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AMDA believes in the spirit of “sogo-fujo”

Sogo-fujo is a social value deeply rooted in the traditional Japanese close-knit community life.  The essence of “sogo-fujo” lies in the fact that humanitarian assistance is not regarded as a single, one-sided occurrence, rather it is seen in a cycle of reciprocating assistance giving a broader perspective of time and scope. 
“Sogo-fujo” is something we are all born with regardless of race, religion, and culture.
“Sogo-fujo” is bilateral.  People in need of help today may be at the opposite end of assistance with the change of time and circumstances.
“Sogo-fujo” leads to respect and trust for each other.  Human dignity must be preserved at all times, above all else.

AMDA believes in partnership based on local initiative.

AMDA strives to support people affected by disasters and economic distress on their road to recovery establishing a true partnership with special emphasis on local initiative.  The spirit of “sogo-fujo” creates a true partnership based on respect and trust for each other.  In the process of recovery, local people’s own will to better their lives becomes the driving force for boosting our common efforts.  It is also the local people who provide us with the most reliable information based on their system of values leading to a true and effective partnership.

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