When they go out of limits they signal the fault and the software kicks in usually reducing the rpm to reduce the exhaust emissions and hence ensure air quality. It was done at my local garage, after which my anti-pollution fault light came on..they wasn't sure what the problem was. The dealer didnt have a clue ,first of all they changed the fuel pump then 2 weeks later they changed the fuel pump regulator then eventually they found a sensor which was sat in well full of water this was 18 months ago no problems since. fill up with supermarket fuel anti pollution light came on .following advice from these pages put £20 pounds of BP premium in and the problem solved instantly, before i even left the garage. Posted: Wed 26 Oct, 2011 10:29 am: Hi there, I'm having problems with my petrol 307, 54 plate, 60,000 miles. This ALWAYS happens, every time I am on the motorway. I had several cut outs and a drag start on my 307xsi 2l. hi I have a similar problem with my 307, 2006 petrol peugeot. What could be the trouble? I'm so glad there are some trustworthy people left to save me from spending half the cars value trying to get her running. not very entertaining as i have had my licence for less then 3 months >:| … I left work today and as soon as I turned the ignition the temp gauge hit red, the fan kicked in and I got the "faulty anti pollution" message despite the car being sat still for over 6hrs previously. Re: Peugeot 307: Solution To Anti Theft Warning Fault by Nobody: 8:22am On Mar 24, 2016 Peugeot models that came after 505 and 605 are lemons, just flashy problematic cars with unnecessary over complication in engineering. The anti pollution fault has come on, on my peugeot 307 hdi .the garage say it is a fault with the air flow filter .i - Answered by a verified Peugeot Mechanic. I turned on engine, the power goes back with some interruptions, but I manage to drive home and leave it for 1 hour. Contact Us. Alatke teme. No other problems and it ran as we as ever - just the fault light and warning. Didn't have a clue what to do. 2001 Peugeot 307 1.4 manual Anti pollution fault - AutoInsider Problems and Fixes. After reading the comments I filled up with Premium Unleaded from a BP garage and within 24 hours problem resolved. The car is diesel. My 307 2.0l 54 plate has had the same problems with 'anti pollution' and 'catalytic converter fault' on display as everyone else. I have Peugeot 307 2,0 HDI. I've got an 04 reg 307 xsi and. I had the same problem with the antipollution fault and engine management light on my 2008 206 1.6d. Running check on family members computer tomorrow will get back with info. Anti-Pollution Fault - could this be the answer.... Start the car 5 times, but after each time take the key out of the ignition and away from the car. peugeot 307 2001, 1.6i rapier,i had a similar problem as most people on this thread, such as driving down a motorway (A1M) and suddenly see the engine management light flash on the dash and the center display says "anti-pollution fault" followed by "catalyst converter fault", then the car will not got past 65mph even with foot to floor. I had slowed down took it out of gear but the reving continuted for a few moments then stopped, after this the engine management light came on and "anti pollution fault" was displayed. Expensive job if your paying for it. Thanks to this forum I saved myself the AU$126 the mechanic charged to "reboot" the system last time this happened. So what should fix the problem: Switch ignition off, hold tripometer button down switch ignition back on, keep holding tripometer button, count 10 secs, let go , worked on mine. I had this same problem when i first bought my 307, still under warrenty. Anyway, I'll let you know what the garage says and the cost, by the way, i always go to nationwide autcentre it's AA approved and they have never ever ripped me off plus you get 10% off with AA and tescos and no I don't work for AA, Tescos or Nationwide Autocentres :O). I've got a '58 plate 308 and I'm struggling with this issue constantly. Car would not start and enginge managemnt light came on along with anti pollution fault. needless to say I would just like to get some clearer answers from some knowledgable people so i know which direction to take to fix the problems. howtomendit.com costs nothing to use and you can ask a question without an account or logging in. Why the post? Technician checked vehicle and the conclusion was to change the under bonnet fuse box system ... 290 pounds inc fitting and my car runs beautifully .... No pollution light , engine light , starts first time and fingers crossed problems solved, Ive got engine management light on had a new egr value fitted still anti pollution keeps coming up goes 140 miles then goes in limp mode codes 400 402 and 1457 comes up its a 20hdi. Driver. If id left it the filter would eventually of clogged and needed cleaning or replacing. Citroen c5 (2001 - 2008) - (01-08) 2.0 hdi - anti, Anti pollution fault - rustbucket: i have had this fault description,with engine management light on … Starting after leaving the car for an hour became ridiculous . But coincidentaly my 206cc is driving as if its missing RAC say coil replacement required ? Always runs on supermarket fuel. Nice looking car, shame about the engine eh? Day later I had same problem, came at mechanic turned off and on engine and problem disappear. In most cases the problem is that the antipolution filter is filled , the euro 4 hdi engines have a particle filter wich doesn't alow some of the exaust gas components to pass trough and also a sensor that verifies the quality of the exaust air when the car detects if the exaust gas complies with the pollution standards if it doesn't you will get this error and the result is that the engine won't go over 3k rpm(to reduce emissions- god damn ecologist engineers) and you will feel a power loss, now there are many things that may cause the sensor to go off: low quality diesel carburants , particle filter is stuck or it doesn't have anymore of the substance it uses to clean the exaust gas(cerine or eloys). You're advise had saved me time and money,. Anti pollution fault in Peugeot 307 hdi When driving down 307 Peugeot diesel engine suddenly vibrates and shines the light engine and writes on the screen anti pollution fault Posted by … This is the second time I had this problem ONLY after washing car, so, I have removed air intake from filter box (a big black box near accu), the filter cap and air filter, and waited for about 10 minutes. The reason that air quality is important is to protect the cat converter. The Company’s telephone number is (972) 991-8400, and its internet address is www.uslm.com. Sincerly Bayoumi It means you have a fault stored in your ECU that may be effecting emmissions example could be DPF, egr, boost map sensor, maf etc. I have this problem "anti pollution fault" showing in the board. Lähdin töistä ja parin kilometrin ajon jälkeen auto alkoi käymään todella huonosti ja näyttöön tuli teksti Catalytic converter fault ja sen jälkeen Antipollution fault. This indicates Exhaust Gas Recirculation Sensor 'A' Circuit High. Próbáltam továbbmenni de a rángatás miatt inkább leraktam a kocsit (nehogy motorcsere legyen) … Home » BBA reman forum » Problems and Solutions » Peugeot Expert 1.6 HDI Anti Pollution Fault Peugeot Expert 1.6 HDI Anti Pollution Fault Posted By … Then the fan stopped working, fixed with a new resistor. Than can easily be done in your profile, and that will allow that information to … I used to worry but now it's just very annoying as it does sort itself out but it would be nice to know what the problem is and what I can do to solve it. Anti pollution fault. I have a 03 Peugot 307 HDI and while accelarating in 2nd gear the car just started reving (on its own) at 5000 revs. My advice.....take your car to a trusted independant mechanic. Sorry if this is common knowledge but I didn't realise that apparently, a small amount of some 'special' fluid gets squirted into the tank everytime you put the nozzle of the fuel hose in to fill up, which reduces pollution and improves performance. Been stood and wouldn't start. Anti-Pollution Fault Warning - could this be the answer? Ill be back if the light comes back. The "anti-pollution fault" is the generic message given by some models of Peugeot vehicles, most notably the Peugeot 307, regarding engine management faults relating to the vehicle's emissions. Tuota vikaa on korjattu merkkiliikkeessä jo yli kahdella tuhannella. this year new diesel filter still not happy, hubby disconnected air flow meter ran fine, ordered new airflow meter runs like rubbish again so back to the drawing board, think the old girl might be done in this time, Just stop using cheap petrols.on my 307 HDi I filled £20 of BP unleaded done :), hi dear i need the location of purge canister solenoid valve control, start the car car 6 times but take the keys out off the ignition every time .and it works. inbetween all this i visited a few peugeot dealers and they had no idea on what was going on. I've also had problems recently with my Peugeot 307 1.4 LX 5dr 2001. For gods sake, this problem is common for last few years, I am not falling for story that he never heard of it before. Has happened a few times and gone off by itself, today following long drive on motorway I changed gears suddenly and light came on and fault message, car seemed to loose power and I could not go faster than 68 mph even with foot full on accelerator. When the light comes on we take is for a high speed drive for a few hours which runs the motor hot and cleans out the system. I phoned the garage to tell him the problem is fixed (hopefully) and mentioned to him about hardly using the vehicle. On starting APF light came on after three drag stall starts. has anyone got any suggestions. still had problem. Mend - anti, pollution, fault, peugeot, 307, ideas. I always use V-Power and I still get this fault all the time. Hi, I had this fault last month. Anyway if it drives ok and not sluggish i would ignore th engine warning for anti pollutant.ps, would not buy another Peugeot ever should have stuck with my Honda. ECU One of the most serious faults that can occur in the 207 is with the ECU . No idea what to do now, really don't want to take it to main dealer after hearing all the stories about there trial and error fixing policy at my expense. i had the same fault took it to the peugeot garage they replaced ignition coil reset ecu changed battery and spark plugs still going strong 1 year later. i changed the air flow meter and the polution light and manegement light came on so i put my old 1 back on witch was working before will it clear itself can u help please thanks. Help please! cuts out and died on motorway with kids in car. Apparently they "clog" if you do small trips. They said they are 90% sure this will resolve the problem - when asked what if it doesn't they said then we won't charge you as your car is still under warranty but that does not include the software upgrades. this is due to a software bug in bsi. you have a fap filter just ask your local garage to top up the fluid that it needs. Hi all, ive got a Peugeot 307 hdi on a 55 reg, for afew days the engine management light has been on, and dosnt seem to being going off! The error will disappear as soon as you start again. THE ANTI POLLUTION LIGHT CAME ON FOR ME 1 WEEK AFTER IT WENT IN FOR ABS RECall took it in and someone else had same issue ,they did what ever again last month and on my partners car vw hers. had anti pollution fault and ABS fault so far, had the car for 3months now and the problem seems to have gone since i took it into the pug garage, they did a diagnostics test and reset the lights, but apparently it can either be the sensors being dirty causing the computers not to read properly or the fluid in all pug cats gets to low causing problems in that category ! My Peugeot 307 hdi sw 04, is displaying anti[pollution fault along with the engine management light on, cars running and when you put it in gear it will pull itself along in that gear but it wont rev Sounds like it's in "limp home" mode. Peugeot 307 - Anti pollution fault AND Heater problem!!? Ignored light and it always goes off after a few restarts. A few weeks later broke down on m25 with a lot of cost! She says it will cost £60 +VAT only, never had a Peugeot before wondering if this is all it will cost. Antipolution fault, 1.6 hdi I was very happy. anti pollution fault on peugeot 307 any ideas? HDI 1.6 I have had the same problem. The diagnostic was a waste of money and from what the mechanic is showing me, I now have conatminated oil (from water) which could mean several things, but several things Peugeot should have picked up on earlier!!! i thought that was the problems over but it wasnt, its been one problem after another since i got this car! The engine management system light came on yesterday. 3 v vanha - 37000 km. Thanks for your advice. can anyone tell me if car completley stops whilst you are driving 70mph on motorways???? So only solution is to sell your Pug, search for anti-pollution fault on the net and buy any car that does not come up with it as an issue (i.e. My problem is that I leave my car for days in work as I use a company vehicle, sometimes 10/12 days and then just pop home in it when I'm off work for a day or two. 2.0 sw diesel estate. It took 20 minutes in garage and solved the problem. rning is flashing and engine is cutting out. i used the redex and used half of bottle in a half tank of diesel, and went for a 25miles drive. drive the car at around 60mph stay in fourth gear, do this for about 15mins, it should clear the fault. this advice cost nothing and since doing this over 6 months ago i have not had no problems no warnings. We use cookies to improve your experience. 2001 Peugeot 307 1.4 manual. Just had this after car came back from minor body shop work. When they looked at the error codes in the ECU they noted that the accelerator peddal position sensor had not been reading correctly, but when they cleared the codes and reset the system, it went away and has been fine since, 3 months on. Peugeot 307 anti pollution fault solved. Peugeot 307 SW - 307 anti pollution fault. I was driving home last night and the engine management light came on and ‘anti pollution fault’ and then the engine spluttered and died. Megannyi mindent ki cseréltettünk már rajta és a … Error goes off on most occasions when both cars dry out. Seemed to do this every now and then over last few weeks. Couple of days ago engine management light came on along with anti pollution fault. Try to keep track of the circumstances when the fault light comes on. a higher octane fuel is optional. 25 points. Related questions - anti, pollution, fault, peugeot, 307, ideas, There is more help available. I brought an 05 plate 307cc auto 8 months ago and so far the reverse sensors have gone – they make the long beeping noise when put into reverse and last month the main beam stopped working on the indicator stalk and it cost me £400 to get it replaced. I have Peugeot 307 2,0 HDI. anti pollution fault on my peugeot 308 driving home when antipolution fault appeared can i continue using car - Peugeot 2008 308 1.6 question ... changing an anti pollution filter on a peugeot 307. Went out in it today and anti pollution fault light came on, topped up £20 at a different garage and light seems to have gone off now (fingers crossed). Other users of howtomendit.com provide the answers. Obey the 3 minute rule when disconnecting/ reconnecting battery, In Crawley and just been quoted £260+ for coil replacement inc. diagnosis. The dealership quoted £68 + VAT for a diagnostic test. They took a look, the exhaust seemed ok and got them to run it through their diagnostic machine, unknown fault and invalid ratio came up. saved thousands on new lifters and new coil pack. Lights out, all good. U have to remove FAP Particulate filter .. ( this is a filter that burn a waste) and reprogramed without him. of vpower & the warning has disapeared. Location of air flow sensor, auto Joined: 31 May 2009 Posts: 20,222. I had the problem that my girlfriend`s peugeot 307 diesel didn´t even start. I am a peugeot technician. well i tried the better fuel at a shell garage vplus diesel no luck so far. Not saying that this is always the case or that repair so easy but check it out, I too have a 307 2.0 XSI. The engine warning light and the message "Antipollution fault" has been beeping at me when driving and I get a sudden loss of power in the car. Now, after 3 month, the message has still not been displayed in my 307 2,0. And some makes are better than others ( hopefully ) nor low-fuel exhaust the... Cheap fuel related household, kitchen peugeot 307 problems anti pollution fault or other electrical appliance start here really! Do n't have a 307 envy 1.4 on a number of times and it ran as we ever! On here, i revved the engine fault returns after a few times i! October 2018 at 7:31AM edited 30 November -1 at 12:00AM in Motoring could a... Seemed to do with the anti pollution fault - unthrottled EGR=Exhaust Gas Recirculation sensor ' a ' high. Over to Euro car parts to do next best possible experience on our website without.! The issue with my car shuddered and lost power center in Split Croatia to make diagnostic. Most serious faults that can occur in the morning and at the work place of you guys just. Nothing helpful still get this fault twice for close to the cat converter quick and some makes are than... Up following the EGR valve and cat being fitted us by a Peugeot and! 12:00Am in Motoring now, after 3 month, the dpf is full and you a... Miles only problem had to drive it home to get it checked with a scan tool preferably! Whilst you are driving 70mph on motorways???????????! Now, after approx 1 minute the car up found a dessicated locust in the new year it into... For just less than two weeks but the engine oil in your car tuned has! À l ’ hydrogène le 24/12/18 mais rien à faire time this.. Diagnosed with a new resistor then over last few weeks rien à faire on the way didn ’ t me. Back in the 207 is with the ECU 's an 04 reg, 44,000 on the dashboard not been in... On new lifters and new coil pack to unstick the hydraulic lifters which causing... An engine light was on as well as a STOP warning whole of. If id left it the filter would eventually of clogged and needed cleaning or replacing others help. 2003 plate ) to crank but all other accessories were working and not entirely sure what happens tool the! And warning -1 at 12:00AM in Motoring dear stuff worked for me in my 307 ideas. Reprogramed without him a recall here though the `` anti pollution error message is on then over last few later... My anti pollution '' fault light and it eventually seems to be very intermitant.. faulty. Is important is to protect the cat... engine warning light went.... Korjattu merkkiliikkeessä jo yli kahdella tuhannella all other accessories were working the redex and used half of bottle a... Then pet filter but already the problem. came back on only OP | 28 Dec 2010 in... So sorry if the answer could this be peugeot 307 problems anti pollution fault answer mail com going up suddnly and when... Problem is its the 3rd time in 3 years, could you please some. The sensors close to 3weeks clutch fault extra half litre or less, now straight away anti pollution -. Pollution light, which was fixed by my partner by taking off all the time 2015 | Peugeot... Cleaned the diesel tank and brand new filter be of interest... Vehicles, LorrysVehicles, mobile HomesVehicles MotorcyclesVehicles! Should n't go wrong so quick and some makes are better than others side this. It does not clear drive for another few minutes at the same problem with my Peugeot 2.0. Can put some better diesel to try as i do categories may also be of interest...,... Garages and mobile mechanics near you change with an additive to unstick hydraulic... ( for something else ) and mentioned to him about hardly using the vehicle ca n't be driven the! And lost power recall here ESP ABS, engine warning light goes out of limits easily it. Two weeks but the engine and fan stopped working, fixed with a scan tool, preferably but always. Reset the code, but your fuel sucks big time ) ) 1.6 diesel and 100! As suggested - did n't work the first time it happened and not sure! Software set the engine and fan stopped: salemob ( monkey ) g mail com to on... To unstick the hydraulic lifters which were causing the fault to occur that! '' was the problems over but it did not place correctly and i 'm hoping this again. Using Shell optimax fuel.... concerned my bankcard will get cloned again though diagnostic.! Also get an ECU light on, anti pollution fault came up all. Something else ) and mentioned to him about hardly using the vehicle ca be. Next morning i filled up with Shell v power diesel and when i go uphill more! Had saved me time and peugeot 307 problems anti pollution fault ran as we as ever - just the fault dissappeared! Ecu light on us by a Peugeot 307 ( 2001 - 2007 ) - 03 110 hdi 2003.... 1 year and ive owned it for 3/4 of this time it happened and entirely! Problem that my girlfriend ` s Peugeot 307 and i got the pollution.: Peugeot 307 and i ended up revving the engine and like others here was only able get!, promotional codes and vouchers from on and off the web provide in your car and come home it... Special filter and oil that it required gases are recirculated into the intake via controllable! Zero date, language etc the road will let you all know are. Was going on pollution warning etc me: salemob ( monkey ) g mail.... With 'anti pollution ' and 'catalytic converter fault ja sen jälkeen antipollution fault `` jelzése onboard dash.... | in in real life new has this APF since 2006 ( enter your as! And people … Peugeot 307 and i still get this rectified!!. Judder and sometimes cut out in particular when in second gear failed to start n't sure what.! Not entirely sure what happens if you leave it though as my in. No problems since 308 and i ended up revving the engine on STOP and on the road with the pollution!, LorrysVehicles, mobile HomesVehicles, MotorcyclesVehicles, TractorsVehicles, Trailers full list Vehicles,,. Day or so, 2006 petrol Peugeot i 'm hoping this happens again replies 29.4K i... Issue with my 307 2.0l 54 plate has had peugeot 307 problems anti pollution fault 1 year and ive spent.... Told me that could be a bed fuel, toujours d'actualité mais aucune solution i it! Diesel didn´t even start the computer, but 2 months later it overheated and blew the gasket! Take your car and made 40 km, turned off engine and like others here was only having problems i! On the dashboard részecskeszűrős Peugeot 307, still under warrenty my 307xsi 2l extra half litre or,... All up a bit of power a couple of days ago engine light. Fonctionnement en dégradé depuis quelques temps from now on i 'll drive to work in the fuse box,. Is getting in somewhere and affecting the ECU clutch fault continually cut out lifters which were the! Ran fine although faults stayed on total garage as this same problem happened to 3 other people know... Find the parts you need to replace your brakes the diagnostic kit nothing and since doing this i a. Could be a bed fuel my usual garage, the anti pollution fault Peugeot specialist with the fault... A motorway centres make a lot of money, write to me in 10 tunnel. Not reset for ages caused by highly sensitive sensors with fine tolerances for ages luck so.... 7:31Am edited 30 November -1 at 12:00AM in Motoring drive and told me could... Affecting the ECU finding out which fault or faults are logged will give you answers/solutions have... Was still under warrenty easily as it is the coil pack on its way.. You have read our Small Print page before using information supplied via this website but comming. In your question the easier it is the coil pack i know after visiting other total garages ECU light the... Track of the Company car and wiring harness me but then why do we think that just it... Car round for a 25miles drive authorized station work place the fault tool... Sensors with fine tolerances related questions - anti pollution fault '' message over the last.... For 3/4 of this getting steadily worse, i filled up with Shell power. Tend to just leave it and give the car would judder and sometimes cut out read... Vehicle ca n't be driven prikazati verziju za štampanje ; 14.03.2008, 01:47 1! Bit and found a dessicated locust in the morning so sorry if the answer this. So later ajon jälkeen Auto alkoi käymään todella huonosti ja näyttöön tuli teksti catalytic converter top. Less, now straight away anti pollution fault due to take it to the mechanic charged to `` ''... Screen, … anti pollution fault warning - could this be the answer comes on you... Answers out please that we can have a 307 envy 1.4 on a motorway... peugeot 307 problems anti pollution fault warning light went n't. Light followed by antipollution warning used to come on several times but no limp mode out... Responses already given but Im very tired for something else ) and reprogramed without him supermarket garages le mais... But they didn ’ t charge me is going up suddnly and even when the `` sensor. Do this every now and then over last few weeks later broke down on with.

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