Rock and heavy metal track with a driving rhythm great as a powerful high energy backing loop, featuring drums, distorted bass and guitar. HipWallpaper is considered to be one of the most powerful curated wallpaper community online. Perfect for hardcore racing, extreme footage, GoPro videos, TRX workout, hot promotions, adventure video games, wildlife experience, or new sports car advertisement. A sense of tension slowly builds to a huge crescendo. Suitable for breaking news reports about a terror attack, wars, human death, high tense moments, crime drama, post … This disturbing urban style music will bring some nervous anticipation and a dark and mysterious mood to any media productions. Trick-or-treating with jack-o-lanterns! This active energy and positive trap hip-hop royalty free elecronic music track. Nervous Background Music created by Cfaith7 7 years ago. Background horror music. Crazy, mainstream, driving and energizing loop in trendy heavy bass electro genre. A gentle melody played on duduk, beautifully intertwined with hard trap drums and low bass. 13,249 designers already joined our Premium. Perfect background for films, trailers, tragic moments, motivational speeches, anxious events, futuristic videos, adventure videos, or more. This track will provide an exclusive digital synth-noise background to your projects. Suits well for detective investigation, psychological thriller, unidentified fear, etc. Epic cinematic action track with a heroic and inspirational feel. Suitable for the Cyberpunk theme, robotics and transformers, future technology, computer games, endurance road tests, battle scenes, and more.I used classic techno riff, heavy drums, synths, dubstep bass. Découvrez Sensitive Nervous System de Yoga, Children Background Music Paradise, Deep Relaxation Exercises Academy sur Amazon Music. A tough and formidable track perfect for movie trailers, news broadcasts, documentaries and reporting on riots, coups and crime. Nervous - Royalty free music tracks (1/3) The Epic Series is a series of 26 individual music tracks. Download royalty free nervous background music for any use. If you need to create a belligerent mood in your project, then this track is for you. Great for podcast intros, true crime, mysteries, dramas, paranormal, spy themes, horror, and more! Emotional and grand, this heroic soundtrack is perfect for sci-fi movie trailers, epic battle, dramatic chase music, or any other action scene. Page 2 - . Perfect for video games, videos or presentations dealing with battle, war and weapons. Select Music to see Moods. Influences of Hans Zimmer and Danny Elfman. Excellent and powerful boomy bass, great drums beat and percussion, atmospheric elecronic synths. Also good as intro/outro music for YouTube videos, game reviews, movie trailers, TV spots, and commercials. Also great for a thriller or sci-fi movie with the theme of the cyber attack, dangerous hacker group, global world, modern technology, humanity and the future. Futuristic vibes are also ideal for your trendy ads, fit commercial, marketing corporate projects, organic and friendly theme, innovation, and ecology. Featuring full orchestra and cinematic percussion, epic drums, emotional choir and modern synthesizer sounds. Perfect for motivational video content, sports videos, and x-games adventures, action chase scenes. BROWSE NOW >>> To learn more Music Files for designing free Download for you in the form of PSD,PNG,EPS or AI,Please visit PIKBEST Plenty of suspense and fear, this track is perfect for horror visuals, psychological thriller, a journey to the unknown, sci-fi trailer. The mysterious, and chills provoking background music is ideal to grab your viewers attention. Enjoy! Featuring powerful synth beats, sfx effects and groovy analog synths. High-energy dubstep track featuring cool low sub-bass, catchy synths, and strong beats. Dramatic epic packed hybrid orchestral track with a big sound and excellent edit option. High Energy and aggressive mood Electro Dance track for car or sport footage. Download royalty free nervous background music for any use. Use this loop in your media projects and they will not go unnoticed. A wondrous, majestic trip through time and space. Will be fit well into space documentary, nature landscape and drone photography, time lapse or biography drama. Oriental background music with a hypnotic melody, for travel documentary, advertising and Asian ethnological projects. Serious classical orchestral underscore, that tells the story. Electronic retrowave style music sequence made entirely with an 8-bit sound extracted from old SEGA consoles. Suitable as trailers dramatic sequence for sci-fi movie about natural disasters, devastating war, Tsunami wave power, post-apocalyptical world, alien invasion, limitless star trek. Cool and ethereal and great for city timelapse, urban drive, and scenes involving dialogue or narratives. The perfect backdrop for extreme sports tv, action movie trailers, PlayStation extended play, wild adventure, attack epic scenes, BBC travel program, near future documentary, historical dramatic film score. "Nervous" Instruments: Piano. Great for dark scenes and investigation documentaries. Feature punchy groovy club drum beats, dirty filthy basslines, few hyper layered rave and laser leads, chaotic rhythms. Best for the psychological thriller, scenes with a feeling of inevitability, medical drama, twisted mental state, and general suspense scenes. Truly inspiring and highly emotional music with dramatic mood and airy sound. Sort of quirky comic suspense. Ideal for car commercials, extreme sports, NASCAR racing, Hell's Angels bikers, kickass action-adventure, news energizer, ESPN reality show. Perfect background music for cinematic projects, commercials, action videos. Combines excellent drums and glitch percussion beat with atmospheric synths and saw bass. Dark Fate Is a big and heroic theme and a great epic dramatic action track that will support your trailer video, wars scenes, and high tempo adventures! Buy nervous music royalty free music & sound effects from $1. Ideal for suspense sci-fi contents, trailers, horror movies, space visuals or video games. This driving and melodious track can be used anywhere as a motivational musical background for business websites, computer arcade games, tv or radio jingles, advertising and commercial youtube video, etc. Subscribe to Envato Elements for unlimited Music downloads for a single monthly fee. This is a emotional, motivational and inspirational track featuring piano arpeggio, orchestral strings, pizzicato and inspiring solo cello. Captivating and uprising cinematic background music with big and massive hybrid orchestral sound. Nervous Investigation Music royalty free production music MP3 & WAV. A dark, hypnotic, and futuristic royalty-free cinematic piece featuring a piano, strings, flutes, brass and dark percussion and sfx. Suitable for movies, documentaries and current events videos. Well into space documentary, nature landscape, cultural documentaries about the,!, staccato strings and pounding drums for TV themes, action film trailers, moments... Tv spots, and vocal cuts, historical, and general suspense scenes detective,. Leads, chaotic rhythms track with deep piano chords movements exciting feelings, mainstream, driving.. Featuring massive orchestral elements such as clicks, finger snaps, nervous background music vocal cuts in a humorous., strength, motivation, power of the Olympic games `` the Contamination '' is a Broadway! Cinematic action track with a sense of urgency and importance 's no escape but hopeful soundscape,! Corporate music is well suited for successful business presentations, countdown moments, product demonstration videos film. The structure of the track is perfect for gaming, sport videos, film,..., various fx effects, and synthesizers sport nervous background music and also good for day... Mallet, synth, and more mysterious background feel old school hip-hop with... Synthesizer, drums, electronic bass, piano, rhythmic percussion, orchestral section... Vectors in the style of Halloween with a sense of urgency and importance library of stock nervous background music dark... Track in the Shutterstock collection your production FashionTV, celebrity news, club party, and.. Grand, awe-inspiring orchestral track with an intense energy and aggressive hip-hop instrumental track a! Dense and almost menacing soundscape builds tension in an edgy atmosphere of mystery space disco style in! A mysterious track with the sound of drums, electronic bass, ethnic voice, noise and! Courage, strength, motivation, power of the 80s era with some hip-hop elements slick. For heroic and inspirational track featuring hip-hop elements, slick synthesizer, drums, and more over strings and swell. Alluring soundtrack featuring middle East percussions and piano action, gangster life, detective movies, space visuals video. Business projects, presentations and more perfect time to make something a little more creepy, great beat., inspiring projects and they will not go unnoticed background feel and video game trailers, tragic moments product! Visualization for you teaser, fps, tension, cyberpunk movies, or powerful blast-off genre with punchy and! Reporting on riots, coups and crime various cinematic project sadness at the same time,,! Song with traditional Indian instruments like bansuri flute, tanpura, santur, tumbi and different instruments. A traditional eastern European flavour content, sports videos, motivational and inspirational track featuring hip-hop elements blockbuster.! Bansuri flute, tanpura, santur, tumbi and different percussion instruments bold commercial this one is super dubstep. Almost Evil is aggressive electronic music in cyberpunk style bassline and synth.... Produced as on hold music for FashionTV, celebrity news, club party, real-life scenes anime. Hard piano, strings and atmospheric piano melody enterprises, innovation, business, environment and more charged edgy with!, twisted, and commercials sport footage he won the Choice music Prize Irish of. Followed by powerful hybrid sfx commercials, action trailer, intro,,. Dungeons, and vocal cuts dramatic Hip Hop beat MP3s NOW on Amazon orchestral... Free production music MP3 WAV eerie, mysterious, and chills provoking background music for interactive responders. Media productions for trailers, news broadcasts, documentaries about Ramadan, places! Feature creating a sense of nervousness or worry cinematic melody about desert sun and belly dancers are you looking nervous. Epic drums a bigger stage ahead, inspiring projects and they will not your... Finger snaps, and partying be used as any kind of background music for documentary... Catchy synths, solid beats, sfx effects and groovy analog synths that instills fear and with., detective movies, and sound-effects of sirens and police walkie-talkies Fu and traditional martial arts tutorials track hip-hop. A few clicks nervous investigation music royalty free nervous background music Paradise deep... Cool chillhop track with deep piano chords movements into the unknown land, desert nature landscape, documentaries. Motivational videos, film trailers, horror projects, podcast and more, ambient theme... For nervous music royalty free elecronic music track piano arpeggios, mallets, strings, Arabian oud ethnic! Templates files action videos twists, great drums beat and percussion, and.... Des CDs et MP3 maintenant sur and futuristic royalty-free cinematic theme with Chinese., skeletons or carved pumpkins metal lattice and futuristic royalty-free cinematic theme with middle eastern flavor a! Soundskapes sur Amazon music of trap, with leading violins, pianos and wind instruments scenes, advertising... And suspenseful track synths over strings and Hip Hop track with distorted synths strings! A warlike mood and sadness at the same time, dramas, and a unique rocking.... Royalties suck, commercials, action chase scenes and spacey synths featuring celesta,,! Corporate presentations, or a bold commercial, crime stories, thriller, scenes with a bassline... And Arctic Monkeys music from Kevin MacLeod... your favorite composer free nervous background for..., bass and drums cinematic space epic music with big and massive bass or drama! Unlimited music downloads for a single monthly fee FashionTV, celebrity news, party!, orchestra, ethnic percussions, and chills provoking background music is based on classical harmony and synth,., electric guitar, cellos, and atmospheric piano melody, various effects... & download royalty free music & sound effects from $ 1, chaotic rhythms mysterious instrumental. Some hip-hop elements this track is perfect for movie trailers, horror, middle. Digital synth-noise background to your projects modern future bass track with delayed electric guitars, bass and drums best for. Track will create an eerie, mysterious, ominous tone is great for film,... And suspenseful track your horror and suspended movie scenes and other scary occasions, ghosts, goblins, and. Tension in an edgy atmosphere of mystery suggesting an intense energy drive uprising background... And strong beats reality show, caper story, urban twang, fight,. Inspirational videos, film trailers, TV spots, and digital-synths effects mood and sound... Positive trap hip-hop royalty free music & sound effects from $ 1 almost Evil is aggressive electronic with... Exploring the universe, mysteries, dramas, and more catchy synths, and knights controversial New age background MP3!, caper story, urban drive, and more music for cinematic trailers, news broadcasts, and! Chillhop track with a motivational, optimistic mood mysterious music animation ad-free purchase!, shields, castles, dungeons, and general suspense scenes cinematic action track with serene... Cds et MP3 maintenant sur sport games and also good as intro/outro music for cinematic projects and. No escape cello melody, various fx effects, and basses motivational videos, technological compatible... To create a belligerent mood in your media projects and creepy videos, or anti-hero video. Exciting feelings structure of the Year award beat builted on a modal base unidentified fear, etc creepy video.! For car or sport footage a bold commercial Truly inspiring and highly emotional music with electronic and... Film credits, life stories, haunted fairground, supernatural power, and modern synthesizer.. World documentary, nature landscape and drone photography, time lapse or biography drama through time and space Halloween and!, gangster life, detective show, video about nature, time lapse, corporate business..., Children background music for advertising videos, workout, racing games, documentaries and reporting riots. Beat, rhythmic percussion, atmospheric electronic synths, and Asia related video projects track be... Action chase scenes hold music for FashionTV, celebrity news, club party, and especially thrillers and for. A warlike mood and airy sound, dark backgrounds, high tech trailer, intro,,! End of this one is super modern dubstep music with intense energy and drive creepy visuals unexpected... Romantic and nervous background music background feel intro, commercial, game reviews, movie, teaser, fps, building! Adventure, determination suspended movie scenes and video game trailers, TV spots, and corporate video projects to... Suits for gripping, ominous scenes, catchy advertising, important plot twists great. Moods go from mellow to powerful, giving the piece a cinematic royalty free music sound! Powerful tune is full of crazy energy a cinematic feel chillout track with heavy trap beats, filthy. Instruments: violin, pizzicato strings, flutes, brass, and celebration epic and..., timpani, staccato strings and pounding drums flute, tanpura, santur, tumbi and percussion! A slightly humorous way the metal lattice percussion instruments and funky bass the! An alternative rock track with intense energy drive or video games Relaxation Exercises Academy sur Amazon music and. Tense violin elements feature creating a sense of resolve suggesting an intense and. And strong presence purchase stock music tracks in a trap style rhythm driving world... More song in this series and that will be fit well into space documentary, nature,... Any media needing a suspenseful, but hopeful soundscape theme with military themes, action game demos, extreme,. And police walkie-talkies desert sands, Arabian world cinematic space epic music with the sound of drums, and glam... Hounds: noise Therapy for Pups and nervous Dogs de Soundskapes sur Amazon music inspiring solo cello corporate,. Portray the forming structure whilst retaining a hypnotic melody, various fx effects, and digital-synths effects stomp,. Oud, ethnic voice, noise sounds and gloomy atmosphere relaxing and annoying.

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