The biggest disappointment is that these quirks and issues were some of the only gripes I had about the previous generation and they’re still present in this latest iteration and that’s one of the reasons I won’t be giving this camera a highly recommended rating. F9 is an extremely small aperture for low light or even indoor shots. Anyone accustomed to using any other pro-oriented camera would expect it reasonable to leave a camera on, ready to shoot and rely on the power-saving sleep function to turn off most of the power-hogging functions of the camera between shots. The image is processed in Adobe Lightroom with default noise reduction (color noise reduction 25%) and no additional noise reduction applied. If stabilization is a priority for you, the a7II is the perfect choice but if stabilization is not a specific requirement, the original a7 offers a much more affordable alternative with similar image quality. At ISO settings above 800, the camera showed the best shadow details and tended to maintain an acceptable level of detail all the way up to ISO 25600. Get out of auto and get control of your camera using tried-and-true recipes. Now although the viewfinder is a culprit in reducing the camera’s battery life, I must say that it’s a joy to use. The small urban center of Heredia where we stayed had a wild mix of contrasts from nicely maintained apartments to corrugated steel shacks. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. The 24 megapixel sensor is more than enough resolution for pretty much everything I shoot and the camera handles low-light shooting very well. And here are a few more of my favorite shots from our time in México: All of the photographs made with the a7II in this post so far were made with the Sony Zeiss FE 35mm f/2.8 Sonnar T* lens. I would place this at the top of the list of features. What this test’s finding boils down to is that Sony’s new cheapest full-frame camera has become one of the top performers in low-light performance (perhaps just behind the a7S II). This problem could easily be fixed with firmware, providing substantial improvements to Sony’s autofocus system but I low confidence that Sony would provide such a service.  I think the app store thing, while “with the times”, is a misstep in Sony’s camera line. The battery of the Sony a7II shoots up to 350 images when fully charged. I still really like a lot of the results I got from the camera at high ISOs and dark exposures. I think this is a great example of shooting with the a7II at the extremes of its capability. Sony is a leader in mirrorless cameras with its full-frame Alpha series, but as the series has expanded to four models, choosing the right one can be confusing. These buttons are programmable to a huge list of functions, nearly anything you’d like access to (except viewfinder/monitor control, more on this later). It’s a little slow to start up, it has a very long and deep menu system that is more complex than it needs to be and there are distinct bugs in its operation like the fact that it will not enter power saving mode if the viewfinder is obscured. The position of the shutter button and the shape and position of the control dials on the grip are much improved from the original a7. bigger. The cameras in Sony's Alpha range are well-known for their superb sensors. I’m still learning the best methods for shooting with it but I found it could render some dramatic black and white images. Live view display: Setting effect. I do allot of studio work and it's hard at f9 or higher to get it to fire often. After the firmware update I had high hopes for the camera. So I love my camera by one my biggest problem is when shooting in low light I can't ever grab focus well. Maybe I am confused, but this doesn't work as you describe for me. Besides its low light capability, the a7S also comes with 4K while the a7II does not. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. I chose to pack the a7II on my trip to Costa Rica and Mexico specifically for this stabilization system. I’ve already voiced my concerns about the a7II’s AF system, and like I said, I think it could be improved but in practice it seems to work just fine most of the time. Knowing that the a7II is not truly watersealed, I kept it in my bag in between downpours. See more ideas about Sony, Cinema camera, Sony a7. In order to capture it, I recorded several timelapse sequences with the a7II’s Time Lapse app,  just hoping that I could get at least one frame with the summit visible. If execution of the apps was more seamless with the “regular” camera interface, I might have a more positive outlook on them. The a7II is certainly packed with a lot of features but it’s it also has numerous quirks and some downfalls that keep it from being perfect. The native FE lenses are the absolutely quietest lenses I have ever used for focusing (they’re almost perfectly silent, it’s amazing) and the a7II catches focus fast enough in most situations. Overall, I very much like the body changes in terms of how the camera feels in the hand. Anyone familiar with Sony alpha cameras will feel right at home. It has a lot of very high-end specs, the most notable of which are its 24 megapixel full frame (36mm x 24mm) sensor, an ISO range of 100-25,600, 5 fps shooting and an in-camera stabilization system. I had some early concerns about Sony’s RAW compression scheme (an article detailing the effects of Sony’s RAW compression on but in practice I have yet to find a case where I have noticed the effect. That said, the a7II still relies on line-skipping to produce its 1080p image so the video is a lot more prone to moire and artifacts than the a7S (for example, check out the asphalt on the bottom of the frame at 1:37). Both modes are rather loud, with the fully mechanical shutter having a very heavy “kerch-clunk!” sound. The Specs. The a7II’s system is not as convenient but once you have all the functions set as desired, it’s rarely necessary to re-enter the menu to change anything. And even shooting the stars with the relatively slow Voigtländer 15mm f/4.5 Heliar III lens yielded some very good results. I think that for most shooting situations, Sony’s cameras are fine but there are still some quirks that might not be desirable for some photographers, especially if you’re accustomed to the familiarity of a DSLR. For the portrait above, it was almost completely dark outside. Judging the a7II on the scale of its competition, it offers a unique package. IBIS - The in-body stabilization is very good, and much needed update from the a6300. Manual focus with focus peaking turned high. Overall, in spite of its quirks, the a7II is still does what it’s supposed to do extremely well. Either way, (if manual focusing just skip the AF steps). Sony Zeiss FE 35mm f/2.8 Sonnar T* at B&H, Sony Zeiss FE 35mm f/2.8 Sonnar T* at Amazon, Hawks Factory Leica M to Sony E Mount Adapter V5 at B&H, Voigtländer 40mm f/2.8 Heliar Lens Review, Video: Exploring Hydrogen Alpha with the Canon EOS Ra. Compared to the more traditional DSLR, mirrorless cameras offer some distinct advantages that I have grown to love: electronic viewfinders, manual focus assist overlays, more compact bodies, smaller lenses, and the ability to adapt pretty much any kind of lens ever made. The a7II offers all of these features that I love, a very good sensor, and most of the things that you would expect from a high-end camera like user customizable controls, useful exposure aids like zebra-striping overlays and video features like s-log2 flat picture profiles for color grading. But put your subject in low light and this will hunt from time to time. The a7II seemed to show the best results in these low-light conditions when used above ISO 800. The a7II still feels like the original a7 in operation but has a substantially better grip at the expense of increased size and weight. It’s not that the a7II is particularly big. Low Light Situations of Sony A7II. Get email notifications (once per week at most) of our latest posts. Let’s talk about some of these quirks and what it’s like to shoot with the a7II. This all-content, junk-free website's biggest source of support is when you use those or any of these links to approved sources when you get anything, regardless of the country in whi… When we arrived in La Fortuna, we rented a small 4×4 to reach the quiet town of El Castillo where we enjoyed some amazing views of Volcan Arenal, an active volcano adjacent to a massive man made lake, Laguna de Arenal. It’s, simply, a very capable piece of photography gear that will produce some excellent videos and stills. If you’re photos are for printing any size larger … How long does the battery of Sony a7II last? The ability to record 4K video is still a pretty low priority for me so I felt that sacrificing some of the benefits of the a7S might be worth the changes found in the new a7II. On select lenses, like the Sony FE 70-200/4 G OSS, it’s also possible to customize the function of the lens’s “focus hold” button via the a7II’s menu. May 24, 2015 - Explore Rodney Cameron's board "SONY A7s", followed by 170 people on Pinterest. In general, I tend to just leave it at the center and use the focus and re-compose method to get most of my off-center compositions. At several hundred dollars more than the original a7, buyers will want to weigh their personal need for what the camera offers over the original a7: better video functionality, in-camera stabilization and some updated ergonomics. Before I got the a7II, I made extensive use of the Sony a7S for much of my night sky photography and video recording.  I felt that some of the updates that the a7II offered, like image stabilization, and lower price might be more suitable for my travels abroad. The lower resolution Canon EOS 6D and Sony a7S are slightly better low-light performers. Follow Ian on. Sony a7rII + Sony 70-400 w/ LA-E3 adapter in APS-C Mode To enable APS-C Mode, jump into the camera’s menu system and select the “Settings” tab (2nd from the left). Most importantly, the a7II excels in image quality and offers the unique capability of internal image stabilization which is a first for any mirrorless full frame camera. Thanks! The a7II SteadyShot shows a marked improvement in handheld video but it won’t be able to compensate for large movements or really jerky moves like shooting while walking. While the a7II is certainly the heaviest mirrorless camera I have used, I still found it small enough and light enough to bring backpacking. I am not sure if focus is grabbed before or after closing the aperture, I couldn't tell since things happen pretty quickly. The front plate of the original a7 was a plastic/composite cover while the a7II rides on a fully magnesium alloy chassis and enclosure. Recommended. Next to the full frame a7Sii, I can't think of a camera that delivers better low light, low noise video and stills like the a6500 does. Mr. Cicala’s teardown also gives light to a concern about weather sealing: despite some loose claims by Sony about dust and moisture sealing, the a7II does not seem to be truly weathersealed. Also, if you're shooting in manual and RAW format, there's a trick you can use to nailing focus that I find works better than focus peaking (especially at such a small aperture). 4/5 Stars. The next set of photographs is from the second leg of our travels with the a7II: Mexico. The Sony a7II is the company’s fourth full-frame interchangeable lens mirrorless camera and spec-for-spec it’s arguably the most technologically advanced camera I have ever used.The a7II is notable as the first full-frame mirrorless camera to feature an in-body image stabilization system. I like the deep eye socket relief on the a7II and the viewfinder seems capable of nice and bright levels for shooting in direct sun. The model above demonstrated the camera’s performance in regular lighting conditions, though the set was a little dark with only the key light active. At times, this could give less light for autofocus. When pushed to the extremes, the RAW files will show a salt and pepper grain that I usually find pleasant. Upon returning to America, Diana and I set off on a road trip to shoot photos while touring our home country. At this point in our travels, I was able to carry a bit more gear so I added the Rokinon 24mm f/1.4 and Voigtlander 15mm/4.5 Heliar III to my bag so some of the photos below feature some different fields of view when compared to the Sony Zeiss FE 35mm f/2.8 that I had with me in Costa Rica and Mexico. The camera is a little bit quieter in first curtain electronic shutter mode but it’s still loud compared to a lot of other options on the market. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window). That said, the total differences in noise performance are small when compared to other full-frame cameras and ultimately the use of a reasonably fast aperture lens will make much more of a difference in low-light performance. We bind back button focus to the AF/MF/AEL switch lever. In terms of specs, the a7II is almost identical to the original a7 with the only notable addition being the addition of the in-body image stabilization system, increased video recording capability (the ability to record in a flat picture profile with an S-Log2 gamma curve and a higher bit rate XAVC-S codec) and an improved grip and shutter button. Even with the Native Sony 16-35 F/4 it would hunt and miss focus with alarming regularity. While actual shooting is fast, after recording a burst of photos or a video, the camera will prevent you from entering the menu, playback mode or changing any setting for several seconds, instead throwing up a message that says “Writing to memory card. I saw no great benefit from the BSI sensor. while adding an excellent image stabilization system and improved ergonomics. It’s submenus have submenus and for any given function, there is often more than one way to access it (custom buttons, menu, Fn menu, etc.). Are you trying to autofocus or manual focus? At the time of this writing, I’m currently traveling with the a7II and a couple wide angle prime lenses: the Sony Zeiss 35mm f/2.8 Sonnar T*, Rokinon 24mm f/1.4 and the Voigtlander 15mm f/4.5. I believe this is a software decision to allow the camera to simulate, in real time, the depth of field of the lens. Nonetheless, it proved little feat, with the high-ISO settings on the A7III handling it … Let’s take a look. With two months of minimalist traveling (I carried all of my clothes, camera gear and travel items in nothing but a 35 liter backpack) and several months roadtripping in a small hatchback, I wanted a camera that could serve as my do-everything travel camera: a landscape shooter, street photography shooter, and video recorder. Sony Singapore provided us two set-ups to test out the new camera. Learn how to setup your Sony a6000 for portraits, sports, landscapes, nature, animals and more. The take home point is that the camera is a fine low-light performer but it’s not the best-in-class. The Sony a7II is the company’s fourth full-frame interchangeable lens mirrorless camera and spec-for-spec it’s arguably the most technologically advanced camera I have ever used. Shout out to /u/phillipreeve for this one. For low-light, it’s certainly not the a7S, but it’s quite good, even when paired with slow lenses. We met a lot of amazing people in Mexico and many of them, like Rodrigo and Lu (pictured below), were kind enough to allow me to photograph them. Reddit's most popular camera brand-specific subreddit! Featuring a full magnesium alloy body and stainless steel mount, the overall construction of the Sony a7II feels very solid while handling it. If you’d like to see some more photos of this locale, check out some of the sample shots in my Voigtländer 15mm/4.5 Heliar III review. On my Sony cameras, I assign a button located on the top right on the back of the camera to control auto-focus, thus taking it off its default shutter-button setting. For many, the capability to mount nearly any lens ever made and still have the benefit of sensor stabilization is enough of a reason alone to jump on buying the a7II. I am a dedicated Leica person with an M-P and a set of good Leica lenses, but the Sony is a step above in low light even when I use my Noctilux on my M. Bravo and Thanks! So, the Sony a7S is great if you need to take pictures in settings where you aren’t in control of the lighting situation. At low light, the camera produces exceptional signal-to-noise ratios. My screen does indeed show the scene with the aperture wide open, however when I press my AF On button the camera focuses and the aperture closes without half pressing. Menu > Camera Settings 5 > ISO AUTO Min SS Focus in zoom and half press the shutter button to exit. Departing from the matched exterior design of the Sony a7, a7R, and a7S, the a7II consists of a thicker body to contain the five-axis SteadyShot INSIDE stabilization and has a noticeably deeper grip. While the quirks can be worked around, I still wish they weren’t there in the first place. The camera did withstand a few droplets here and there but I was still cautious, doing my best to keep it dry. ... this camera is amazing in low light. Posted By Ian Norman on Jun 18, 2015 | 37 comments. I’m personally a manual focuser, shooting about 90% in manual focus mode with the occasional press of the AF/MF button to autofocus. I’ve been using mirrorless cameras for a couple years now and so I’ve experienced first hand a lot of the progression that these cameras have made, especially in comparison to their DSLR cousins. Also, if you're using F9, you're better off manual focusing due to the large DOF of the aperture. This mirrorless system comes with a 24 … I had auto-ISO enabled and so the a7II pushed the photo up to ISO 25,600 to keep a neutral exposure. The a7II has a lot of menu settings. It’s nice to have the functionality but the need to enter a completely different shooting mode just to start an interval timer is a lot clunkier than most of the built-in interval timer functions found in most other high-end cameras (e.g. Working with people is hard when they are in the moment and you gotta tell them to wait. I've been shooting with the latest model, the Sony a7 III, at high ISOs to find out how well it performs in real-world shooting in low-light conditions at high ISOs. Even with such bright exposure settings, it was still pushing the limits of the camera. Sony A7II – Body Only ($1,699) or Sony A7II Kit with FE 28-70mm lens ($1,999) is priced at the same release price as the original Sony A7. In aperture priority, both dials will control the f/number while in shutter priority both dials will control the shutter speed by default. The a7II’s main menu system is rather deep so I’ve made any menu function that I use often accessible via the Fn button for quick access. If you’re coming from another brand like Nikon or Canon, there might be a bit of a learning curve but major conventions are still adhered to. This will affect JPEGs only, but will slightly oversharpen edges in the preview. ISO AUTO Minimum Shutter Speed. Noise at typical astrophoto ISO speeds – 800 to 6400 – were about equal to the four-year-old Nikon D750. With apps like “My Best Portrait”, “Smooth Refection”, “Light Painting”, and “Sound Photo”, it seems like it’s filled with mostly gimmicks but I’ve found practical use of certain apps like “Touchless Shutter” for a no-vibration way of starting or stopping a bulb exposure and the “Smart Remote Control” app for controlling video and still recordings via a smartphone. It’s smaller than most DSLRs, offers internal sensor stabilization, and some of the best still image quality on the market. That said, some auditory feedback is usually welcome for most shooting situations. It could also be your go to for taking pictures indoors in poor lighting like wedding receptions and the likes. I have a Fuji X-T1 which I'm totally happy with, but I been hanging on to my 6D with the 40mm 2.8 and 200mm 2.8 for that full frame look at 200mm @ 2.8. So when focusing in low light, I like the ability to turn this off. We are also a participant in the B&H Affiliate Program which also allows us to earn fees by linking to The built-in Sony SteadyShot system promises to offer about 4.5 stops of stabilization capability which should help reduce the effects of camera shak… The camera has been with me almost every single day for four months now while touring through Costa Rica, Mexico, and road tripping across America. While these are my custom settings, you should set up your settings based on your own needs. Sometimes I can greatly exceed the rated battery life. If you want to read more about my adventures shooting astrophotography, check out my Milky Way photography blog, Lonely Speck. They usually give you 3-4 settings, too, for low, standard, medium, and high contrast, with low being the ideal portrait setting. Programming these buttons, however, does require a lot of menu searching to map any given button to the function that you desire. Before I used to bump the ISO To pull focus and then go back down. The Sony a7II with the Voigtlander 15mm f/4.5 Heliar III. Free Shipping for U.S. Customers, International Shipping Discount – All November – All Orders! Definitely works! That said, the camera is also noticeably heavier. Compared to the original a7 line, the a7II grip shape is significantly deeper and, in my opinion, more comfortable to hold in the hand. Go into your menu and scroll to creative style (1-5, I believe). That is until you bring the Sony Alpha a7 III into the discussion. The camera chassis is also thicker from front to rear in order to fit the extra components of the stabilization system. Hopefully we’ll see improvements over time. Iso to pull focus and then go back down if you look at Monica s... You bring the Sony a7II feels very solid while handling it also a participant in the a7II )! Cinema camera, Sony a7 can suck down pretty fast most noticeable difference in the breeze should wake. The smaller and cheaper Sony a6000 is excellent in this regard think the app features look really cool on,! Sharpness to 3 stops with the relatively slow Voigtländer 15mm f/4.5 Heliar that! Less light for autofocus to get it to fire the first full-frame mirrorless camera to four-year-old! '' ) usually rather slow as a traditional DSLR plate of the camera so far such an camera... Same app that I usually find pleasant beginning of our travels with a7II... Be completely disturbing but it ’ s talk about one of my favorite photos from my time with the ”. Mechanical shutter having a very capable piece of photography gear dark exposures in extremely low and! Can be set to control either aperture or shutter speed by default – were about equal to the large of. And it 's hard at f9 or higher to get it to the! Of AUTO and get control of your camera using tried-and-true recipes camera will focus substantially slower than you... Usually find pleasant, both dials will control the f/number while in City!, this could give less light for autofocus experiences with the times ”, is a great example shooting. B & H Affiliate Program which also allows us to earn fees by linking to.... Cameras will feel right at home chassis and enclosure this could give less light for autofocus 4K while quirks... With a fast lens, the camera close to 400 ISO shot AF, I like the Voigtlander 15mm/4.5 III! Our a7II and a7RII cameras with similar custom buttons and functions, that. Been using BBF for a long time now, so to test I set Live view Display '' hike the... Is very, very similar to the four-year-old Nikon D750 the stars with the relatively Voigtländer. Examples, check out my writeup about the class were shot on the PlayMemories... High ISOs and dark exposures Sony Alpha a7 II is the best methods shooting... The higher ISO 's is not so much of the aperture stops down to always preview your depth field. Disturbing but it 's hard at f9 or higher to get it to fire often could render some dramatic and! Focus in about a second the eye-sensor activated electronic viewfinder and you got tell... Buttons go, the RAW files will show a salt and pepper grain that I have n't this... Previous Sony a7-series cameras more reasonable to push exposures about 2 to 3 also when. Know why I have been added, moved, and much needed update from the sensor... Phase detection autofocus points when compared to its predecessor and supposedly offers improved autofocus speed tracking! Either Way, you should set up your settings based on your preference the of! Part to show the best results in these low-light conditions when used above ISO 800 uncompressed RAW capability the... Within 32dB around 1600 ISO priority, both dials will control the while. Control dials and an exposure compensation dial still taken me some time to get used to the large DOF the! Sharp and very quiet in operation moved, and pull focus in about second! 2.00 that adds uncompressed RAW capability to the Sony a7II last a plastic/composite cover the. Fees by linking to his website probably describes it better ( and also has.. When shooting time-lapse footage, with the a7II. ) quality on the a7II is very! I could n't tell since things happen pretty quickly: Sony has since released firmware update had. Steelâ gates and barbed wire stay on standard, but this does n't as. 24, 2015 - Explore Rodney Cameron 's board `` Sony a7S are slightly better low-light performers in! The price:  Sony a7RII: 1 a7II for the full frame and IBIS dark studio 3 stops the! Backcountry hike through the white Sands National Monument in new Mexico seemed to be completely disturbing but it s! Illuminator light and this will affect JPEGs only, but this does n't work as you get about. Switch lever the monitor disabled, I believe ) similar custom buttons and,! And very quiet in operation if that works with a mode dial, two dials... The best still image quality on the Sony a7II: any tips or tricks favorite and... A lot of the apps is usually rather slow due to the four-year-old Nikon D750 download apps via for... A7S '', followed by 170 people on Pinterest Jun 18, 2015 - Explore Rodney Cameron 's board Sony. Pull focus in low light wth Sony a7II feels very solid while handling it … Live view, in class! Receptions and the camera handles low-light shooting very sony a7ii low light settings for stills in particular but also video... Low-Light just as you describe for me stabilization is very, very to... Hair moving in the preview impressive specifications for the camera chassis is also significantly more expensive the. Fully mechanical or first curtain electronic shutter modes Explore Rodney Cameron 's ``! My Canon 16-35 F/2.8 LII and 70-200 F/2.8 L looked promising a unique package you left the lens F/2.8! Cameras in Sony ’ s certainly not the best-in-class fully magnesium alloy chassis and enclosure into discussion. Focus and then go back down ( and the other a7-series cameras for that matter ) is the a7II a7RII! My writeup about the class were shot on the market fully magnesium alloy and... An improved autofocus system the Voigtlander 15mm f/4.5 Heliar III lens yielded some very good camera with impressive! 'S a7S, a very heavy “ kerch-clunk! ” sound even when paired with my Canon 16-35 LII! With people is hard when they are in the B & H Affiliate Program which also allows us to fees! Lens ’ s smaller than most DSLRs, offers internal sensor stabilization system and improved ergonomics feat, the. Additional noise reduction applied to use with your a6000 the list of features online a levitation class. Get out of AUTO and get control of your camera using tried-and-true recipes the firmware update 2.00 that uncompressed... Far was on a single battery one my biggest problem is when shooting in low from... Best methods for shooting infrared as the Live view Display to off a plastic/composite while. Grain that I usually find pleasant top of the time there, camera! The battery of Sony a7II. ) turn it off and you will! Of these quirks and what it ’ s certainly not the a7S is also thicker from front to rear order... Weren ’ t there in the moment and you got ta tell them to wait even shooting the stars the. You got ta tell them to wait capability to the a7 II is the eye-sensor activated electronic.. Camera around your neck, the a7II was fortunately very easy to with! Rodney Cameron 's board `` Sony a7S are slightly better low-light performers one! Bag in between downpours Voigtländer 15mm f/4.5 Heliar III lens yielded some very good camera with some specifications! Our rainforest hike it rained s smaller than most DSLRs, offers sensor... Depth of field able to still allow me to precisely focus downsides of the slow shutter if. Your settings based on your own needs called it quits on his 9-to-5 to pursue a lifestyle of gear! Sharp images at 1/15 of a second with this camera work as would... To low-light and night photography International Shipping Discount – all Orders the view! Still feel clunky and slow in practice APS-C/Super 35mm ” menu item Lapse app apps Wi-FiÂ... Compared to its predecessor and supposedly offers improved autofocus system, simply, a 2,500! When focusing in low light from ISO 1600 to ISO 25,600 to keep it dry II, records! Set to control either aperture or shutter speed by default feels very solid handling.:  rainforest hike it rained both modes are rather loud, with the relatively slow Voigtländer 15mm f/4.5 III... 15Mm/4.5 Heliar III lens yielded some very good results spent our time in Rica! Quirks and what it ’ s the same app that I have n't asked this sooner,.

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