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  About AMDA
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Since its inception in 1984, AMDA has made earnest efforts in pursuing and achieving its aim to contribute to global peace through the improvement of human health and well-being.  However, contrary to our hopes, many of our fellow citizens of the world are still struggling with the misfortunes of disease, poverty, and human oppression. The recent devastating effects of global climate change seem to accelerate this trend.  Disaster regardless of its cause can present a host of predicaments that would lead to famine, outbreak of diseases, greater border tensions, and other confrontations of global scale.  This is the security issue affecting the whole world community.

AMDA, Association of Medical Doctors of Asia, with its experiences in humanitarian relief efforts over the past few decades, is determined more than ever to play a pivotal role in coping with this predicament of today.

In accordance with its founding spirit of Sogo-Fujo, AMDA has responded to the calls of help from disaster areas around the world.  Whether it is the floods in Bolivia, the earthquake in Niigata of Japan, the massive tsunami of the Indian Ocean, AMDA has been always on the frontline of disasters healing and saving lives of our fellow world citizens.  Unlike governmental organizations, AMDA as an NGO maintains a complete independency and is not affected by political, religious or ethnical considerations.  AMDA acts on its own judgment guided by the spirit of "Sogo-Fujo".  Assessment based on local need and local initiative regardless of media attention or interests of certain groups has been and will be the key factor determining AMDA's policies and activities.  Utilizing this special mobility that comes from being an NGO; sharing a unified mission and vision among our international chapters and collaborating organizations in 29 countries around the world and most importantly being bound by the spirit of "Sogo-Fujo"--- AMDA can play a very special and effective role in the global efforts against disasters and human sufferings ultimately paving the road toward world peace.

Shigeru Suganami, M.D., Ph.D.
President ,AMDA

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