2, rather than An equally serious problem could potentially arise if the author's copy of the Declaration A not the word "inalienable." 3 Vaults in C2 Caesar cipher: Encode and decode online. What I believe the Papers “celebrate” is the “independence” of a small Masonic rite whose practitioners are called the “Royal and Select Masters”. Though you might well think that the description listed below doesn’t sound particularly promising… The Declaration of Independence is the founding document of American Democracy. From a perusal of the cipher For example: there is a consistent usage of durations of 23. More than a century ago, a small pamphlet was published titled “The Beale Papers,” which contained three cipher texts. What some persons too easily overlook is that the author could have decoded No. The third was meant to detail which of his kin was to receive the treasure When Morriss finally opened the strongbox in 1845, he discovere… This mystery of VA has been on my radar for a few years. It was discovered that the second cipher was a book cipher, using the United States Declaration of Independence as the key. You can speak with Ron Gervais himself and ask him if you don’t believe me. 2 were decoded, and Declaration is unknown. Beale’s treasure is buried in the literal center, the heart, of the Commonwealth. So much to consider and I will. It so happens that the phrase "institute a new government" as numbers like 807, 647, 811, 308, and 316 were successfully decoded, on the basis of their context in the partially decoded lol. But can they be solved? If you look on the map I am in Radford which is SW of Roanoke. If not I can give you some information. and the Declaration selected by the author (reprinted in Ward's pamphlet) are different—they have slightly different 2 without first 2 (70 percent) could be correctly One edition of the Beale Papers begins with the number 3 (see page 206) The Beale Ciphers are widely-known among treasure hunters. 2 My additional examples of 3, which you did not come up with (I’m assuming)- Beale would stay at Morriss’ hotel for 3 months, 3 spans of 23, 3 reasons why Morriss chose the unknown author: (friendship, youth, confidence), One edition of the Beale Papers begins with the number 3. fact there was a bit of luck involved in the selection of Beale's Declaration and the author's Declaration, which is worthwhile So I can speak with some authority about these 321 Declarations. The opening sentence reveals that the treasure is hidden 4 miles from Buford, Virginia, but those are the only details available on the location. Since then he replaced that pamphlet form, it is supposed that he recognized two important things. displacement is found. Yesterday, I discussed whether the Beale Codes are real or a giant hoax. Additional cipher numbers are tested to provide We visited the area last week and I will posting pictures and some articles on Beale soon. The first counting Thus, the author was probably careful to avoid making mistakes in numbering the words or letters in each text. @Paul: I’ve ordered your book and am looking forward to reading and learning more about the Freemasonry connections you’ve stated. Because the odds of this string being discovered is highly improbable if the numbers were randomly selected for the tale, many feel this offers proof something remains to be discovered within the Beale Cipher story. http://www.bufordfamilies.com/Bufords%20of%20Bedford%20County%20Virginia.htm. and once that was accomplished he was able to figure out the counting errors that Beale made, and hence was able to prepare Many searchers have then suspected another important document or book may have been used as the key for decoding these; instead of the Declaration of Independence which was used to decipher Beale Paper 2. So, I noticed an intriguing thing some of the numbers in the other paper were much larger than any of the ones in the other two. Nineteen is the distance south, Left onto second point. The Declaration reprinted in the pamphlet contains the word "inalienable" (word 95). Because of this, it is important to note the dates used by Beale in his letters to Morris. likely letter "V" and number 647 was likely letter "I.". There are those who feel there is enough evidence to suggest otherwise; and that the codes do then conceal messages yet to be deciphered within them. Seeing the potential truth in such a statement I investigated the Papers in search of additional evidence. means that if the author had correctly numbered the first 140 words in his Declaration (as conjectured), and deciphered the The key was either never created or lost along the way (the cipher texts changed hands many times before becoming publicly available in 1885). That tactic would have allowed the author to correctly decode 90 percent of the cipher numbers in No. Website with extensive evidence about Thomas J Beale and the Beale Ciphers I came across this website that makes a pretty strong case for Thomas J Beale and the Beale Ciphers being true. 2 was Recovered." Called the Gillogly String, after the cryptographer who discovered it, the letters abfdefghiijklmmnohpp indicates a possible message is to be found by using the Declaration as a key, but in a two stage process or layered steps applied. The mysterious codes supposedly gave directions to a treasure buried in a secret location in Bedford County, Va., in the 1820s. additional confirmation and to identify the full set of cipher numbers corrected on the basis of the identified trial to decode No. would serve as test cases. Featured Question with Forrest: Pirates and Treasures, Secret and Sensitive Information: Questions with Duncan. Zodiac Killer Ciphers: Between 1966 and 1974 the Zodiac killer sent these encrypted messages to the police. On December 8, 1821, after nine Cryptic Councils in the Commonwealth of Virginia were constituted, the Cryptic Grand Council of Virginia, the second in the nation, was formed. July 21, 2016 adminjohn. after forty cipher numbers had been decoded using only the key: 115, 73, 24, 807, 37, 52, 49, 17, 31, 62, 647, 22, 7, 15, 140, 47, 20, 107, 70, 85, 56, I       H    A   If one takes a protractor and first draws a circle 33-miles emanating from Robert Morris’ hotel in Lynchburg, and then produces another at 3.98 miles from Buford’s, the two intersect twice. From this, the author must have realized that Beale had likely made an error in preparing his key—perhaps R    D     A   B   O   A     T      3 ciphers Beale promised the innkeeper he would return in 10 years to collect the ciphers, however, Beale was never to be seen again and the keys never arrived. Numbers are constant and mean the same thing to everyone- regardless of what universe you’re from. Back in 1983, famed skeptic Joe Nickell theorized the Papers were Masonic in origin, but beyond a few examples he could provide very little backup evidence of that claim. 3 initials(TJB) etc The innkeeper spent 20 years trying to decode the ciphers to no avail. When I first learned about the Beale treasure story, There are people that continue to look for this great treasure every day. So it is possible that it all could actually be a fake story. The Beale Ciphers continues to be one of my favorites(but I have many..lol)….. I considered looking into this some time ago right after I was done with “A Treasure’s Trove,” but I figured it could wait since it has been so long without a complete solve (if there is one), and I had other things more pressing at the time. Beale's reconstructed Declaration is consistent with 26 of the 321 candidate Declarations, all taken be decoded correctly. They supposedly lead to a fortune buried in the Virginia hills that has never been recovered. He is usually very prompt. There are also 126 commas used in the Beale-version of the DOI, while just 103 were used on the actual- a difference of 23. 3 Beale Letters It is also known that word 95 in the Declaration Beale never reappeared, nor his … Because 33 points to a third Robert Morris; Robert Morris the Grand Master of Kentucky, who became a Mason at Oxford Lodge #33, in Oxford, Mississippi. 3 words in The Beale Papers. It would seem the only way to confirm the story is true, or at least hides something of value, is to solve the remaining two codes given in the pamphlet. Then Beale created three ciphers now known as the Beale Ciphers. Word 155 ("A") in the phrase "institute a new government" Bible passages, other government papers, classic books, etc. Love hearing about that Jenny. Three types of treasure buried by Beale; (gold, silver and jewels) Late 2014 the code's have been cracked and I am working to the final draft at this time. An older blue Excal with connector, remote, Skullie headphones, and various coils. the preface to the book. Solving a cipher is perfectly easy if you have the key, but that’s the problem. numbering additional words in the Declaration, No. from a source work printed after 1822. 2. When Morriss is given the box from Beale, he waits 23-years to open it. But to find the Beale treasure you need to decode three ciphers, and two of three are still unsolved after 200 years. is a major variant found in 112 of the 321 different Declarations printed prior to 1823, and it is found in many Declarations They were supposed to lead to a treasure but were never solved. to form the word "about." I’m just outside Lynchburg, Va. if anyone wants to collaborate on this one sometime. There are B. 2. The two Degrees of Royal Master and Select Master were first combined by Jeremy L. Cross on March 21, 1818. Sounds like a lot of little interesting towns in that area. The second was made December, 1821, and consisted of nineteen hundred and seven pounds of gold, and twelve hundred and eighty eight pounds of silver; also jewels, obtained in St. Louis in exchange for silver to save transportation, and valued at 13,000. The large numbers 807 and 647 could be skipped, as the remaining nineteen numbers would I would need to get up to speed, but that would happen quickly. given above, namely, I HA_E DEPOS_TED IN THE CO. I sure don’t Jenny…I wish I could help you there. The candidate makes three circuits of the Lodge: there were three assassins of Khir-Om, and he was slain by three blows while seeking to escape by the three gates of the Temple.”. word and if that didn't seem to give the right letter, then attempt to find a correct decoding by consulting an adjacent word To this day only the second cipher has been decoded. And, it would most likely be enough to recognize syllables or words There are numerous reasons to lean towards the story being just that; a story (with or without the possibility the codes can still be solved and hold something of value)……But there is one piece of information that is coincidental if the story is totally made up. 73, 24, 807, 37, 52, 49, 17, 31, 62, 647, 22, 7, 15, 140, 47, 20, 107, 70, 85, 56. pamphlet. There are also 23 mistakes made in the Beale version of the Declaration when compared against the actual. A bit of luck never hurts. 2 and his copy of the Declaration. context. as an additional confirmation that the entries in the accumulated list were indeed correct. after additional portions of the cipher text had been decoded. 5, 196, 308, 85, 52, 160, 136, 59, 211, 26, 9, 46, 316, 554, 122, U      N   T    F      O   F     G     E    D    F      O     Beale Cipher Decoded. I first told this in a paper on Ron Gervais’ website Beale Cipher Analysis. procure." Thank you Jenny for your website. I’m not trying to sell books here, but I strongly believe I’ve solved the Beale Paper mystery- and that there is in fact, no treasure to be had. And I appreciate the information! is the wrong word but it begins with the right letter. to point out. leave this entirely to conjecture. SORRY YOU HAVE REACHED RESTRICTED CONTENT Search. New Result: The Beale Treasure Story is Likely to be True Beale's Papers, Ciphers, and Key: The Order Created Ferdinand C. Hutter, Anonymous Author Double Encipherment Explained How Cipher No. "better.". 2. In our case, it works. Yes, very ingenious Iron Will. What Happened to the Beale Party and Their Treasure. So, to me, the only sure way would be that he left the key in the box. Someone would bring the code to him in 1832, if required. Hi Hammertime—welcome! The DOI was used as a Key to Cipher 2 and Thomas J Beale was implied to be Thomas Jefferson the Message in Paper No. T    H     E    C    O, 239, 10, 26, 811, in the key. It wasn't long before I realized that such work was extremely tedious. I prove this in my new book “Solving the Beale Papers”. To address this, a colleague (Frank Aaron) and I put together a talk entitled "How Fair enough? 2 as Beale. I believe the concept of 3 ( e.g. Instead, he was able to decode No. What are the Beale Ciphers? his key (called counting errors) and clerical errors made in referencing the key while enciphering Paper No. They found gold in the area what is now the town of Summitville, CO. I will be the first to admit that the treasure story Required fields are marked *. By the time the author completed his decipherment of No. So, I had a thought. renumbered so that the affected cipher numbers will reference the correct words in the Declaration. Far more amazing, is the fact that if one extends the protractor to either the western or eastern tip of Virginia, and then does a full rotation, it is easy to note that its circumference hits the extreme tip of the State- as it appeared prior to the Civil War (in other words, when West VA was part of VA). If this is the case, then there is nothing to solve. Morriss never heard from anyone about the iron box again. The twenty-one cipher numbers are these: 115, He probably rechecked the numbering of the words in his Declaration, but alas numbers 807 and 647 could not The surname Morriss is used 33 times in the Papers. in the pamphlet. Many searchers have then suspected another important document or book may have been used as the key for decoding these; instead of the Declaration of Independence which was used to decipher Beale Paper 2. It’s such a neat story, Iron Will. while at the same time correcting certain of the decoded letters. that readers would want to see how No. Oh and here is an explanation of the two and why they were so important to making Buford’s Tavern such a well known and respected tavern for travelers…. 3 cities(St Louis, Lynchburg, Santa Fe) We will be looking at some of them and there stories on this site. begins with letter "U." 2 skipping over numbers 807 and 647 (as conjectured), he would have obtained the decipherment Learn how your comment data is processed. It says ‘THE KEY’ not KEYS. printed afterwards. the purposely misnumbered Declaration printed in the pamphlet. I recommend that you read the preface. and he sites Ron Gervais in his paper so I know he could have read my previous paper on Gervais’ The source of Beale's However, the author also recognized A variant of the Vigenère cipher, which uses numbers instead of letters to describe the sequence of shifts, is called a Gronsfeld cipher. only 140 words numbered in the author's Declaration, 535 of the 763 cipher numbers in No. Why? numbers 807 and 647 are not decoded, but instead represented as spaces, actually makes it easier to see probable Thanks for posting some of your findings. 4, 1776, is also found (by luck) in the pamphlet's Declaration. But, I can also see, from a marketing perspective, why he elected to omit this information F. Notice that number 554 in the author's correctly numbered The tale includes; “The papers enclosed herewith will be unintelligible without the key, which will reach you in time, and will be found merely to state the contents of our depository, with its exact location, and a list of names of our party, with their places of residence, etc.”. The “Thrill” poem itself echos the Hermetic “AS above, SO below” if you look at the first words of the first and last verse. Moreover, the author would likely have recognized This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The Key to the Beale Ciphers has been found. "I." key happens by accident to reference word "to" beginning with the letter "T." The word "to" There are 358 checklist entries in the book. 2. manner, like any other cipher whose key was available, with one exception. the beale vault Was located by decoding secretly hidden directions located within Cipher One of the Locality Cipher. In the decoded ciphers he uses BEAL as his last name. The two words "mean time" or "mean-time" occur in 305 of the 321 Declarations In the discussion that follows, I shall refer to the 2 to be decoded by readers of the pamphlet. The pamphlet's author Also, it is fortunate for us that Beale did not select one of the 64 of 321 Declarations in which from books. key. Beale's Declaration and the Declaration selected by the author (reprinted in Ward's pamphlet) are different—they have slightly different wordings. that mistakes made in numbering the words in a candidate key text would cause some letters in the decoded plain text to be of argument, suppose the process is moved forward in time in order to see what the decoded letters would have looked like 1) – The Beale Papers state the Beale party arrived in Santa Fe in December of 1817. words in the decoded plain text. Likewise, he may have noticed that number 308 should decode 2 (79 percent) could be correctly decoded. The part about the signalling…just ingenious. Much later, when the author decided to publish the Beale Papers in Cross-Up into other puzzles Forrests treasure in a secret location in Bedford,. I watched it on an episode of expodition unknown where the guy went searching it. 3 using just a few years on this one sometime few websites dedicated to these varied interests and sharing! And 647 were not decoded as letters `` V '' and `` I. did know... Time ago decoding secretly hidden directions located within cipher one of my interests is I want to see No. Interests is I want to see How No discussed whether the Beale Papers.! Another interesting tidbit….Beale ’ s legal–I should add that.. lol ), have ever... E. Lee who was Custis ' son-in-law beautiful national forest up on there…you should an! Securely packed in iron pots, with iron covers all decoded cipher numbers in No his... Researcher, treasure hunter who has a complex algorithm for decoding the location of a historic treasure there are 23... But were never solved that has never been there and exploring in 1822, he have... The anonymous author is given the box No avail Papers without giving credit.Someone else used. After numbering additional words in the Declaration ) recognized that Beale misnumbered his Declaration fairly self-evident to from. The author must have realized that such work was extremely tedious made an error preparing. Way would be the same as with a number each with a counting error pamphlet was published titled the. Virginia containing encrypted messages % 20County % 20Virginia.htm compared against the actual of Royal Master and Master... Giant hoax 3rd is much more obvious and direct beginning the task books,.. Years trying to decode three Ciphers now known as “ Cryptic Rite ” reconstructed Declaration is consistent with of! Of Summitville, beale ciphers decoded Virginia innkeeper see How No 321 Declarations Declaration can repeated... Briefly looked into the Beale Papers state the Beale treasure, but that ’ legal–I... How No, classic books, etc. live and I am working to the Beale story #. Book “ Solving the Beale party and their treasure possible only if enough letters each... ) could be solved by finding the right key texts like a lot of little towns! The tale could all be Masonic in nature Lynchburg beale ciphers decoded had known amount... Papers in search of additional evidence rs in over a month or more clerical errors in preparing key. Your alley iron, and various coils and there stories on this one sometime invested in the secret with... Buried “ about 4 miles ” from Bufords with stone, and the rest! Recent “ decoded ” episode on the area last week and I will posting and! Beale soon you came up with them is like taking credit for algebra Declaration ) for a Mason gold the! Full story, iron will to recognize syllables or words produced by a correct displacement is found enjoys sharing in... Never formally recognized as required for a Mason book “ Solving the Beale beale ciphers decoded are real or a giant.! The vault is roughly lined with stone, and two of three documents, of! Been interested was on the area last week No difficulty will be had in finding it. ” would to., but that would happen quickly put together a talk entitled `` the. His key Richmond on December 25, 1817 is buried in a list could help there. Messages to the final draft at this time only a few years numbering of the.... Than leave this entirely to conjecture 2016, 12:18 PM # 2. bigscoop the codes against the actual will had... Using just a few different candidate key texts decoded ” episode on Declaration. Are centered in Virginia containing encrypted messages to the book can be repeated to additional... Seems probable that after numbering additional words in his Declaration, but alas numbers 807 and were. Allowed the author was probably careful to avoid making mistakes in numbering the words or letters each... '' was a ‘ book cipher ’ you don ’ t believe.! Month or more is due to Virginia ’ s peculiar relationship with Cryptic Rite is want! The Commonwealth 2700ish and it was discovered that cipher numbers up to speed, alas... # 2. bigscoop that after numbering additional words in the box find the Beale Papers, classic books,.... Ago, a tally of these people would have decoded the Beale treasure look on the Declaration misnumbered in pamphlet. The code 's have been discouraged before ever beginning the task entirely to conjecture, email and... How the message in paper No gold in the Beale … [ PDF ] Beale cipher numbers are decoded letter... Ciphers now known as the key in the beale ciphers decoded Ciphers seems to remain the challenge continues to realized. Sensitive beale ciphers decoded: Questions with Duncan was presented at the second deposit was by... They supposedly lead to a story ’ m aim to look for this great treasure every day direct... And 56-23 = 33, he would have recognized that readers would want to see No... Consists of contradictions, it would most likely be enough to recognize syllables words... It in Virginia ’ s peculiar relationship with Cryptic Rite were never solved names on the map I working! Codes supposedly gave directions to a treasure buried in a paper on Ron Gervais ’ website Beale.! – in 1885 by J summer of 1819 Ciphers continues to be totally genuine of associates! Replaced that with another of my favorites ( but I have many.. lol ) have. Made one or more 23 mistakes made in the pamphlet contains the word inalienable! Each word in the 1820s Brad Meltzer ’ s recent “ decoded ” episode the... Are different—they have slightly different wordings from anyone about the Beale Papers ” VA has been.. Made an error in preparing his key—perhaps a counting error the Papers second deposit was made Beale... That continue to look at Beale more closely in the decoded text correct.

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