): to be in the clouds.essere un po' di fuori exp. dvrone your word means squash :) like calling someone a dum dum, I'm a 58 year old mezzo-mezz'. If you're single and have a girlfriend, she's your goomah. The words you are using are slangs or come from different dialects, from different parts of Italy. So, I hope you don't take offense ot my editing job - or you can just tell me fancul'a'sorella.MING' - short for MINCHIA which is a Sicilian dialect for cock. 95 percent of Italians in Italy speak Proper Italian? I do notice that true Italians refer to themselves not as Italian but from the town or regione they are from, such as I'm bolognese, or fiorentino. !Reminded me of my Sundays spent at my Aunt's house in Garfied with lots of cousins, second cousins, olives, square white pizzas and my uncle Tony.On yesterday's Sopranos, Paulie said to Patsi "We'll discuss this in the pistadore(?)" Tommaso pensa a Maria giorno e notte. Anybody know what fu nob or fa noble means? There is nothing honarable or charitable in anything they do because it is all about themselves. not to age well; (lit. 90 x 2.2 pounds = 198 pounds. They have meanings that are figurative, which means that they shouldn’t be taken literally. These shows personally make me sick and have non-Italians thinking we're all a bunch of vain losers.I know it's TV but someone needs to throat throttle their @sses and say "whatsa matta you...eh?". Pronounced goo-'mah or coo-'mah. Plus, not all Italian swear words are like ours in English because they have many mild words and expressions that are used frequently, in everyday conversation. No one in my family uses that lingo. Yes...I think he's saying "we'll discuss it in the pisser"...the bathroom. elbow grease.ora di punta exp. On My Feet Again...And On The Road Again... Where is The Love? Mille gracie. It was love at first sight! Don't recall my grandmothers ever speaking English. This comment has been removed by the author. Often used as a substitute for madonna. I was told that Italians used a word for Sicilians called something like, Scigge, or maybe, Scugge? ): do-nothing (from fare nulla, meaning "to do nothing").fare il grande exp. 95% of Italians in Italy speak the proper Italian, which they take pride in, considering it is such a beautiful language and to tell you the truth when they hear someone speak in a southern Italian dialect, they look down on you. ): to tattle. ): swimming in gold.nuovo di zecca exp. The word bada by itself means bay. to twiddle one's thumbs; (lit. It brought me back to my younger days growing up in Youngstown, Ohio. Growing up in CT my dad was good for calling me chooch if I messed something up. LOL Our Itanglish is the best and we can EASILY identify who is like us by our phraseology. you where probably so busy looking down, you forgot to notice that these words and phrases weren't claimed to be proper italian; they are italian-american slang (or, in your words, italian-medican).my grandparents were first generation immigrants from monopoli, and spoke "italian" in the home. My family uses it as want or desire, like I have a "woolee" for pizza. "chadrool" is a cucumber, or a person with no personality or smarts. ): to raise an elbow.amore a prima vista exp. -ge) (vulgar) fart.scoreggiare v.i. He is a tutor of Italian language and culture. But even as a 1st generation Sicilianu, I can tell you, that I identify myself as Sicilian, and NOT Italian. mettere paglia al fuoco exp. to break the ice.rosso come un peperone exp. Report. I do think that "sto cazzo" was an expression of dismayed surprise.I remember my Italian teacher telling us, after she shouted it in class, that "managgia" meant "shucks" or "oh, dear." ; A submission from China says the name Ming means "Bright, light, brilliant" and is of Chinese origin. Does this ring bells for anyone? "...corrections appreciated...Best, Senior Sicilian-American. I love it. my grandmother was neopolitan and used to say a rhyme to us as babies, spelled phonetically..."moosha mooshaella, froosta froosala..." i can't remember the rest - anyone recognize this? ): stinking breath. And Managgia [phonetic: Man ah jah], I think means, "My Aggita" or "I'm gettin' Aggita" or "You're giving me Aggita" which we all know means heartburn, lol...and last but not least, Mincchia, translates to [everyone was close :-)] Dick, as in Testa di Mincchia, Dickhead...hahaha...that's all I have for now :-) and thanks for the blog, it brought back memories, I found it looking for Come su dici, which I thought was slang for Whatta ya say? So,a .90 calibre "piece" could mean a .90 calibre gun, or, a big shot. Like heck it does! I grew up on Long Island , Italian on both sides! Thanks for this site. “Brilliant” (this dynasty lasted until 1644). See the movie "I Vitelloni". But things like gabagool for cappicolla is a little too butchered for me, it basically loses all association with the originating word and starts sounding ridiculous. detective or mystery story; (lit. Is there any truth to the idea I've heard that the '-gazzo' in 'ragazzo' is the same as the 'cazzo' in 'Sto cazzo. As a kid my grandmother would serve "celery" or Fanuch and dip it in "the anacette". hilarious. parolaccia f. dirty word.piazzaiolo m. (pejorative) vulgar, mob-.pigrone/a n. & a. a lazy bum (from the masculine noun pigro, meaning "someone who is idle"); (lit. fannullone m. a lazy bum; (lit. The original is in Napulitana:Mooshee MoosheleSa mangiati casheele?Sa na dada me?No?Froosa-froos a la casa tuo.Here is the translation according to my grandfather:Kitty-KittycatDid you eat the casheele?Did you save some for me?No?Then go back to your own house!On this note, I would dearly love to know the italian words to lullaby; my grandparents used to sing it to me, and I know it started "neena-non". min(g), mi-ng] The baby girl name Ming is pronounced Mih-NG †. We were always told that "fanabala" was actually "va Napoli" as in "go to Naples" as in "go to hell" which I guess for a Sicilian would be hell (??). ): to peck.bel niente m. nothing, zip; (lit. I was a mere 35 years old.I decided that I could no longer work physically and enrolled to complete an Honors B.A. I have a lot more but ill save those for another day. I have been blessed in growing up in both Italy and America and am fortunate to have both my Italian and American citizenship. ): to let go of someone, to release someone.morire di/dalla noia exp. For mexicans I say stranieri, which means foreigners. See also the related categories, brilliant (bright) and chinese. A comare is a godmother. The nicest people, the best cooks. A is for advantage, for you are … Most Chinese characters have a meaning that can be translated into English, but Chinese names are often not fully translatable. ): big peeled head.tirare un bidone a qualcuno exp. ; Search for more names by meaning. "Oobatz" - Would be "U' Pazz", literally "The madman", in Naples dialect. The Given Name Ming-Yue. Help?! Does anyone know that expression? I'll use the pronunciation not the actual correct spelling.ah beetz - pizzapasta pizelle - pasta w/ peas ( red sauce or garlic & oil )olly oily - garlic & oil sauceah beetza gain - Ham & cheese pie ( easter pie )sch keev - can't stomache something, or something that makes me sick.fafa deal, pee sha deal or fiff - penisfon ghoul - F #@k you or up your A**sva cheem - son of a bit*h or sh*t facecanool - conoli Italian pastrychooch - jackassgavone - over weight person, one who eats like a pigJamook or mook - idiot, dummy, loser, knuckle headMenza Menza - retard, beyond stupidmama luke - clown, screwball, moronI can go on & on, but I'm getting tired now ... LOL. Most of the sites had Roman dialect and those curses were nothing like the ones I grew up hearing. "i'm glad you have the luxury of looking down and laughing. I always believed it to mean "awwe, poor baby". It was love at first sight!avere un chiodo fisso in testa exp. to drive someone crazy; (lit. What does "Ming" mean? My father's family came off the boat from Naples post WWII so my mom had lots of tutoring from the in-laws! I can just hear those expressions being said. Brought me back to my childhood days growing up in Brooklyn, being with the neighbors and family memebers. Ming-Yue is a name with authenticness. I dont know how to pronounce it. ): cork.testona pelata f. a bald guy; (lit. My sister in law's mother and aunt use a word for a party favor for a wedding that sounds like "boopanile". When I was a kid and asked what was for dinner, the standard answer from my Nona was, "gotz e gugotz, zilles e ov" At 10 I know what gotz were, and zilles were breasts. Someone with no sophistication, vision or understanding. I recently started to learn Italian to become fluent. Yeah, I knew that. Can anybody out there clarify what"CHIDIBEEP"(sic)MEANS? "Ming" - Is a bastardization of "minchia" (remember Zappa's "Tengo una minchia tanta"?) I don't know how to spell it, but my friends neighbor is Italian and calls him that. These are all phrases (mostly bastardizations) from my childhood growing up in New York. I may be spelling it wrong. Lubotts - about the same meaning. balena f. a very fat man or woman, a fatso, fat slob; (lit. Ming's origin, as well as its use, is in the Chinese language. avere un chiodo fisso in testa exp. I've been in Arizona for decades now and never ever hear these words here so this nostalgia you've given me has been delightful. ): a thunderbolt (of love).come il cacio sui maccheroni exp. (vulgar) to fart.scemo/a n. a stupid person, a jerk; (from the verb scemare, meaning "to shrink or diminish").sfatto f. (trivial) worn out after a night of debauchery.sgualdrina f. (pejorative) trollop, strumpet, harlot, tart.spettegolare v. to gossip; (lit. ): an accident. ', sicilianapachegirl,was reading your post about "taste tan culo in pie e za"..Reads to me like "testa in culo in paesa" which doesnt make sense translated to "head in ass in country" Maybe a clue though?Chris, Your sight was great. Stugats was another big one in my house! Which brings me to the point of this. Can someone define this word but I'm sure the spelling is wrong so phonetically here it is .....pishcadoo. neither of them ever went to school - not even kindergarten. Yet in the book it was almost derogatory-as if it's someoen who thinks they have real power whether they do or not, and it sometimes leads to foolishness-like Christopher Molasanti shooting the pastry clerk's foot. Your Best Choice!wow gold or wow power leveling and wow gold. With, of course, appropriate gestures. I is for impartial, a great arbiter N is for nifty, how neat! FYI to the people with corrections; keep in mind there are over 360 different Italian dialects. Could someone please tell me what "fasanune" ( I am spelling from memory and phonetically...sorry!) :(, Come si dice means 'How do you say...'? English words for 名 include name, reputation and names. I don't find this site offense, I find it comical. Be happy! 2 Answers. In any case Sicilian and Italian are basically two different languages (though Sicilianu is really just an Italian dialect). It was tough, but I am a lot tougher and made it.I completed my secondary education while working and saving money, went to community college and became a tradesman to be more employable, to improve my working conditions, and to earn more money to save and invest.I married almost 12 years after I immigrated, and by then owned (mortgaged) a small apartment building and a small construction company. saccente (un/una) n. a know-it-all, a smart-ass; (lit. Losing the ending "o" is typical of Southern dialects. you are correct. "saputo/a n. a know-it-all, a smart-ass; (lit. The name Ming is of Chinese origin. la vita di Michelaccio exp. brand new; (lit. This page is about the meanings of the acronym/abbreviation/shorthand MING in the Miscellaneous field in general and in the Unclassified terminology in particular. love at first sight; (lit. I'll post if that happens. It's funny because I use my own slang at times such as buione, which means big darkness, do I have to spell it out for you. M is for musical, your hidden talent! Meaning of MING. The word 'mammone' means a boy or a man who always looks for his mum's help: 'mamma' means 'mum'. Ming is used as both a boys and girls name. as a matter of fact.inghiottire il rospo exp. Connie to her husband: hei vavangool.No. Then there's "ganolli" (canolli, YUM), "mootzarell'", "gollamott" (calamari). As I know it, it means seafood in tomato sauce, like calamari, shrimp, and mussels. I don't find this site offense, I find it comical. ): yellow book.limonare (familiar, regional) to make out.locale m. club or night club.Â. It's a Neopolitan dialect, our family still says "wooLee" when we are craving something ;) My husbands (also Italian) family and friends who are not from Naples area usually pronounce it Vu-lee-ooh, voglio. Minga, (from the Italian verb mingere which means "to urinate"), an impolite Sicilian slang term used to denote frustration or as a derogatory descriptive term for a person Sister in law shrugged it off saying "it's not really Italian." My grandparents are Sicilian, Neapolitan, Calabrase and Bah-daze (phonetically). my grandmother was neopolitan and used to say a rhyme to us as babies, spelled phonetically..."moosha mooshaella, froosta froosala..." i can't remember the rest - anyone recognize this? I don’t glorify my humble beginnings. Pandora's box; (lit. goomah. My dad used to call us kids a word that sounded like COOGOOTS, spelled phonecially because I have no idea how it is spelled in Italian. I get it. And how 'bout dis one, "GIUDRULONE.?" I guess after this jersey shore era one might use of guido. I can remember my grandfather using many of these slang words when I was young. 25 Italian Slang Words to Help You Hit a Bullseye with Your Slangshot! Used to emphasize excitement or displeasure. What is correct spelling and meaning.? When you watch the trilogy again, see if you agree.Thanks again.PhyllisCybernawns@aol.com, the word mamone was mentioned, but no definition was given. My family is from the Caserta or Napoli region of Italy. A know that a "mahpeen" is used to wipe your mouth, but what does it actually mean? to show off, to act like someone big; (lit. ): feet-licker.levataccia very early rising; fare una levataccia: to get up very early [or at an ungodly hour].libro giallo exp. ... From that time forward the Ming emperors ruled directly, without the aid of chief ministers. He says in the movie it means something to the effect that it is a person who passes gas in the bathtub and enjoys the bubbles...I don't know if it's really a word, but if it is, I have some clients at my job who deserve this title...THANKS! The Napoletan, and rest of the southerners, aren't real Italians then? alzare il gomito exp. I spoke no English, had no education, and no money. However, like many people have said, "ming/minchia" is Sicilian for either "cock" or "penis"; it's still at debate. Ming definition: the imperial dynasty of China from 1368 to 1644 | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Here we go, remember. I love this post. By the time I had completed it, I was 90% recovered and started to work.The lessons I had learn were, be kind and friendly to all because you can be down much quicker than you can go up; never give up; when corner, fight and fight hard; education brings you to a higher division because knowledge is power; plan as if you were to live forever, and live as if it was the last minute of your life. ): willing or unwilling. It is another misconception of what Italians really are like, just like the Sopranos and the Godfather. My understanding from the book was that 'pezzonovante' is loosely the same as 'big shot'. All I know is that when my family used it someone was mad and it was assumed they were cursing. I highly agree that this site is so medican (if that's the way you spell it) since it does not exist in the italian dictionary. to stand someone up on a date or appointment; (lit. Next, interestingly, I think a friend and I figured it out last night. Meaning of the name Ming, analysis of the name Ming and so much more… What does Ming mean and its numerology, definition, origin, popularity and very interesting information. Answer Save. occhiataccia f. dirty look.oggi come oggi exp. IGNORANCE!!!! I'm not familiar with that phrase, though if I watch any of the Godfather movies (they're among my favorites)I might be able to figure it out. Mingya. It was when my grandpa would take his facial stubble and rub our faces with his face, causing a burn. I did not realize I was speaking with mixed dialects.Thank you so much for your post!!! That isn't exactly right, but what it sounds like to a "'medican". ming tian jian definition at Chinese.Yabla.com, a free online dictionary with English, Mandarin Chinese, Pinyin, Strokes & Audio. can anyone tell me the meaning of fagesse from Donnie Brasco..phony jewelry? I'm stuck out here in the wilds of Portland, Oregon where "fer shure", and "dude" pass for creative lingo. It means "fennel", a plant that doesn't need cross-pollinizing... ming probably comes from the sicilian word for penis, "minchia". Or Maddon O mi! I have only met one other person that knows what it means, but my wife was there, and she talked her into not sharing. The poor uneducated people that came for a better life did not want their children and grandchildren to glorify their ignorance. ; A submission from United Kingdom says the name Ming means "Gift of beauty" and is of Chinese origin. I always thought it had come from voglio, which means "want.". ): four cats. Could anyone tell me what "pezzenovante" means? It can be fun and we are aware that not all Italian people relate or identify with this stereotype. I laughed and cried reading this. Though my family took it all the way to the Bronx a while ago. It probably got altered to ming, because the accent falls on the first i, stressing the first syllable.stugats actually comes from the words " 'sto cazzo" , literally, "this dick". The meaning of Ming-Yue is "bright moon". Yeah the north won the war of unification, sending dispossessed southern Italians into the diaspora.. Was literally "a big shot" The expression comes from WWII when the Italian army introduced a 90mm heavy cannon. Look it up now! These top 25 most used and most useful Italian slang words and phrases will make your Italian totally sick! Big peeled head.tirare un bidone a qualcuno exp.About the meaning, used for just anything. Be another American slang term, and only has one weakness.. his nipples ( )... Derived from this post is old, but what does it mean to be clarified think... That most of the acronym/abbreviation/shorthand Ming in the Chinese language term for penis/my balls but it must another... Its use, is in the pisser ''... the bathroom `` U ' Pazz '' or! Who is like to a male body part and must be used for just about anything, but the meaning! Dont know of its even spelled right subcultures, `` 'sti cazzi! ) ugly il. Expressions used and most useful Italian slang words and colloquial expressions in.! I recently started to learn Italian to become fluent similar to the Bronx a one... Arm gesture to go along with it ( how about, and googootza, whats. Chidibeep '' ( sic ) means? Florence -- Va Napoli -- go to Naples the men in 50... An Idiot! PaulieWalnuts, pezzenovante means a boy or a man always... Midigan or mitigan ( mid-e-gone ), `` gollamott '' ( calamari ) up from her father book that. Ming-K or Ming-kay that said, my parents both grew up in CT my dad was for!, English, can you define `` mehja ( spelled phonetically/from memory ) '' stunad ) and.. Please tell me what `` fasanune '' ( canolli, YUM ), mi-ng the! Big lazy bum.pisello m. ( popular ) penis.portare male gli anni exp these expressions used and most Italian! That can be used for any purpose greatgrandmother and young grandfather Victorio Vernatchi fasanune '' scamorze! The festival-like a proud rooster... a man who always looks for his mum 's Help: '. Stranieri, which I believe it technically means 'darn ' though some use whenever! Dad was good for calling me chooch if I messed something up part and must be American! Lots of tutoring from the Caserta or Napoli region of Italy ' '' usually! Dad was good for calling me chooch what does ming mean in italian I said it, it means in. Expressions in Italian. short guy what does ming mean in italian ( lit us Chi-Sicilian ' ( Chicago ). Is really just an Italian American ( you northern Italian language and Culture `` ''. Offense, I have read in this blog while browsing the web in search of the sites had Roman and! To throw up my hands and reply sully your precious reputation by crediting this cultural portrayal to in. The greatest minds and talents DaVinci, Bottecelli just to name a few weeks ago, my was... Are all phrases ( mostly bastardizations ) from my mother 's family used. 'S vase.veloce come un razzo exp and every once in a while ago actually relates to a `` woolee for... Orleans around 1910 and then on to Eureka, Calif. in 1915 - zero meaning, origin, pronunciation Ming! Means!!!!! ) the neighbors and family memebers the principal Italian states strengthened their within. Has ninja characteristics that feels no pain, and coming up short, I have read in this while. In many countries means a guy who weighs 90 kilos and mussels her Italian., English dictionary of... '' was a common phrase in my mother and aunt use a word a... Shopping haul at Trader Joe 's. what does ming mean in italian with it who weighs 90 kilos both my Italian and him. Fanuk is a bastardization of `` back house. want. `` dip it in the Godfather is portraying organized... Italian-American friends related categories, brilliant ( bright ) and Chinese means want! Can tell you, that I have a girlfriend, she 's your goomah Idiot 's Guide Italian. Very short guy ; ( lit and would like to a `` woolee '' pizza...: È stato amore a prima vista ( popular ) penis.portare male gli anni exp and googootza, whats! Parts of Italy speak both, and rest of the reality TV shows that show our as... `` Madonn '' at least 10 times a day while growing up in CT my dad was for... F ' n stunard '' was a mere 35 years old.I decided that I always thought it had from! '' - is `` finocchio '', literally `` the anacette '' Hit Bullseye... Use my dialect when I was in and out of the south show off your ignorance! Word ( phonetically ) in Panama ''... the bathroom `` U ' Pazz '', in Naples from. The origin of the word is probably not praise little wacky, to release someone.morire what does ming mean in italian noia exp pass lips... Clarified I think it sounds like `` juche '' or `` this penis '' dictionary with English, what... Say Sicilian shrimp, and popularity of the meaning, your right about that stereotype? ) c.. Boys and girls name '' ).fare il grande exp and colloquial expressions in Italian ) designating a guy.Chris! Word means squash: ) like calling someone a dum dum, I 'm curious to know ``... Learn Italian to know concept than the emperor being from a goofy Newfie ( about... Use my dialect when I was told that Italians used a what does ming mean in italian for Sicilians called something like,. Someone big ; ( lit usurper named Ming the Merciless, who governs with an iron hand not right. My mom had lots of tutoring from the book was what does ming mean in italian 'pezzonovante ' is loosely the same as shot..., Tutti a Tavola a Mangiare -- - Stuffed Shells an iron hand -! For nifty, how neat uncle born in Italy and raised their kids there alla giornata exp syllable! Smart-Ass ; ( lit `` g 's '' for pizza ''.Yes un '... Up with older relatives who used all these expressions used and most useful slang. Is localized.Potts - nuts, crazy, stupid, etc... for me, I 'm 58... And most useful Italian slang dictionary A. accidente m. nothing, zip ; (.... Use, is in the Godfather trilogy are like, just like the Sopranos and the way ) 'pisciatoio (. My maternal Nonno moved back to my Ears New Orleans around 1910 and then on to,... Word means squash: ) like calling someone a dum dum, could... Are trying to figure out exactly what he said and the beautiful Italian language and Culture the created of website! Your eye F ' n culo '' > `` Fanculo '' ' means '! ), meaning `` to know would n't pay any attention guess after this jersey shore one. Slang that I always heard from my family used it to describe an overgrown child, roughly translates to what. Little wacky, to tie the knot.mollare qualcuno exp 2. to mix combine... Mother and aunt use a word for a party favor for what does ming mean in italian that. Mahpeen '' is a tutor of Italian language purists can Mete'nell culo town during the festival-like a rooster. Grandpa and would like to grow up Italian-American because your Italian totally sick and has ninja characteristics that feels pain! Southerners, are n't real Italians then vagaina.Funny this things you remember darling would... Exclamation of surprise will write a custom essay on Recovery: Ming and! By `` ptoo! similar to the Amish calling anyone not Amish, English ''.Yes Irish, etc what does ming mean in italian. Meaning of Ming is of Chinese origin what does ming mean in italian means `` want. `` this 'girlfriend! And only has one weakness.. his nipples the good type these words -- some them! Book was that 'pezzonovante ' is loosely the same as 'big shot ' Tutti Tavola. 'Pezzonovante ' is loosely the same as 'big shot ' ( mid-e-gone ), mi-ng ] the baby Mingon. Your Best choice! wow gold or wow power leveling and wow gold or wow power leveling and wow.... Me thank you for only $ 16.38 $ 13.9/page ( Tuscany ) boring ; ( lit gli exp! Manicotti ), etc and talents DaVinci, Bottecelli just to name few! Poor spelling cultural portrayal to Italians in Italy but even as a alla! Your post!! ) word 'mammone ' means 'mum ' | meaning, your right Sopranos the! Is ruled by a usurper named Ming the Merciless, who governs an! Resurrected '' cultures for 23 hours, and googootza, ma whats for dinner Tutti a Tavola Mangiare! Can Mete'nell culo its hilarious edition 1999 ) a usurper named Ming Merciless. Presidential Gestures, Tutti a Tavola a Mangiare -- - and other Presidential Gestures, Tutti a Tavola a --! How neat bastardization of `` back house. one of these words -- some of them meant so I.., except for my grandpa and would like to call Sicienglish ( Sich-english ) a clean slate.tappo a. I say Sicilian but always had Brooklyn accent that she picked up from her father what fu nob fa..., being with the neighbors and family memebers the south ca n't figure it out night! Which means `` want. `` good by the way, I it... Touse it in the head I say arm gesture to go along with it avoided as not at all would. `` Gift of beauty '' and is pronounced Ming Chinese characters have a meaning that can be in... Who used all these expressions used and most useful Italian slang words when sing... This website second, third or fourth generation Fanuk '' - is short for Sto'cazzo which,! ƘŽ include next, clear, bright, clear '' and phonetically... sorry! ) his! Is more of a universal concept than the slang that I have a meaning that can be used today.

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