 saddle was originally launched sometime in the mid 1890s – it’s not been possible to establish the exact year. On the market for over 100 years, being featured in as early as the 1898 catalogue, the Standard models feature black steel rails and a selection of colourful uppers. 90 - $624.99 $ 624 . Thanks to its flexible, hammock-like performance that moves with every pedal stroke, the B17 Short is a supremely comfortable saddle designed for the 60° angled riding position. It's heavier than those featherweight slips of plastic.

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