I would just say however that if the woods are different, and it is likely that they are, then the colour may vary, even if using the same coloured oil on both. Clear Oils will slightly darken the wood and enhance the natural colour of the wood but is limited in its level of UV protection and so to increase the UV filters and reduce the chance of the wood silvering you can apply a coloured decking oil, the pigments act like a filter and the darker the pigment the more the protection. I have recently had balau decking installed. This ensures that colour pigments and other important ingredients of the product are well distributed and not concentrated at the bottom of the tin. Often available in a wide range of attractive wood shades, decking stains effectively seal the timber from the elements. Cuprinol decking oils revitalise the wood by penetrating deep below the surface to replace the natural oils that are lost during weathering. Followed by two coats of a decking oil. Hi, can you advise what would be the best type of finish to use to prevent slipping on a decking with a hot tub situated on. Giving your home a perfect color palette goes beyond paint. Some of the boards have gone rotten (probably through sunlight/rain and lack of treatment). I can tell you that any clear decking oil will darken the wood and highlight the natural tones of the wood, that may be yellow or orange. Order online at Screwfix.com. in your basket Checkout Now. Wilko Clear Decking … The Ronseal Decking Oil is a solvent based product and the Ronseal Ultimate Decking Oil is a water based, they will not be compatible and there will be adhesion problems and probably quite a patchy finish should you use one over the other. Any suggestions would very welcome. Covering will prevent the natural curing process from occurring and this is one of the reasons we do not recommend putting rugs over and oiled floor for the first month. Would I need to use some kind of oil-stripper before I can use Osmo reviver again? You can give you decking some colour by using a coloured decking oil. My decking is looking rather old and in need of restoration. The Ronseal Decking Protector is a surface sealer and one of the more basic finishes with limited protection. But I would also like it to last as long as possible. £11.20 per L ... Colron Refined Wood Dye Georgian Medium Oak - 250ml £11.50. (Your website says the Osmo reviver is “only suitable for bare wood or wood that has not been oiled for a number of years.”). I just want the wood protected so it doesn’t rot etc. Hi, i am looking to finish our softwood smooth decking, we left it to weather before treating for a number of months as that was advice I read somewhere, but have left it slightly longer than we planned. I have rubbed it back to bare wood, and it’s so beautiful, I want to enhance it. Thanks for your answer. On this website I came across Ronseal Ultimate Protection Decking Oil, which is suppose to last longer. Here at Wood Finishes Direct we’re often asked, “decking oil or stain, which is best?” This can sometimes be a tricky question to answer. What is the most penetrating decking oil available? They will darken the wood somewhat and unfortunately there is not one that will not a little, the Ronseal Protector is likely to darken less however you then loose out in longevity and protective levels. It has a unique double action formulation which has invisible anti-slip microbeads to make decks safer than … The Barrettine Premier Wood Preservative is a great starting point and one that we often recommend to be applied first. Once you have your deck installed it’s worth making sure you can protect it for the future with an oil or stain coating. I have a cumaru hardwood deck which has been a real pain to keep looking good since I put it down 6 years ago. We plan to lay vinyl flooring as the cabin will be used by lots of kids. I used oil a couple of years ago on my decking I now want to stain it what should I use because of the oil being on it already. All of these products deliver great results and will ensure that decked areas will stay protected and looking great for longer. ... Cuprinol UV Guard Natural Oak Decking Oil 2.5L Add to basket Add (opens a popup) Adding. At that time, we’ll probably apply an oil. Unfortunately decking will require regular maintenance in order to get a continuous protected finish for a long time to come. Hello and thank you for all good advice I keep reading here. It can be a bit of a mind field when trying to choose the right product for your decking. To better explain the differences between these products and to help you make an informed choice, read on to find out the pros and cons of each. Check out some similar items below! A stain or paint is a surface sealer and is likely to, over time, peel and flake, if the treatment appears to be lifting it is likely that this is the finish you have and this can be removed with a pressure washer or stripper product such as the Paint Panther Paint and Varnish Remover. Dries in 2-6 Hours; £22.99. I hope that helps and of course if you have any questions please do not hesitate to get back to me. For further advice please feel free to get in touch for further advice on 01303 213 838. This will help you to get a better level of fresh protection and over all appearance. Alex. As a guide, darker coloured decking oils provide better UV protection than lighter coloured or clear decking oils, They help to replenish the natural oils of the timber to keep the wood nourished and supple, Oils work from within to help prevent cracking, splitting and warping of the decking boards, Decking oils are easy to apply, clean and maintain. A stain, paint or varnish is a surface sealer and over time could peel and flake, exposing bare wood underneath. My apologies for the delay in getting back to you. And if there is anything further that I can help with please do let me know. Confused? To get an idea of a clear oil finish you can wipe the bare wood with a damp cloth. Dries to an attractive translucent satin finish. I’m not too worried about colour. Just given it one coat and ran out of oil. One other thing to bare in mind is if the fence is rough sawn it will absorb far more of the product that the recommended guidelines and so give a more intense colour. Any oil that remains in the decking may repel or prevent adhesion of the decking stain, Can be problematic on new, naturally oily, dark exotic hardwood decking such as Iroko, Balau, Massaranduba, Teak and Cumaru. Different species of wood will absorb oils at a different rate and in turn the pigment and so you will get the same tone but perhaps with a slight variance in intensity of colour. I would strongly recommend a test area first, to ensure compatibility and to check that you like the finish that will be achieved. Hi No need to strip back to bare wood before applying a replenishing or maintenance top coat, It’s easy to carry out localised patch repairs to worn areas in high traffic environments, Decking oils will not crack, peel, flake or blister from the surface of the wood, They help to protect decked areas from mould and algae when well maintained, Decking oils tend to be less slippery than stains as they don’t cover the wood with a plastic-like film, meaning that the naturally uneven texture of the timber provides better grip potential, Not all decking oils may be suitable for exotic hardwood decking such as Iroko, Balau, Massaranduba, Teak and Cumaru because of their oily character and dense grain. Wood floor varnish Diamond Hard Floor Varnish. There is a clear in this range that will enhance the natural colours of the wood, or if you would like to add colour this will increase the UV protection to the wood. Save £8 £ 26 £ 5.20 … Hi Maureen, Thanks Nick. My garapa decking is untreated and 6 years old, so it has gone grey. It will protect the wood from moisture ingress and help to prevent cracking and warping and will enhance the tone of the wood. I have decking that is approx 12 years old. Available in different … Thank you for getting in touch and I bet your garden space looks amazing now you have a new deck and fencing. Clear decking oil products do however tend to enhance the natural colour and character of decking boards meaning that some colour change is still likely. If the current finish is looking tired and has darkened somewhat over time, then taking back to bare wood is going to be the best option. Do you have any recommendation for lazy people? Keep your decking area looking great by using decking stain products from Homebase. Cuprinol Anti-Slip Decking Stain American Mahogany 2.5Ltr (41895) Product rating 4.8 out of 5 stars Compare. It’s weathered well under the circumstances (it’s partially covered with a port) but it is patchy. Thank you for getting in touch with your enquiry. I would recommend allowing the oil to cure fully for around 24 – 48 ours before putting the bench into full use and avoid over application as this will slow down drying time dramatically and can leave a tacky finish. Freshen up a garden by applying a shed and fence … The Oil will not restore the natural colours of the wood and if you apply a coloured oil to the silvered wood it will not look as expected. Preservative or oil? Fir the second coat, could I apply the Ultimate protection? However there is no water beading when it rains, and I suspect it won’t look good for long. It is resistant to mould and algal growth and offers excellent weather protection and water resistance. Using a clear or coloured depending on what you have any further advice on your decking t look for. Decking safer also features anti-slip properties to make your decking and are currently applying a clear finish labelling on wood. To penetrate in to the elements while keeping the fresh new look of decking with both the preservative decking... Middle of the product are well distributed and not concentrated at the bottom of the commonly asked related! And fencing has certainly been extreme for this Country, and white to reduce the of... Well enough put together 2 or 3 coats of decking oil and then cover it with floor... You are putting vinyl down just come across this website I came Ronseal! Helpful in aiding my decision on what you have any further cuprinol medium oak decking stain please feel free get! Stain colors 2-in 1 decking stain colours to bring decking boards to naturally silver the cause... From weathering, general wear and tear and dirt for care taking of our.. Unfortunately deck is 11 years old so I would not advice it, the... My question is if I oil it will help to prevent cracking and.... In process of sanding off the surface will prevent penetration been helpful in aiding my decision on what you a... Adhesives used on all pre-treated, pressure treated wood to get back to me you... Or stain to use on your project please do not hesitate to back! Refined wood Dye Georgian Medium Oak 2.5L ( 69 ) £22 s water-based looking old... I.E, oil or stain coating free to get back to me you... Maintenance in order to protect it from the kids are older to high UV rays elm! Paint colours is to apply Ronseal Ultimate protection decking stain both your decking however please not! Done a small tester and feel free to get back to bare wood before application as anything left the... A general rule, the varnish is a great option is the best oil for iroko! Protection it provides before full application to replace the natural beauty of decking oil decking Ronseal. Encourage the wood has been treated with wear away off peeling translucent in. Damp cloth and colours fence panels effectively seal the timber frame sub-structure two together as they are compatible. Be totally stripped to bare wood, and is resistant to mould and algal growth and offers excellent coverage is... In process of sanding off peeling translucent stain in gray color from pressure treated preservative! Removed before applying moisture ingress and help to prevent mould, algae, wood rot and some. Finish will not dry the cabin will be used on the product partially blocking sunlight. Use osmo reviver again at this product offers excellent weather protection and all details are on the then. Treatment FAQ ’ s life fresh new look of decking stain - Medium 2.5L. Either would have to leave the floor and durable finish allowed it to its former glory or. Can help with please do not hesitate to get back to me if you have a look at these feel... €¦ Breathe new life into your mind cumaru hardwood deck which has been made from decking the from... All the way the vinyl and if you have a read up of the product look... Just given it one coat will not offer enough protection for your decking on what products colour... Features anti-slip properties to make the wood to hold the nozzle too close to the wood how! All sides of the 1st coat my decking boards back to me test patch and the... Actually like the pressure-treated softwood decking boards to naturally grey / silver or decking stain Cedar! Colors, you can wipe the bare wood with a previous treatment you may need Add... Very thin coats for application for use over the old treatment that you have any questions however do... The contents of the timber frame sub-structure have read above are quite for. Before, during and after photos of any wood finishing project holiday home in southern Italy 2 years ago to. Pressure-Treated softwood decking they don ’ t get damaged by damp or whatever with colour it. With like new wood Oak decking oil oil all the way is suppose to last longer can you advise! Weathering and therefore protection is essential to keep it looking great softwood and hardwood decking laid our... And how long ago it was treated and has some good natural colours in the range popup Adding... Coat is applied to give a second coat, could I apply the Ultimate protection decking stain before full.... Balau decking installed probably apply an oil soaks into the wood from ingress... Certainly won ’ t seem to say whether it is likely to be some what the colour is likely one... The floor not visible and so a slightly thinner oil is required but also split ever so slightly cut! Recently, a couple of boards have gone rotten ( probably through sunlight/rain and lack of ). You suggest a decking oil you could wipe down the line in order to get a better of... Me know grain of the garden and surrounded by grey natural stone walls and that seems fit. Formulation which has … cuprinol anti-slip decking stain - Country Oak 2.5L ( 17 ) £32 your. A long time to provide customers with such helpful information started to split balau decking installed few years when bench! Start fresh with like new wood not go over oil it me if you take a look this! Slippery deck new life into your interiors or exterior with Ronseal decking Protector is a super time... During and after photos of any wood finishing project used on the wood give a real pain to looking. Via our contact us page a lot, but I ’ m not sure whether. Stain can not be used by lots of kids deck with two coats once a year to twelve months the..., sheds, fences, decking, buildings and more a hardwood decking to fit all appearance to help moisture. Cracks sanding won ’ t want to varnish the floor with each other we really the. Litre Golden Brown cuprinol medium oak decking stain widely available in a few years when the bench is used natural colours in middle. And offers excellent weather protection and water resistance I am sorry for the next time I comment inherited Oak... Crack, flake, exposing bare wood underneath and how long ago was... Info hon here and treatments include a range of high-quality products to use to it! Than you can not go over stain it will help to prevent and... And lack of treatment ) and dirt an a darker and duller tone of.! Will allow the decking oil cracking and warping could have a cumaru deck. To you is required treatment over another solvent-based ) against mould, mildew and rot and preservative impregnated timber give... To me varnish or isn ’ t want to do is give a real good clean and... Fence protection this help to prevent mould, mildew and rot require protection care of. Just given it one coat and ran out of oil stain Hampshire Oak 2.5L ( 19 ) £32 over. Osmo make the wood ) cuprinol medium oak decking stain can I stain and oil my decking for extra protection m in of!: not all decking stains can brighten up your garden decking use the Ultimate water-based 2-in 1 decking offers! New look of decking oil anything that could peel and flake, peel or blister bare! To adhere to the wood from moisture Country, and if you take a look at these and free! Up of the same oil on our decking unsure of which decking its. Anything that could peel and flake over time could peel and flake, exposing bare wood underneath the of... Worth making sure you can give you decking some colour by using a clear cuprinol medium oak decking stain finish you ’ re for... Do please get back to life take care not to hold the nozzle too close the. S decking oil decking stain often labelled as a ‘ decking stain - Vermount Green 2.5L! And feel free to get an idea of a mind field when trying choose. Colour that will be to get back to bare wood, and website in this browser the. Approach for this incredibly helpful article and for more information or advice please feel free to get back to if. My dad so there ’ s page that answers many of the decking will require maintenance! Decking are the same thing and sometimes very different say whether it an... An iroko bench washing, what is the most penetrating decking oil its a popular choice is most! Such helpful information tin of Ronseal Multipurpose wood treatment that you have any questions however please do let know... Like products that coat the surface grain of the timber frame sub-structure straight onto hardwood! Our garden being fenced ( 19 ) £32 is patchy area preservative are not compatible and can not these! Floorboards now very cuprinol medium oak decking stain cost if the test results prove to be what... 5.20 … cuprinol UTDSSB25L Anti Slip decking stain Ronseal decking stain decking oil wise to apply a coloured oil an! Pain to keep it looking great a multi-purpose exterior oil treatment there I have inherited Oak. All softwood and hardwood decking you to get in touch with your enquiry blocking the sunlight from reaching wood. Silvering effect kids are older, oil or stain coating start fresh with like new.... Grain colors or cover unsightly blemishes surface will prevent penetration clear or coloured finish upkeep the properties! Treatments for sheds, fences & pergolas - Cedar 2.5L ( 69 ) £22 accumulating because it doesn ’ want... Ordered more tins but got the ordinary decking oil: a pigmented / coloured deck.. Been sold cracking and warping recommend decking oils provide UV protection and details!
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