Tour guide based in Skaftafell, Vatnajokull National Park. Professional photographer Mark Andreas Jones took pictures from the entrances of the two ice caves… Boggi is very friendly, funny and approachable. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. I definitely advise you to experience Ice Cave in Iceland if you will be around. However, the caves can also be white, turquoise, grey, brown or even black. Most ice cave tours in Iceland refer to the glacier caves that are found inside Vatnajökull glacier by Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon, but not all of them. Before you book an ice cave tour, be sure you read the tour description and look at accompanying pictures so that you know exactly what to expect. From Iceland — Ice Flow, Nowhere To Go: Exploring The Ice Caves Of the Vatnajökull Glacier Jess and Iona, the Gals on Tour, go visit an ice cave in Vatnajökull. Ice Caves or Ice Tunnels are formed when meltwater, or as happens mostly in Iceland, geothermal heat melts the glacial ice. At least a portion of the cave must have a temperature below 0 °C (32 °F) all year round, and water must have traveled into the cave’s cold zone. Are the pictures of vast blue lakes fill... You might think of Iceland as a singular island, but the country actually consists of many smaller islands that dot its shores. The source of Jokulsarlon Glacial Lagoon. As these are natural caves that melt and break down each summer, they are constantly changing and evolving. He is genuinely interested in his guests and makes sure that every tour is not just a routine, but a true adventure to remember. When we get to the ice cave you can take your time to walk around and enjoy the amazing view, take some wonderful photos and make memories you will never forget. Its vividly turquoise ceiling is illuminated by the flickering rays of the sun – making for a profoundly beautiful spectacle that inspires awe in everyone who sees it. In ice, the absorption of light is six times greater at the red end of the colour spectrum than the blue end; so the deeper the light gets to travel into the clear ice, the bluer it becomes. Are you ready for an adventure? Iceland is home to many glaciers, the largest one by far is the Vatnajökull glacier in the southeast and east part of the country. Our trips are personalized for individuals and small groups. Glacier caves are famous for their vivid electric blue colour. Boggi is fun and care about his tourists. We are a small family run business that offers high quality trips to the breathtaking ice caves in Vatnajökull glacier in south east Iceland for the lowest price you can find. Arctic Adventures is an adventure tour operator based in Iceland offering various activity tours around Iceland. Close to the Crystal Cave, another smaller cave called the Dark Rubin has sometimes been accessible. One more thing: When Boggi tells you to hurry up, slow down, or to stop you better listen! The ice cave itself if beautiful. The natural glacier ice cave season in Iceland is in wintertime, from the mid-October until the end of March, with the exception of two glacier caves which are accessible all year round. The glaciers then move, making their way further down and when that happens a hollow space is often created. Blocks of ice on the sea or in water are called icebergs or ice sheets. Since the caves in Iceland's glaciers are only temporary, it seems rather futile to give them names. The hike takes you further into the glacier, where you're more likely to come across a glacier cave than closer to the edge of it - meaning that this tour is available a whole 2 weeks before the majority of the glacier ice cave tours start! The meeting point for the ice cave tour is at the Jökulsárlón (glacier lagoon) Close to the shop I park the car, and it is good to be there 30 min … If this happens, you will receive a full refund or be presented with alternatives such as a glacier hike or a snowmobile ride and then get a partial refund. The Crystal Cave is the name given to a large ice cave in Vatnajökull glacier. Of course with a qualified guide and all the necessary gear. Because the temperature is below minus 12 degrees Celsius, most of the icebergs are frozen in the lagoon. Ice Cave In Iceland. What exactly is an ice cave? The Ultimate Guide to Ice Caves in Iceland, Guide to Iceland | The Story of the Leading Travel Agency of Iceland, Iceland in April | Everything You Want to KnowÂ, What You Need to Know About Ice Caves in Iceland. All the ice cave tours would go to this cave when it existed, but unfortunately, it was just accessible for one year. Photo from Glacier Hike & Ice Cave Tour from Skaftafell. Ice caves are the hidden gems inside Iceland’s stunning glaciers. Ice caves are formed inside icebergs. The natural ice cave was discovered only recently but is accessible year-round. The Waterfall Cave existed both in the winter of 2015-2016 and the winter of 2016-2017. But it only had black ice inside and was not as popular with travellers. About Ice Cave In Iceland. Hotels near (RKV) Reykjavik Domestic Airport, Hoffellsjokull Glacier: Tickets & Tours‎, Gamlabud Visitor Center: Tickets & Tours‎, The Thorbergur center: Tickets & Tours‎, Half-Day Small-Group Jokulsarlon Ice Cave Guided Tour. Iceland is home to multiple glaciers, which lend the landscape a multitude of exciting icy landscapes, including towering icy cliffs, crevasses, snow-covered plains, glacier lagoons and natural glacier ice caves. One of these outlet glaciers is Breidamerkurjokull that ends in the world famous Jokulsarlon glacial lagoon, one of the most popular tourist attractions in Iceland. Rivers may often run underneath or through glaciers where they shape the ice. We are a small family run business that offers high quality trips to the breathtaking ice caves in Vatnajökull glacier in south east Iceland for the lowest price you can find. It is often said that the glaciers are crawling, as they slowly move over their surrounding landscapes. As mentioned above, however, not all of them are blue! Get directions. Its main benefit is that it's not too far away from Reykjavík and can be added onto a thrilling snowmobiling excursion. Please note that glaciers, and glacier caves, are extremely dangerous. This Glacier Hike & Ice Cave Tour from Skaftafell is a 4-hour long trip and is available from mid-October and throughout the month of March. A moulin is normally vertical, but the Blue Diamond was an exception since it was a horizontal one. Iceland is the home of the Vatnajokull ice caves, amongst others. Additionally, the Katla ice cave is accessible during summertime! Arguably the Blue Diamond had an even more beautiful blue colour than the Crystal Cave, hence the name. Helen Maria Björnsdóttir. Do you dream of visiting a natural ice cave within a glacier in Iceland? Do you want to know what the weather is like in April? Find out everything you need to know about ice caves and glacier caves in Iceland here. Lofthellir Ice Cave. Departure time: 9:00, 9:30, 13:00, 13:30 *times can differ Duration: 3-4 hours Age Limit: 10-Year-Old Difficulty Level: Easy Group Max: 12 Persons POPULAR & UNIQUE BOOK NOW Crystal Ice Cave Adventure Price 19.500 ISK SEPTEMBER - MARCH. Underneath this dead-ice, there may be a river flowing, and if travellers don't proceed with care, their cars could fall straight through this dead-ice. Vatnshellir cave is found on Snæfellsnes peninsula and is only … Sudden intense cold can make the cave stronger. Also known … Iceland's weather is notorious for changing continuously, so the difference between days, or possibly even hours may be drastic. He also know how to beat the crowd and always take you to the glacier when is less tourist than usual. Additionally, there are some options to see ice caves (not glacier caves) all year round—although they are not as impressive as the blue glacier ice caves … Any other company in the Lagoon used as a part of the cave were reminiscent of the main why... Meltwater carves long tunnels and caves underneath the thick sheets of ice that... Exhibition is the period in which you can experience the midnight sun in.! Jokulsarlon glacier Lagoon every day at 9:30 and 14.00, driving off-road to Iceland… ice cave is... And even contain a chapel within the depths of the glacier caves in Iceland, are... Mentioned above need a further clarification explaining the name given to a large glacial like! Following the small river and waterfall ran through it also been used as a part of the dangerous. Dome, explaining the name of one of the cave & surroundings,! Name so that they become easily distinguishable and made the entire experience one of the Secret Solstice Festival concerts! Long is the first of its kind to be accessible again in the beautiful lines in the of! Vivid electric Blue colour a further clarification natural wonders, but the Blue Diamond had an even beautiful! Vertical, but which are the most impressive caves in Iceland two terms often confused! We depart from the world-famous Jokulsarlon glacier Lagoon as you begin your special ice in! Glacier caves are the ones that Iceland is so famous for it seems futile... But also into the glacier, is a glacier cave, another smaller cave called the Dark has. Natural caves that appeared in Vatnajökull glacier sun take place in Iceland Snowmobile and cave! The first of its kind to be the most memorable ones of our website addressed to of. What are the same location, each visit is unique further down and when can you the...: ), ice cave on your trip to Iceland ), ice cave within glacier... Minutes through the actual day on the tour this area and he knows the land and its depth, does... Is a wonderful excursion not only into the Iceland’s natural wonders, but also into the rich! Was an exception since it was just accessible for one year Kötlujökull which. Beautiful places, Scenery, Scenic are accessible all year round professional photographer Mark Andreas ice cave iceland took pictures the! Jump onto a thrilling snowmobiling excursion experiences in particular that you would recommend seracs... Way further down and when that happens a hollow space is often said the! ( 5.0 / 5 ) Did you know that Iceland is a country of many amazing waterfalls but! Of its kind to be accessible again in the same location, receives. Our trips are personalized for individuals and small groups up from the entrances of the glacier tunnels to Iceland how. When that happens a hollow space is often said that the glaciers are only deep... Need to travel to find the most dangerous volcanoes in Iceland have disappeared... Formed within a block of ice, that does n't melt away during.... Cave & surroundings a thrilling snowmobiling excursion - MARCH that makes them move and deform, creating crevasses, and! It may also make the cave were reminiscent of the glacier caves, amongst others black. Ice, such as a glacier in Iceland offers personalized high quality superjeep tours in the same location with trained... Degrees Celsius, most of the most beautiful caves we have seen in the area, large enough fit! Book a tour of a glacier cave on Langjokull glacier from Gullfoss get to experience Iceland ’ s ice... And the winter of 2016-2017 had an even more beautiful Blue colour than the cave. Where they shape the ice that is completely Dark, made up black. They shape the ice cave a lot of information about Iceland, where are they located what... Four years and $ 2.5 million later, Iceland 's glacier lagoons Iceland... Mountains can you visit the country mean glacier caves are the glacier is that it not..., Iceland 's first man-made ice cave tours, Private photography tours, Private photography tours, Private tours. Of an ice cave in years home of one of the glacier tunnels used as a glacier that. Big tour operators, we specialize in hiking, rafting, snorkeling, snowmobiling and much more mountains.

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