English words for 明 include next, clear, bright, Ming Dynasty, understand, apparent, know and clear-sighted. Favorite Answer. I have a lot more but ill save those for another day. It is not a language. And I grew up in Bergen County, NJ. Other words.. rigot and gabbagool, and doozey batz, and googootza, ma whats for dinner? For the woman who wanted to know about "Mooshe mooshele..."Forgive the poor spelling. ): a whale.beccare qualcuno v. to hit on someone, to pick someone up; (lit. Unlike the open name "Luther Blissett", "Wu Ming" stands for a defined group of writers active in literature and popular culture. I'm not how to spell it nor say but is there such a word called menzagorsh? I am Italian and did not realize (when I was younger) most of my friends were Sicilian. Which I belive is a jackass or donkey. Great blog post , Augurrrrriii! my grandmother called the bathroom "u ba couse" when speaking her italian. you said yourself some were rough cut.come il cacio sui maccheroni! I sometimes use the screen name "Kay Kotso-deech" (Che cazzo dice) under the comments' section below the on-line columns of the Philadelphia Daily News. A "cazzo" is standard Italian for the male member.fanuck is "finocchio", slang from Neapolitan for a gay. It means the same thing. But no one would tell me what it meant. Does this ring bells for anyone? to break the ice.rosso come un peperone exp. Cursing in Italian can add an entirely different flavor to your Italian studies. love at first sight: È stato amore a prima vista! Of course, the words are frequently different as well.So, in my family (Sicilian):capa di cozza (head of dick or dickhead) was pronounced gaba d'goats.Even my aunt would refer to me as "gaba dose" (capa di ossa, or bonehead)My niece still swears that a cannolu (Sicilian for cannolo - a single cannoli) should be prounounced "gunnol" and that pizza is properly said "beets" . Lv 6. Why is it that despite the fact I live in the UK; a country with lesser violence, lesser gang warefare and very little or no Italian Mafia activity than that of the US, that I often feel like I want to stick a fork in my neighbours fucking eye when they park their car over my drive.I think this is the southern Italian mentallity coming out of me - very long memories and little respect for those that piss me off. It comes from third gen Italian, Lebanese, Irish, etc. ): an accident.alito puzzolente m. bad breath; (lit. Next, interestingly, I think a friend and I figured it out last night. They wanted their off springs to make a better life for themselves.I have done that and have mastered English and other languages. not to age well; (lit. I do notice that true Italians refer to themselves not as Italian but from the town or regione they are from, such as I'm bolognese, or fiorentino. i had a good time reading these. The name Ming means 'brilliant'. Read the name meaning, origin, pronunciation, and popularity of the baby name Mingon for boys. occhiataccia f. dirty look.oggi come oggi exp. Recently, I have been investigating concepts of subcultures, "adjuct cultures", and "neo resurrected" cultures. I don't know if this stemmed from the fact that Sicilians were traditionally less educated, more working class than those of the north, or if its because of the fact that Sicily was constantly invaded, and the people generally oppressed (which if you've read up, is why la cosa nostra came about - literal translation is "this thing of ours" or in other words, our problem) which made us angry, or if its both, or its just the way it ended up. What does MING mean in Unclassified? I was born in Italy and raised in the US. Most Chinese characters have a meaning that can be translated into English, but Chinese names are often not fully translatable. and know the whole thing? Or maybe inappropriate ones, if in mixed company.Good post.John. Connie to her husband: hei vavangool.No. Don't wait up". I got a huge charge out of your definitions! This means 'girlfriend,' but it must be used in the proper context. I'm not familiar with that phrase, though if I watch any of the Godfather movies (they're among my favorites)I might be able to figure it out. mettere paglia al fuoco exp. Look it up now! ): as fast as a rocket.vivere alla giornata exp. It's funny because I use my own slang at times such as buione, which means big darkness, do I have to spell it out for you. It was used several times in The Godfather trilogy. “Brilliant” (this dynasty lasted until 1644). Sister in law shrugged it off saying "it's not really Italian." But things like gabagool for cappicolla is a little too butchered for me, it basically loses all association with the originating word and starts sounding ridiculous. ): as red as a pepper. Below is an Italian slang dictionary with definitions in English. ): two words. I was a mere 35 years old.I decided that I could no longer work physically and enrolled to complete an Honors B.A. thanks. ): an annoying person.ultima parola exp. ): to throw a trash can at someone.tutto sale e pepe exp. I may be spelling it wrong. are you kiddin' me? Then there's "ganolli" (canolli, YUM), "mootzarell'", "gollamott" (calamari). This produces variations of almost all the words. fannullone m. a lazy bum; (lit. I loved reading all of this! "BTW, can you define "mehja (spelled phonetically/from memory)" stunad? I don’t glorify my dialect. "scoreggia f. (pl. Thanks. andrew. "Fanuk" - Comes from "Finocchio", literaily "fennel". The southern Italian Dialects of Calabrese and Siciliano among others substitute "g's" for "c's." ): to tattle. I is for impartial, a great arbiter N is for nifty, how neat! to daydream; (lit. He is a tutor of Italian language and culture. as fast as a bullet; (lit. Figurati! This is a heavyweight.Like a heavyweight boxer. We were always told that "fanabala" was actually "va Napoli" as in "go to Naples" as in "go to hell" which I guess for a Sicilian would be hell (??). I would also like to see an entire list of these if one is available, "Chidibeep" is something with regards to a pipe. Keep writing, it's good stuff! Your Best Choice!wow gold or wow power leveling and wow gold. The "lower class" of Italy. I'm stuck out here in the wilds of Portland, Oregon where "fer shure", and "dude" pass for creative lingo. Your wife or fiance is NOT your goomah. This page is about the meanings of the acronym/abbreviation/shorthand MING in the Miscellaneous field in general and in the Unclassified terminology in particular. Does anyone know how to spell "stoomadoona" context = slip-shod, Growing up in the Brooklyn "hood" of Midwood provided a rich experience of both Italian and Jewish culture.Additional Italian "culture" was provided via an association with a Marine Park Sicilian "hottie" named Sgandurra :-). brownnoser; (lit. Ming is a great choice for … If so, how is it spelled and what does it mean? Why Do Italians Consider Friday the 17th Unlucky? Does anyone know that expression? This comment has been removed by the author. Mingya - zero meaning, used for any purpose. So,a .90 calibre "piece" could mean a .90 calibre gun, or, a big shot. Still, this post brings back fond, funny memories. Find more Chinese words at wordhippo.com! What does MING mean? detective or mystery story; (lit. "Come on!" Im first generation Sicilian American (my mother was born in Terasini Sicilia) and these words are definitely Sicilian (rather than proper Italian), but are still highly butchered. la vita di Michelaccio exp. I know this is an old site but I just wanted to see if anyone was still on it. It brought me back to my younger days growing up in Youngstown, Ohio. her kids pick up on the mangled word as italian, and it passes on down.every sister, cousin, and friend that immigrated with them and lived in town understood and used such slang when speaking in "italian. Pronounced goo-'mah or coo-'mah. It is the result of ignorance and not knowing how words are spelled and pronounced. neither of them ever went to school - not even kindergarten. The word 'mammone' means a boy or a man who always looks for his mum's help: 'mamma' means 'mum'. Matteo Ricci (Italian pronunciation: [matˈtеːo ˈrittʃi]; Latin: Mattheus Riccius Maceratensis; 6 October 1552 – 11 May 1610), was an Italian Jesuit priest and one of the founding figures of the Jesuit China missions.He created the Kunyu Wanguo Quantu, a 1602 map of the world written in Chinese characters.He is considered a Servant of God by the Catholic Church. I dont know of its even spelled right but my boss says it when he gets mad and its hilarious. As my mother once said about a Louis Prima number sung live in Las Vegas, "That's the clean version.". Answer Save. some other words:mamaluke;shengaad;mamone:agita:check out www.bubblegumgangster.com, does anyone know the real spelling of a phrase that sounds like"taste tan culo in pie e za"my mom would never tell me what it meant.thankssicilianapachegirl, Great blog. I am also wealthy enough to be tempted to be pompous, but I am not.Looking down on others is a sign of insecurity and lack of self-esteem, but not looking up to others and glorifying ignorance is exactly the same thing. love at first sight; (lit. Ming-Yue is a name with authenticness. Your comments only show off your own ignorance, Kara. No one in my family uses that lingo. Learn more. Alright -the variation in pronounciation is NOT slang. Honestly this is bugging me. brand new; (lit. No praising whatsoever. like it or not; (lit. ): all salt and pepper. It is ruled by a usurper named Ming the Merciless, who governs with an iron hand. He eventually made his way to Sacramento, Calif. in 1917 where he met my grandmother Violetta( I know, a lot of "V's", and they were married. ): to swallow a toad. and know the whole thing?Anybody know what fu nob or fa noble means?Florence -- Va Napoli -- Go to Naples! He's truly fixated on her. Anybody know what fu nob or fa noble means? SEE: CAZZOSTUGATS - short for Sto'cazzo which is, again, a word meaning dick or my dick or this dick. It's a Neopolitan dialect, our family still says "wooLee" when we are craving something ;) My husbands (also Italian) family and friends who are not from Naples area usually pronounce it Vu-lee-ooh, voglio. I've been in Arizona for decades now and never ever hear these words here so this nostalgia you've given me has been delightful. A woman on the side is also called a "comare". All of that lingo is derived from southern Italians and Sicilians.All 4 of my grandparents grew up in the north. It is not listed within the top 1000. Paolo again... By the way, my dad is a frequent user of "mannaggia" (I believe it means "damn it"), which is shortened to "mannagg'" in his NY dialect. G is for glisten, a sparkle in your eye. eh........Madonn' Us Chi-Sicilian' (Chicago Siciliana) say Ming-k or Ming-kay! Or Maddon O mi! Manigot (manicotti), Proshut (prosciutto), etc... For me, I could care less. ): four cats. We are different. Most of my family speak both, and they are very different. I loved everything that I have read in this blog of yours. I don't know how to spell it, but my friends neighbor is Italian and calls him that. Ming is not popular as a baby girl name. My parents both grew up in Italy, met and married in Philly and raised their kids there. The meaning of Ming is "shining, bright, clear". What is correct spelling and meaning.? I believe it technically means 'darn' though some use it as 'damn.' ): from the verb sapere, meaning "to know. The poor uneducated people that came for a better life did not want their children and grandchildren to glorify their ignorance. What does Ming mean? These shows personally make me sick and have non-Italians thinking we're all a bunch of vain losers.I know it's TV but someone needs to throat throttle their @sses and say "whatsa matta you...eh?". Italian slang. I looked high and low on the internet to explain to my co-worker what Va Fancul(I grew up pronoucing it as ba fongool), means and I found it on your blog! to start a serious relationship, to tie the knot.mollare qualcuno exp. ; A submission from United Kingdom says the name Ming means "Gift of beauty" and is of Chinese origin. For mexicans I say stranieri, which means foreigners. I've heard it in the movies and on those awful, offensive gangster shows like The Sopranos- and it saddens me that America now thinks that all Italians speak and act like that. Most of the sites had Roman dialect and those curses were nothing like the ones I grew up hearing. ): a thunderbolt (of love).come il cacio sui maccheroni exp. A know that a "mahpeen" is used to wipe your mouth, but what does it actually mean? Lubotts - about the same meaning. my uncle born in Italy used the expression so often , I thought it was english! in gran parte exp. Just to refresh your MEMORY about all of our HERITAGE!!!! dvrone your word means squash :) like calling someone a dum dum, I'm a 58 year old mezzo-mezz'. last word, bottom line. LOL Our Itanglish is the best and we can EASILY identify who is like us by our phraseology. There's a history of immigrants in this country that definitely resent your classist/elitist statement. ): Pandora's vase.veloce come un razzo exp. A few weeks ago, my roommate Ari returned from a big shopping haul at Trader Joe's. part time.I had an accident that caused brain hemorrhaging and subsequent strokes. Mingya! Used to emphasize excitement or displeasure. a knuckle head was a baccala. So this site confirmed what I remember from childhood. What does "Ming" mean? Scaramoucha stock character in commedia dell'arte and farce who is a cowardly braggart, easily beaten and frightened. min(g), mi-ng] The baby girl name Ming is pronounced Mih-NG †. ): cork.testona pelata f. a bald guy; (lit. Very interesting. What a farce!I know this post is almost 2 years old, yet I was compelled to comment.I am a culturalist of some sorts. I'm in my 50's now and every once in a while one of these curses will pass my lips. He said "there is no mooz-a-dell, but there is mozzarella. ): big lazy bum.pisello m. (popular) penis.portare male gli anni exp. I don"t think so ! My great grandmother used to say "medicahn", followed by "ptoo!" Oh this makes me so homesick!I'm stuck out here in the wilds of Portland, Oregon where "fer shure" and "dude" is as colorful as it gets. da parte exp. Tony Vernatchi Naramore. "Fancul" - Is short for "Va a fare in culo" > "Vaffanculo" > "Fanculo". ): to raise an elbow. Report. It means "fennel", a plant that doesn't need cross-pollinizing... ming probably comes from the sicilian word for penis, "minchia". I'm looking for a term that I always heard from my family that sounded like "scamooch". "saputo/a n. a know-it-all, a smart-ass; (lit. We obviously know that the poorer classes and regions were looked down upon by most ITALIAN ITALAINS - why the hell do you think they came to the U.S.?? I don't find this site offense, I find it comical. "chadrool" is a cucumber, or a person with no personality or smarts. "F'n stunard" was a common phrase in my neighborhood in Brooklyn. ): to do the big.fare impazzire qualcuno exp. Tony Soprano called his son that in one episode. ): like cheese on macaroni. ): big peeled head.tirare un bidone a qualcuno exp. 2 Answers. We used to use the word "stunard" to mean someone who was was stupid. tabula rasa exp. as a matter of fact.inghiottire il rospo exp. the life of Riley.leccapiedi exp. And pasta was "macaroni", usually served with "gravy".We're not Italian, but had plenty of Italian-American friends. -ge) (vulgar) fart.scoreggiare v.i. alzare il gomito exp. a clean slate.tappo m. a very short guy; (lit. So, I hope you don't take offense ot my editing job - or you can just tell me fancul'a'sorella.MING' - short for MINCHIA which is a Sicilian dialect for cock. Love from a goofy Newfie ( how about that stereotype?). The name Ming is of Chinese origin. I've asked our family in Italy and they are unsure. That's silly, you literally have NO IDEA what it is like to grow up ITALIAN-AMERICAN because your Italian. I've been trying to figure out exactly what he said and the closest I'v gotten so far is 'piscione'. ceffo m. (pejorative) ugly mug.chiudere il becco v. to shut up, to shut one's trap; (lit. mingya definition by Urban Dictionary. Like heck it does! Great blog! amore a prima vista exp. That said, my generation of relatives are all well educated, well spoken, and so are our children. Even where I grew up in MA some of the Italians of northern descent (venetian, tuscani, milanese, Fiorentini) looked down on Sicilians as we were the dark skinned, thick haired, greasy looking italians, the criminals from Italy who spoke dialect rather than proper "la bella lingua". to show off, to act like someone big; (lit. My dad is a such a class-A goombah that it's laughable, and seems to use all of these instances of N'Italian on a regular basis... he usually refers to pompous or unknown people as "Joey Boombotz", "Vinny Doot Da Doot", "Suzy Googotz" and the like. "Damn!" one big one that came from my family (northern italians) is "fa caca de brie" which i believe roughly translates to "ti fai la caca nella bragei(bra-ghay)" or "to shit your pants"another im not sure about the proper italian word but the dialect is something like "fraciun" pronounced frah-choon. It's still used in today's "bella lingua", usually in it's plural form, "'sti cazzi!" "Ming" - Is a bastardization of "minchia" (remember Zappa's "Tengo una minchia tanta"?) Any Ideas? It literally means " a milk fed calf". Just keep in mind that most of these phrases are idiomatic. balena f. a very fat man or woman, a fatso, fat slob; (lit. I asked my 14 year old boy to get the mooz-a-dell out of the fridge. BTW, they were from southern Italy. If you separate "pezza" and "novanti," you get the following:pezza = piecenovanti = plural of ninetyOn one of "The Godfather" websites, I discovered that the ninety stands for .90 calibre. All I know is that when my family used it someone was mad and it was assumed they were cursing. Basically, it's equivalent to "What the fuck you saying?". to be worth the trouble; (lit. Manja - let's eat. must be another american slang term, and not spelled right. And the way it was used in The Godfather trilogy, seems to confirm this interpretation. it's a great example of how dynamic all languages are; how quickly they can evolve into something all together different when left unchecked. What does mongo mean? After having searched the Web, and coming up short, I finally found a reasonable interpretation for the word pezzanovanti. Italians have had the greatest minds and talents DaVinci, Bottecelli just to name a few. to be at stake.essere nelle nuvole exp. Yes...I think he's saying "we'll discuss it in the pisser"...the bathroom. Bada,A lot of the pronunciation is from Sicilian or Neopolitan (actually separate languages, not dialects).More or less "C" is prounounced "G", "P" is prounounced "B", and the final vowel is almost not pronounced at all. I married a 2nd generation CT Italian and have heard almost all these expressions used and pronounced as you describe. Help?! Hi, I think the real word should be 'pisciatoio' (pee-sha-tow-ee-oh).About the meaning, your right. Someone with no sophistication, vision or understanding. We will write a custom essay on Recovery: Ming China and Renaissance Europe specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page. I read Mario Puzzo's 'The Sicilian' (very good by the way). With, of course, appropriate gestures. And by the way, I'm curious to know, is the created of this website second, third or fourth generation? First, let me thank you for your kind offer. "Oobatz" - Would be "U' Pazz", literally "The madman", in Naples dialect. Some Neapolitan dialect slang I grew up listening too from NJ. I wish I knew how long ago these posts were written, but here are my opinions/thoughts/memories on some of the posts: Goomah is a Godmother [Comare], just like a Goombah is a Godfather [not sure of the spelling, Compare, possibly] - I had a Goomah Connie who had Baptized my mother and if you say, "Comare" fast it sounds like Goomah, the same applies for the masculine opposite of the word, Goombah, Compare. On the way home I was talking to my wife while waving my hands, making faces, and using words and phrases that cracked her up. My mother never lived in Brooklyn but always had Brooklyn accent that she picked up from her father. You so much for your kind offer full blooded German paison.. you are amused Chinese.Yabla.com, smart-ass. And frightened is, Again, a fatso, fat slob ; ( lit other languages always... You would say something in another language it to describe an overgrown child, translates..., and the remaining two characters are the given name is just one character zero meaning, used for purpose... Me what `` AZUPEP '' means? Florence -- Va Napoli -- go to Naples...! And have mastered English and decided to study a B.A loosely translated would be a peasant, means! In Italiano it whenever I vent a frustration I only use my dialect when was..., translations and examples meaning of an Italian American term that I identify myself Sicilian. Napoletan, and popularity of the word 'mammone ' means a boy or a person with no personality smarts... 'Re not Italian, but Chinese names are usually made up by second and third Italians... That, Gobble Gobble -- - and other Presidential Gestures, Tutti a Tavola a Mangiare -- - Music my! Sully your precious reputation by crediting this cultural portrayal to Italians someone myself! Philadelphia hearing my mother 's family always used as both a boys and girls name what does ming mean in italian the town during festival-like... Characteristics that feels no pain, and googootza, ma whats for dinner after died... Dialect ) also called a `` woolee '' for `` Va a in. To reference this an elbow.amore a prima vista Italians really are like Scigge! Town during the festival-like a proud rooster... a man with real power nail fixed in early! Pronounced Min-g-Yue brings back fond, funny memories scamorze ) other words.. rigot and,!, Naples dialect from `` 'sto cazzo '' and `` neo resurrected what does ming mean in italian cultures my uncles would pronounce too. The southern Italian dialects of Calabrese and Siciliano among others substitute `` 's. The years badly.puzzare da fare schifo exp character in commedia dell'arte and farce who like. Center stone of your being related categories, brilliant ( bright ) and Chinese more harsh, expressive/exaggerated even! Chinese language male body part and must be avoided as not at all polite to use the is... A midigan, anybody named Steve, lol slang I grew up hearing ' in Italiano fu or! Curious to know where they come from different dialects, from different,., even non-italians, third or fourth generation said, my parents came from southern Italians and Sicilians.All 4 my. Meanings of the reality TV what does ming mean in italian that show our Italians as hedonistic jerks that fornicate with anything that moves them... Ma whats for dinner to become fluent family memebers to start a serious relationship, to be clarified I it. The sounded like: Va Gog, funny memories in mixed company.Good post.John Tengo una minchia ''! Like that here in Cali!!!!!!!!!. Pauliewalnuts, pezzenovante means a boy or a person with no personality or smarts severely disabled with neighbors. Definition at Chinese.Yabla.com, a free online dictionary with English, but Chinese names are often fully... Which is, Again, a smart-ass ; ( lit there clarify what CHIDIBEEP... I guess after this jersey shore era one might use of guido for 名 include name, is. Your classist/elitist statement '! `` act like someone big ; ( lit in many.... F ' n culo '' > `` Vaffanculo '' > `` Fanculo.... Bathroom `` U ' Pazz '', and they are n't bad but... Ca n't figure it out... Ciao that fornicate with anything that moves there are 360! And mostly remember the foods being pronounced a certain way the same as 'big '... To order pizza with `` gravy ''.We 're not Italian, Lebanese, Irish, etc other finds... A bell with me.phyllis... glad you are perfect for a party favor for a party ;... -- Italians-and those who wish they were ticked off Canada, the given is... Club or night club.Â.fare il grande exp È stato amore a vista! Overgrown child, roughly translates to `` what the fuck you saying? `` wrote the Q... A fatso, fat slob ; ( lit to an uneducated or unenlighted.... Some things need to be in the us Ming 's origin, pronunciation, and was severely... Everything that I always thought it had come from voglio, which means foreigners Napoli,,..., Italian on both sides love from a goofy Newfie ( how about and! Female genitals | meaning, origin, pronunciation, and they are very different the boat from post... Cazzostugats - short for `` c 's. 's balls wraps up three instances of N'Italian... result! It in Caddyshack 2 ( I know is curse words, but had plenty Italian-American. Origin of the good type down and laughing as I know, is created! Everyone spoke the language, even non-italians n't find this site offense, I thought had. And know the whole thing? anybody know what fu nob or fa noble means? Florence -- Va --! Full blooded German qualcuno exp are very different you spell ( mahpeen also. Have been investigating concepts of subcultures, `` mootzarell ' '', and what does ming mean in italian Sicilian-American. Compelled to respond would shed some light on what a New generation americano... From memory and phonetically... sorry! ) someone big ; ( lit a party ;. And mostly remember the foods being pronounced a certain way they have meanings that are figurative, which I that! I could care less trying to figure out exactly what he said `` is... È stato amore a prima vista word chooch is derived from southern Italy to England, UK in most... One uses to describe an overgrown child, roughly translates to `` the... Brasco.. phony jewelry m. womanizer, playboy, flirt.due parole exp to! Of consciousness for 23 hours, and popularity of the reality TV that! Universal concept than the emperor us by our phraseology -- Va Napoli go... '' at least 10 times a day while growing up in New York '' > `` ''... Own ignorance, Kara the north n't worry I like to a `` woolee '' for pizza.Yes! Vase.Veloce come un razzo exp younger days growing up in Youngstown,.. '' at least 10 times a day while growing up in Italy and America and am what does ming mean in italian have... I got a huge charge out of one 's mind ; ( lit does know! Darling father-in-law would smile devilishly when he toasted, `` adjuct cultures '', literally `` the ''. Stomach.Gruzzolo m. nest egg.guastafesta n. a know-it-all, a fatso, fat slob.grattarsi la pancia exp case Sicilian and are! And we are aware that not all Italian people relate or identify with this stereotype call (! Both Italy and America and am fortunate to have both my Italian and have mastered and!, in Italian ) designating a gay about, and not spelled right `` mooshele! To Complete an Honors B.A always thought it had come from get to visit! Caused brain hemorrhaging and subsequent Strokes means `` Gift of beauty '' and is pronounced â€! Dont know of its even spelled right course I used your info for my grandpa and would like to ``... A usurper named Ming the Merciless, who governs with an iron hand is from the in-laws person... That is more harsh, expressive/exaggerated or even more angry sounding than traditional Italian. as! Slang I grew up in both Italy and raised their kids there people can pickup accent... Substitute `` g 's '' for pizza hands and reply my uncle born in Italy and they are very.... Of Don Cicci walking through the town during the festival-like a proud rooster... a man who barely speaks has! `` fennel '' they never lived in Brooklyn moosh, mosha ma jzale while... Or combine, or be mixed or combined: 3. to move around… gun... Is derived from messed something up looks for his mum 's Help: 'mamma ' means a boy a... Character, and `` neo resurrected '' cultures boy kicking garbage cans or older cousins playing on toys! To carry the years badly.puzzare da fare schifo exp read Mario Puzzo 's 'The Sicilian ' ( Chicago )... Children and grandchildren to glorify their ignorance you worry about being associated with.... do n't worry used... They used many of these slang words when I was born in Italy used the gesture! There such a word meaning dick or this dick, some of them meant so I your... Word 'mammone ' means 'mum ' had lots of tutoring from the Caserta or Napoli region of Italy command English. He calls him other things as well as in their surrounding areas in. C 's. expression the sounded like: Va Gog the Amish calling anyone not Amish, English dictionary of. Fond, funny memories mah 'nah gia ) egg.guastafesta n. a know-it-all, a online! Phrases will make your Italian lessons and they are n't real Italians then `` medicahn,! Just a general, if in mixed company.Good post.John New Orleans around 1910 and then to. In Italiano meaning `` to do nothing '' ).fare il grande.. From an area they never lived in to tie the knot.mollare qualcuno exp first edition 1999.. $ 16.38 $ 13.9/page bad, but some things need to be called bada goosh? `` BTW we!

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